I almost forgot that I have this site. Ever since I got my own domain, I totally was not able to drop by and check this blog. I even forgot my password and even the URL.

Imagine my surprise when I landed on another wordpress blog with almost the same blog name. I landed on asiandramaaddict.wordpress.com and I thought I lost all the articles that I have posted. Then I remember that I used asiandramaddict.wordpress.com. I dont know why but during the time I created this blog, I felt it was quite redundant to double the a’s. I was pretty lazy and yeah the idea was quite lame.

However, when I got my own domain I do not know what happened to me that I inserted another a and completed it as www.asiandramaaddict.com. Now I made a lot of people confused and to those who were asking if the asiandramaadict.wordpress.com is mine – NO!

asiandramaddict.wordpress.com – MINE

asiandramaaddict.com – MINE

asiandramaaddict.wordpress.com – NOT MINE

Just so you guys won’t get confused.

AND before I forget, I just want to say thank you for still visiting this site even if I do not update it as I should. My time is quite limited and most of my spare time is spent on the other site but still I feel honored that you guys still visit this blog and it passed the million mark.

I am still amazed because I am not a prolific writer and I often screw up the English language with all the typo and grammar mistakes that you can find in all my posts yet you still read them.


Hi guys! Long time no post. I was supposed to inform you every now and then of what’s the latest on my ne home —> asiandramaaddict.com but I can’t seem to find any time to spare. Sorry!


Anyway, you can check my new site for all the updates on Boys Before Flowers. The recap and videos is up to Episode 16 already. I usually post them on Monday and Tuesday nights a few hours after it had been aired in Korea.

The video links I post are both raw and with english subtitle. Thank God for those nice people who love to share their talent. Special thanks to them for making sure that BBF addicts can get to them immediately.


The waiting era for subtitle videos  is officially over! Those non-English speakers must be very happy.

Just go to my site —-> asiandramaaddict.com and feed your Boys Before Flowers addiction!

See you there!

I totally forgot to inform you that I posted already a video link of an extended preview of Boys Before Flowers Episode 6.

Yes, fellow asian drama addicts…I am pretty excited about the whole series. I will be posting later on my recaps for episodes 3 and 4. Just you wait!

Again, click this link, BBF EP 6 PREV so you can watch the Episode 6 long preview as well as some photos for Episode 2.

KBS BBF Banner

Photo Credit: KBS