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Nodame Cantabile EP 1

Before anythine else, let me warn you that this will not be a detailed recap. It’s more like just an episode guide. I am having a hard time recapping jdoramas that are based on manga’s. Most of the time the creators of the live action series treat the funny and comedic parts of the story as if they are doing the anime version. So there are moments in the series that I do not how to translate into words…those actions that you cannot justify in real world. Watch it so you will understand what I am pertaining to.

Ep 01 

 “Rhapsody of the weird pianist vs. the self-centered conductor”

Shinichi Chiaki, a top and popular student in the Momogaoka College of Music is going day by day annoyed that he is wasting his time staying in Japan. He wanted to go back to Europe and study under Maestro Vieira a famous conductor who he met when he was a little boy. He could go back, money isn’t a problem but what really is stopping him is his fear in flying. He developed this phobia due to a traumatic landing accident he experienced when he was a little boy. He is an arrogant gifted pianist who has this secret ambition of being a great conductor.

One day, he got into a fight with a piano teacher, got drunked and accidentally met Nodame also a piano student from the same college. She plays the piano by ear and is so lazy in reading the music sheets. She loves to eat and will not think twice to steal her friend’s food if the mood strikes her. She is a very disorganized girl who doesnt take a bath everyday. Her apartment is filled with garbage.

She saw him lying on the floor. He passed out from drinking too much alcohol. She brought her inside her room. When he woke up he was filled with wonderful piano music but was quite disgusted by the filthy room so he ran out.

Next thing they knew, both of them were chosen to play a piano piece using two pianos so they started to learn and practice everyday.

Thus, a friendship began.



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Moments I’ve missed and moments I can’t help but fastracked so I decided to ditch whatever timeline I was supposed to follow.

From then and now and…











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 Am I going crazy or what? 

Move aside, George Lucas…this is one hell of a weekend full of sequels and prequels and all types of ‘quels’…..

And so, the journey has began…



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Flashbacks Sequel

 I never get tired looking at them…


more…more…the journey is just starting…

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 I have written this line several times:

“I’m having a hard time saying goodbye to Coffee Prince”

Several days after the series ended, still the same sentiment… So I will try saying it in a different way and that is through pictures…




more to come…

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One More Time…

I have been staring at my monitor for a few minutes already wondering what the hell am I doing here. What will I post? Then I realized that I needed to say my thank you’s to those who were with me during the journey of Coffee Prince.

I have been a kdrama fan for about two years now but I never thought that I will ever put up a blog about it. Come to think of it I don’t have any other blog in the net except this one.

At first, I created this blog initially to express what I feel about a certain drama and to tweak on some pictures taken from those series just for my own viewing pleasure. I never thought that there are people who will take their time out and read what I’ve posted in here. So, I tried to do my best.

I know there are better recappers out there so I am extremely humbled by the fact that you dropped by my doorstep whenever you can. I am still amazed on how many times I’ve landed on the ‘top post or top blog’ here in WordPress because of the traffic this blog had created. Although compared to other bloggers I’m still way down but still, you guys are incomparable. I know it’s not because of my writing style because I truly suck at it. I just write what I feel, well most of the time.

Whatever the reason is, my heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Although I know for a fact that one major reason is our love for Coffee Prince. Tomorrow I will be posting my last for CP and it will be filled up with bits and pieces from the First Cup up to the Final Cup.

Thank you again and here’s hoping that we get to have another drama that will truly rock our world again.

And lastly, to all regulars, lurkers, visitors, campers and to my new found net friends, let me borrow what Han Kyul told Eun Chan while he was singing in the rooftop…

“One more time”

Love you all and thank you!


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This scene by far my favorite of all moments in Coffee Prince. After he sang to her, I decided I don’t give a damn anymore how the PD will end this series.

I envy the happiness that is radiating from him while he sings. Eun Chan is one lucky girl. He really is so much in love with her. 

What more can one ask for but to wake up listening to your lover’s singing voice.

For those who haven’t seen that moment yet and for those who wants to see Han Kyul singing his heart out to Eun Chan while prancing in the wooden floor at the rooftop over and over and over and over….again…

“The Phone Conversation The Night Before”





“The Singing At The Rooftop”


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