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What if you wake up one day and people are telling you that you are a long lost grandaughter of a very rich man…
What if your grandfather demanded that you live in his palatial mansion…

You couldn’t be more happier, until…

You find out that it’s happier to live in your old small shabby apartment, why?


An 18 yr-old heiress living in a golden cage. Mai’s life turned upside down when she was whisked to his grandfather’s palatial estate. There she met it’s young master Feng Jin, the expected successor of her grandfather. He thinks that Mai is just another money grabbing girl who is up to no good. They get into fight all the time.

The grandfather wanted them to end up together so he concocted many schemes just for them to get closer. He even instructed Feng Jin to tutor her on the right conduct, etiquettes becoming of an heiress for her coming out party. She thought he was just being so mean with the way he trains her. She did not know that he was just doing the same thing to her what her grandfather did to him a long time ago.

She tried going back to her former home only to find out that by doing so she is jeopardising her foster parents future because they both work for his grandfather’s company.

She did not have a choice but to go back to the mansion and endure his training…

…and probably (my take on this) they both end up falling in love with each other!

Angela Zhang as Mai Qiu Sui (Huangfu San) 麥秋穗(皇甫珊)
Wu Chun as Nan Feng Jin 南風瑾
Gu Bao Ming (顧寶明) as Huangfu Xiong 皇甫雄
Calvin Chen as Nan Feng Cai 南風彩
George Hu as Nan Feng Lin 南風璘
Li Ang Lin (利昂霖) as Nan Feng Ying 南風影
Genie Zhuo as Gong Ju Li 宮茱莉


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Le Grand Chef

Cooking is such a big thing now on TV. In the U.S. alone you will find a number of shows dedicated in showing the chef’s skills and prowess in creating sumptous meals with the likes of Wolfgang Puck, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay not to mention those reality shows that focuses on discovering the next top chef. So, it is not surprising anymore that TV and movie producers now are banking on drama stories focusing on chefs and their life and skills.

This year we saw Witch Yoo Hee’s main male protagonist as a budding chef, giving us enough exposure on the kitchen. Kim Rae Won’s upcoming drama, Gourmet, will tackle cooking. A couple of years ago, one of the reasons why Dae Jang Geum (or popularly known as Jewel In The Palace) was so succesful is because a major percentage of the story was dedicated on the heroine’s unforgettable climb in the Palace Kitchen hierachy and thereby capturing the hearts of millions by reigning supreme and beating the “Iron Chef”.

This November, a korean movie, Le Grand Chef will be about a cooking contest between two grandsons of two apprentices of the Royal Chef. The reward will be a precious cooking knife with a very prestigious history attached to it. A story that was depicted from Huh Young-man’s comic series with the same title which began in 2002. It was published and more than 500,000 copies were sold. This graphic novel can also be seen here in www and boasting a 400,000 hits a day. (The same writer who wrote last year’s blockbuster movie, TAZZA, The High Rollers.)


Apparently this knife belonged to the last Korean Royal Chef of the Chosun Dynasty who used the said knife to cut his arms to show loyalty to his King.

The said knife was taken to Japan during that time and is coming home to Korea where it truly belong. Thus, a contest was created to search for a deserving new owner.

It stars Kim Gang-Woo, Im Won-Hee and Lee Ha-Na.

You can watch the trailer here.

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YOO is in the House!

Just like YEH I have seen him before in other earlier dramas but I was never a fan. I did find him cute but I thought he’s just another pretty face in a long list of Korean actors until CP came along. Now, he’s on top of that list…plus he can definitely act…if YEH owns the first half of the series GY absolutely stamped his presence on the remaining half. I cried when he cried…MY KYUL…no violent reaction please…yes i know, he’s everyone’s KYUL!

Drooling and squealing are  allowed!

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Ying Ye 3 + 1

If you are into teen drama with a high school setting with a combination of action, comedy and romance, this series is for you.

It is a twdrama that stars Ming Dao (JJ) (Magicians of Love, Prince Turn Into Frog), Chen Qiao En (XT) (A Game About Love, Prince Turn Into Frog), Huang Zhi Wei (FW) , Jason Hsu (Bulu).

 A month before graduation, 4 senior students who all grew up together – JJ, XT, FW and Bulu had a fight with a gang in school and they were all expelled.

XT’s father who is a policeman who is about to retire the next day went to the principal to try and convince the school principal to change their decision. During the meeting, the principal lost his gun and therefore it will create a problem with his retirement. Thus, it was agreed that the four will be allowed to continue and stay in school while they find the missing gun.

Apparently an ex-convict who has some ties with some students in the school has a connection with the missing gun.

That last month in school, while trying to find the missing gun XT and JJ began developing feelings for each other who are both in denial since they used to fight and argue before but are close as siblings. FW who likes XT too will add spice to the romance and create a love triangle.

The four needs to find the missing gun so that XT’s father can retire peacefully before graduation.

Two cute guys vying for a girl’s attention in school……

Doremii Fan Subs are the one doing the english subs. At this moment, only 3 episodes have been released and they said that no soft subs will be given out.

