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I made a promise I won’t do this — giving quick, small and very brief recaps… but what the hell…I can’t help myself…before I go and do whatever I do here’s some of the ‘moments’ in Epi 10.

Ha Rim was accidentally told by the other ‘princes’ that Eun Chan is a girl and he’s angry at them.

Han Sung and Eun Chan was talking on their way home after the music gig at the coffee shop and she couldn’t help but cry…darn it she cried so much…like a little girl lost…Before they parted ways he said something like this: “Whenever you’re crying or laughing, I just wanted always to be on your side, next to you” and he made her promised that she can act however she wants in front of her. (Awwww….too bad for him because we all know that she’ll end up with Han Gyul).

There is also this scene where Yu Ju told Han Sung that she’s leaving with DK. He was angry at her telling her that she can’t leave and yes he was confused to which Yu Ju answered back: “You are still confused! You love her and you don’t even know it!”

There was a tense moment when Han Gyul and Eun Chan touched each other hands under the water in the sink when they were washing the dishes and yes they are still not talking…so just imagine he he he…

And yes as we’ve seen on the preview, Han Gyul kissed Eun Chan, not a smack…ha ha ha…the guy is really freaking in love with her……

More on this episode….I need to watch the video again…

Oh…and maybe the news isn’t correct…the preview for the upcoming episode showed Eun Chan went to the cafe wearing girly clothes so maybe it will be revealed on the 11th. Plus there is this major punch Han Gyul delivered to the face of Han Sung……

Whew….he was so freaking angry that he didn’t tell him that she’s a girl afterall……..

See yah later, need to do something….my priorities are getting screwed again!

One more thing:

This is the heart gripping line Han Gyul told Eun Chan:

“Listen well, I’m not going to repeat this. I am only going to say this just once. I like you and I don’t care if you’re a guy or from outerspace. Let’s do this. Let’s see how far we can go.”

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Extra….Extra…Read All About It….Newsbreak!!!

This is from my li’l sister who kept on raiding all the sites and forums around the WWW.

And again….I know it might be old news for some of you already but she told me that she read on some site that it will be on Episode 12 that Eun Chan’s real gender will be revealed to Han Gyul.

So, it means that it we still  have to wait til next week. There’s more…

MBC is preparing and organizing a mini-concert with all the singers who participated in the OST of the series afterwhich they all will watch Episode 12 together.

I really don’t know if this is official. But whatever news we can get about CP is just fine with me.

Grrr….Episode 12…Hopefully it’s not true! How can Eun Chan be so dense and just take the risk and tell him the truth!!!

The truth will set her free….


I just watched Episode 10 and sorry friends I can’t make a recap this early though I will definitely make one the moment I’m free to do it.

I think this is the only series I’ve watched so far that I am not disappointed with each coming episode. Everything is just right. I hope they weave the story beautifully until the end.

Whew….it’s light yet its heavy…I don’t know…falling in love is….quite a journey…mysterious even for some…Geez how can a cup of coffee affect me this much.

Life is short, get one and embrace it….See you later or tomorrow 🙂

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I am just too glad to see this 8 minute preview of episode 10. After last night, I’m still on a very pensive mood….saddened by the fact that Han Kyul still is on the dark here, when will they reveal it to him??? he he he that’s too much…what I’m trying to say is that I think all CP addicts in the world thinks that time is so slow….dragging even, right?

Whew! Like it or not, we wait for the next episode….so I hope these previews satisfy your curious nature…

Grrrr… I hope the writers pity the guy! Who wants to fall in love with someone you are not supposed to fall in love with, my apologies to those who will be offended by this remark…I hope you know what I’m trying to get at.

Here’s another one:


This is where he kiss her!!! Yay! I hope he knows already by this time that she’s a girl. C’mon…give the guy a break…and make everyone happy…it’s episode 10 for God’s sake.

See you on the next episode recap…

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To read the full recap of episode 9 part 2, please click here or go to asiandramaaddict.com

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 


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To read the full recap of episode 9 part 1, please click here or go to asiandramaaddict.com










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I am not sure if you guys know this already but my sister watched Episode 9 online awhile ago. I didnt know you can watch it LIVE online, I mean simultaneously with the airing on MBC on TV. My sis is somewhere in another continent and she is just dependent on a friend of ours sending her the video and it usually takes  12 hrs after being shown on TV for her to received it. Don’t ask me where she is. She will really be quite madly irritated that I’m mentioning her here. She even pretends not to even glance or peek on my blog…OMG the nerve! Love yah sis!

Anyway, I just realized that I am too damn lazy really to check these kind of things. She berated me in not informing her. Whew…anyway, just want to inform you that you can catch it on the net.

BUT, here’s the catch SIS! You still have to wait for my recap…ha ha ha…yeah I know there are better recappers (if there is such a word) out there but still I know you want it coming from moi!

Excuse me for being a little personal and directing most of it to my li’l sis. Can’t help it. I need to bully her once in a while even if she’s in a far, far, far away land. So near yet so far. Ha ha ha! I know you miss me too.

