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The much awaited sequel to the successful It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK) titled “They Kiss Again” will be on your TV screens this November if you are in Taiwan. For non-Taiwan residents, don’t despair, fans will definitely record each episode and upload them to all the video sharing websites.


Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin will be reprising their roles as Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin respectively. Season 1 ended with them getting married and so Season 2 will begin with their honeymoon.

The usual problems that arises in a marriage and their chosen career path will be the focus of the story. They both went to a medical school. Zhi Shu will be confronted by people who wants to  outshine him and Xian Qin on the other hand will be troubled by a girl in her husband’s past.

I enjoyed watching Season 1 although mostly because of the funny antics of their parents most especially Zhi Shu’s mother. I hope Ariel Lin’s character here won’t be as silly as it was in S1 and hopefully each episode will be more precise and meatier as not to bore the viewers and dragging a situation  just to stretch the series into making another episode.

Some Taiwanese writers, producers and directors should follow how the koreans do most of their drama series (recent). Don’t get me wrong TW fans out there, it’s not as if I don’t love them because I will not be featuring them here if I do not but I guess sometimes I find some of them do not know when to stop. Dragging one complication in a story after another is way too much.


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It is definitely not the Chicago Bulls or anything to do with the Spanish matadors.

This is the title of Mike He’s newest drama series. It is scheduled to be aired this November. I placed question marks at the end of the title because apart from the title itself, the only info that I was able to researched is the title itself and his co-stars which are Hebe from the girl group, S.H.E. and Lee Wei who was last seen in Ma Que Ai Shang.


After the success of Why, Why Love, his fans are so excited to received this news although some were hoping to see another Mike and Rainie teamup.

I will be giving you an update on this drama series soon.

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This is all about MBC’s newest drama, Auction House. I bet this will be full of artsy people in the real sense of the word.

I have no intention of really watching this drama for the main reason that I have no sense of art in my body. Sure I do appreciate paintings which are easy on the eyes and I do photoshop but for me it’s digitalized so you need not be as creative as those who really paints on a canvas. Also, I do not understand how one person’s subjectivity can assessed the value of one painting.

Do not get me wrong, I love going to museums. The dream of going to Paris and visit the Louvre is still on my wish list. I love the historical value of it but my appreciation stops there.

Anyway, this will sound contradicting but the reason I was swayed to feature this drama here is because of their poster. It wasn’t the usual thing you see on korean dramas. (more…)

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It’s about how true love waits for, hopes for and needs one more chance…

The moment I saw the trailer of a Filipino movie called One More Chance, I already knew it would end up in my blog. I rarely feature filipino dramas or movies in here primarily because very few offer any English subtitle. I am so happy that the DVD versions of the recently released films from big production companies are already subtitled. This movie is set to be released next month.

The movie stars John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo from the huge TV hit “Maging Sino Ka Man” (Whoever You Are).

In a nutshell, it’s a love story of two people who are in a relationship for 5 years but she found out that she needs to end it to find herself.  He begs her not to leave him but she didn’t listen. Then he moved on, butnot without having a hard time trying to get her back first and then when nothing is working, he let her go. In the process of finding herself, she realized that she can’t go on living without him so she tried to get him back only to find out that someone else is taking care of him.

(watch the trailer) (more…)

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Do you know her Secret?

Stumbling on nice movies (at first glance) is what I’m good at nowadays.

Recently I have been googling for different Photoshop tutorials, which is by the way my present passion, and as usual,  I stumbled into some movies that I would not normally be interested in researching in the net.


It’s a movie released only last August, with a longer title in Mandarin and when  translated, it’s like, “The Secret That Cannot Be Told” and apparently even the producers thought to shorten it to just “Secret” when they released it to the non-Mandarin speakers.

I haven’t watch it yet but I was quite intrigued by the storyline.

“The first day Lun (Jay Chou) enters Tamkang Secondary School, he meets Yu (Kwai Lun-Mei) in the music room when she is playing a mysterious piano solo. The two become intimate friends and spend a lot of time together.

He often asks her “What’s the melody you played the first day we met?” but Yu unfailingly replies: “That’s my secret.”

One day, Lun asks Yu to meet him in the music room but Yu never showed up. Lun cannot find her. Later, Lun sees Yu in an old photograph and what surprises him is that Yu is standing next to his father, Chiu (Anthony Wong) in the photo” – Yahoo Movies

Yes, I know it has a little bit of Somewhere in Time and The Lakehouse flavor in it but a love story that tries to outplay time and destiny…it never fails to woo my romantic heart.

I also read somewhere that the OST of this  movie is amazing so a nice love story that was brilliantly scored, I am off to my hunting mode again. I truly hope I will find it with english subtitle.

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JJH fans will definitely be happy by hearing that his upcoming movie will be released on the first half of next year. 


He will play the character of Jin Hyuk, a perfect suave salesman/owner of Antique hence the title of the movie.

Director Min Gyu Dong also chose Coffee Prince waffle guy Kim Jae Wook as the genius patissier Son Woo, Choi Ji Ho who was last seen in Time Between Dog and Wolf will play the role of Jin Hyuk’s bodyguard and to complete the group, Yoo Ah In will play the role of a former boxer turned assistant patissier.

The story is about four men in an antique shop which later on was renovated to a bake shop. Their love stories and friendship will be the main focus of the movie.

It sounds interesting. Four men in a bake shop. From a Prince to a Lawyer now a Salesman-cum-Baker??? Plus, the waffle guy is back in action. CP fans loved him as Sun Ki…he was making waffles then, now he still into that although a little bit upgraded…baking cakes instead of waffles.

I wonder who will be the women in their lives…

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The first Korean actor to grace the cover of TIME Magazine. He is this generation’s most popular film actor in South Korea, smashing box office records, touted to be the “ultimate poster boy”so a CNN interview is just but natural for his stature especially now that he is penetrating the US market.


Here are some of the highlights of that interview with CNN Correspondent Anjali Rao as he gave her a private tour of Seoul: (more…)

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