Check ASIANVISUALGUIDE  for the links. Give me a few minutes to update them.

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Sound of Colors

This is a taiwan drama based on a book with the same title written by Jimmy Liao. It has 21 episodes that stars Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin.

It tells the story of Jing Jing, a blind DJ who lost her parents as well as her eyesight from a accident when she was a little girl. She was given a chance to restore her eyesight by a woman who left instructions to give her corneas upon death but the woman’s little boy objected to it and does not want anyone touching his mother’s body. Jing Jing did not insist anymore and let go of this chance.

18 yrs after, while Jing Jing is taking the subway to work, somebody stole her bag. Lu Yun Xiang saw everything and ran after the thief. He was able to recover the bag and gave it back to Jing Jing and even offered his umbrella as walking stick to her.

Later on, they met again and Yun Xiang discovers that Jing Jing was the little blind girl that was supposed to received his mother’s own corneas to which he vehemently objected.

Soon love blossomed between the two. They encounter obstacles along the way but for two people who have been riding the same subway everyday but never met until that fateful day, will they take each other’s hand and face them together? Are they fated to be together or will  destiny just play them around?

A touching story of love, happiness and sacrifices.

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K-Movies I Want To Watch

There is not a single asian drama out there that I find interesting, well, from those that I were able to surf in the net this past few weeks. Here I am again veering my attention to the big screen and here’s what I’ve found. I hope you guys will find time to watch them also so we can all discuss them or better yet if you’ve seen it already buzz me in and give me spoilers, lots and lots of it.


A sexy drama starring Uhm Jeong-hwa recently seen in Get Karl, Oh Soo Jung and Park Yong-woo (Musa, Blood Rain, For Horowitz). Uhm and Park play a couple who have been married for several years but are able to maintain their passion for each other despite their financial worries. They soon become acquainted with another couple Lee Dong-geon (My Boyfriend Is Type B) and Han Chae-yeong (Delightful Chun yang, Wild Card, Bet On My Disco) who seem to have every luxury imaginable. However their love has cooled considerably since they were married. To spice up their marriage they find themselves in a night of wife -swapping.


Three foolish and hopeless guys decide to abduct Granny K played by Na Moon-hee (You Are My Sunshine, Crying Fist, My Name is Kim Sam Soon). The kidnappers had a very difficult time holding on to their hostage whose networth is worth a fortune but her children refuse to pay the ransom of $50,000. The granny raises the money to $50,000,000 and schemes to get it from her children.

This comedy also stars Yoo Hae-jin (Tazza, Mapado), Kang Seong-jin (Apt, Two Cops 3), Park Sang-myeon (My Wife Is a Gangster, Baby Alone) and Yoo Geon (Dasepo Naughty Girls) and directed by Kim Sang-jin (Attack the Gas Station and Kick The Moon).



23-year-old Gu-chang has never been kissed and his friends always make fun of him not having a “proper” experience. One day, he picks up a lost purse, which leads him to meet the owner of that purse, Ani. He falls in love with this lovely girl who is also a bit strange and wild. She seems to be a perfect girlfriend for Gu-chang only until he finds that Ani has multiple personality disorder due to a harsh memory of her ex-boyfriend’s death. Ani is just one of her alternative characters

This comedy stars Bong Tae-gyu (See You After School, Birth of a Family, Ssunday Seoul, Attic Cat) as Gu Chang and the rather odd Ani played by actress Jeong Ryeo-won. This is her first movie. She was seen in TV dramas such as Hello Francesca, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and Which Star Are You From. In the movie, she plays a naïve and dreamy girl named “Ani”, but suddenly turns into the violent “Hani”.

(Just click the stereo icon on the screen if you want to listen to the music while watching the pics)

(Many thanks to a net friend – dafifthgirl for lending me your slide account)

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When I was looking for a song to mix in with YEH’s pictures I came across a song I fell in love with it’s called “I Know You Know” from Travis Pickle, a NY band in the late 90’s. I then went to search if I have them on my music database and was so surprised that I have some of their songs. I find them light, cool and soothing, hence, the title of this post. It’s too bad they are not around anymore. Each song gives me a different satisfaction.

I uploaded them to my box net – Light & Cool (check out my sidebar menu) so everyone can enjoy listening to them as well. (You can download it from there too.) I have included other songs I find easy on the ears. Try listening to them while driving, drinking a cup of coffee, reading a book or just lying around the house and doing nothing. It is so relaxing, it eases your mind, no need to go to a spa.

Here’s the list on my box net:

1. I Know You know – Travis Pickle

2. Crazy – Travis Pickle

3. Alone Now – Travis Pickle

4. Motorcycle Man – Travis Pickle

5. Mr. Boyfriend – Travis Pickle

6. Garota de Ipanema – Ribeiro, Pery

7. Just The Two Of Us – Sonia

8. Fly Me To The Moon – Sonia

9. I Can’t Tell You Why – Sonia

More info on the now defunct band:

Vocals/Guitar: Pete Min
Vocals/Guitar: Carla Capretto
Drums: Steve Wickins
Bass: Yianni Naslas

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