Okay people, give me, I dont know — minutes, hours probably to make my recap…I still have other things to do (gimme a break)  🙂  and one of them is to sleep. I have to have my power nap.

See you later…if I get to wake up early if not then…see you tomorrow!

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A Taiwan Drama with 39 episodes. Also known as The Little Fairies.



1. From Spcnet.tv

 This drama is a retelling of a well-know love story between a goddess and a mortal.

The story started off with Goddess Xiao Qi (Ariel Lin) committing a major transgression. As a punishment, she was stripped of all her powers and banished to the mortal realm. She could only regain her goddess status by accomplishing 100 charitable acts.

Alone and helpless, she was rescued by a kind-hearted and earnest mortal named Dong Yong (Hu Ge). He taught her what’s like to be a mortal. And through him, she learned to love and be loved in return.

But, gods are forbidden to love mortals. And, when their love affair was discovered, heaven guards descended onto the mortal realm to separate the two lovers. In the ensuing struggle, Dong Yong was severely injured and left to die. Pitying their fate, Xiao Qi’s sisters sent forth Xiang Xue Hai (Han Xue) to save Dong Yong’s life.

2. From Wikipedia

“Tian Wai Fei Xian” is adapted from a traditional Chinese folklore story called “Tian Xian Pei.” In the folklore, the seventh celestial maiden sees a poor man (Dong Yong) who has just lost his parents. Out of curiosity and consideration, she secretly leaves the celestial world (tian ting) and eventually marries Dong Yong. They manage to live a few earth years secretly without her father (Yu Di) discovering them. However, once Yu Di realizes that his seventh daughter has married a mortal, he becomes enraged and sends his guards to arrest the seventh princess. After many struggles and attempts to be together, the seventh princess and Dong Yong succumb to their tragic fate and settle with only meeting each other once a year during July seventh in the Lunar Calendar.

3. From Channel U

Xiao Qi (played by Lin Yi Chen) is the Jade Emperor’s (Xu Jing Jiang) youngest daughter. A bubbly and playful girl by nature, she often wreaks havoc in the celestial palace.

There is a prison there that contains deities who have broken the celestial law. Xiao Qi’s second sister the Weaving Maiden has been there for the past 50 years, having fallen in love with a mortal. Also locked up in the prison is a guileful leopard cat which succeeds in conning Xiao Qi to release it. The Jade Emperor is furious upon hearing the news.

In anger, he destroys Xiao Qi’s celestial powers and banishes her to Earth. She arrives to the foreign land with two missions – first, to find the Weaving Maiden’s lover Lao Fu Zi and find out if he still loves her; and secondly to capture the leopard cat. Privately though, Xiao Qi is intensely curious to the charms and attractions of Earthly life which has held many deities spellbound.

On Earth, three friends – Dong Yong (Hu Ge), Shangguan Hao Qi (Bobby Dou) and Fu Yuanbao (Tae) – are in their school. Xiao Qi tumbles onto Earth, landing squarely on Dong Yong, thus heralding the events that will bind the two together.

Xiao Qi suffers immensely without her magical powers; the leopard cat also seduces Hao Qi and makes things difficult for her. Fortunately, she is watched over by her several sisters who deliver her out of trouble each time. Xiao Qi finds the Weaving Maiden’s lover, who turns out to be Dong Yong’s teacher. Lao Fu Zi has kept his promise and has been waiting for the Weaving Maiden all this while. On the other hand, Xiao Qi and Dong Yong are slowly falling in love with each other too.

Er Lang Deity, sent to Earth by the Jade Emperor, subdues the conniving leopard fox, thus ending Xiao Qi’s missions on Earth. He calls for her return and Xiao Qi and Dong Yong’s lives thus mirror that of the Weaving Maiden and Lao Fu Zi.

Dong Yong is unwilling to be like his teacher and insists on finding Xiao Qi. He hopes to convince the Jade Emperor with his sincerity but… how can a mortal ascend to the celestial palace?

His worries are unfounded; the six fairies are touched by Dong Yong’s love and secretly inform him the way to the celestial palace: at the end of the world lies a magical land where a magical tree grows. This tree connects Earth to Heaven and determined mortals can thus climb this ladder to Heaven.

Dong Yong climbs the tree for 99 days and finally reaches the celestial palace. He meets the Jade Emperor and under the pleas of several deities, the Jade Emperor finally allows Xiao Qi and Dong Yong to return to Earth, but only for 100 days.

Thousands of years have passed…

On Earth, in a noisy street corner in Shanghai in the year 2004, there is a book store called Tian Ya Hai Jiao (The End of the World). Inside, a young man looking very much like Dong Yong accidentally bumps into a young girl looking very much like Xiao Qi. Just as the girl is about to lash out at him, both their handphones ring, sounding the same ringtone.

Xiao Qi and Dong Yong are reunited and their love story is about to begin!

ariel_lin-headshot.jpgAriel Lin as Xiao Qi

117504449.jpgHu Ge as Dong Yong

Photos From The Series:



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