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There are people who emailed me and ask me to feature the recent Blue Dragon Awards Night in Korea last November 23 held in the National Theatre of Korea in Seoul and comment on the fashion taste of the celebrities who attended the event.

As much as I want to grant your requests, I cannot…in full. I will be posting all the pictures I can get from the awards night but I can’t comment on it. Why? I always believe that it’s all subjective. What is disastrous to you can be elegant to me.

If you follow the Academy Awards in the U.S, the mother-daughter team of Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers will discuss and argue about the clothes, the hair, the shoes, the bag, the make up of all who walked the red carpet. Who got their approval or their thumbs down doesn’t really matter because other self-claimed fashion gurus also got their own choices and usually they all contradict each other.

And besides…I do not have a fashion resume par excellance.

So just feast your eyes with these images and make your own judgment… (more…)


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Can you imagine one of Korea’s loveliest, the sweet, delicate, prim and proper Kim Tae Hee violent?

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Yes, that face. As in kicking, screaming, bitter and out to destroy someone’s life…her husband’s. Yes, she will be playing a deranged wife. When I say deranged, it’s the normal, typical hell hath no fury like a woman scorn woman who abuses her husband.

The movie is called Venus and Mars. Her battered husband in the movie is Sul Kyung Gu. I am not so familiar with him but after a few minutes of googling, I found out that he usually plays a tough guy on screen. 

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They say that KTH is quite a relvelation here. She is known for being so sweet and nice but it turns out that she has this tougher side as well. She can really kick ass, as in major kicking nonstop.

During a press conference, she admitted that she used to bully her brother a lot when they were younger so it wasnt so hard for her.

It’s a story of a couple who cannot endure being apart from each other but after they have gotten married, they could not stand each other. The PD even said that it was somehow influenced by the Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner movie, War of the Roses.

I am not a big fan of KTH but I will definitely try to catch this movie just to see that lovely sweet face getting violent, smashing cars and physically abusing another person. This is so far out when you think of her in Love Story in Harvard.

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A surgery for a ruptured cervical disc was needed for Bae Yong Jung for his recent accident happened while filming his successful MBC drama series, “Taewangsasingi” but he has to postpone it.

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Yonsama as he is lovingly called by his fans will continue shooting as to follow the production time table of airing its last episode on December 5.

This is the second injury that he got while shooting the said successful drama series. It was reported back in October that he pulled a ligament of his finger that rendered him incapable of holding a sword. 

Uh-oh…I hope he doesn’t break anything anymore. Anyway, it is commendable of him to still continue to shoot despite the massive pain that his injury is causing him. I once, broke my wrist and my collar bone (dont ask why) and it is by far the most painful thing that I have ever experienced in my life. All I did was lie down the bed and do nothing to minimize any movement that will make it more painful.

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It is good to know that his drama series is enjoying high ratings and maybe that is his driving force and of course with a little help from the magic pills-the much needed painkillers.

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So BYJ as Damdeok, the 19th King of Gwanggaeto of the Goguryeo Kingdom must be feeling the irony of it all. He got the power to unite the Four Gods and yet he can’t even move without those pills.

I hope he finish filming soon so he can get the much needed surgery and hospital care.

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His screen name consists of only 5 letters. A former Wushu Champion who garnered so many gold medals for his country and was later on declared as a National Treasure by his own government.

His athletic achievements paved the way for a break in the movie industry. Using his martial arts expertise in his kungfu movies made it is easier for him to get international stardom. His Wong Fei Hong series of movies made him a household name not only in China but the rest of Asia. His hollywood debut is with no less than Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 4. This is the only time I cried when a villain in a movie died. He then went on and made his first hollywood solo movie called Romeo Must Die and the rest is history.

I hate it when people do that. What if I do not know the history…ha ha ha…I know I am being literal but then again if you guys what to know more about him, click here.

Ooops…did I forgot to mention who am talking about?

It’s JET LI.
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with his wife Nina

Yes, people, the guy just bagged 100 million yuan and that is approximately around 13.3 million U.S. dollars for his role in the soon to be released epic, “The Warlords”. The movie had a budget of  $40M USD and half of that went to the acting fee of the main cast.  I already gave a background info regarding this movie in my previous posts so if you want to know more, click here.

After this movie, he is slated to do another one with Jackie Chan, their very first team up about the Legend of the Monkey King called The Forbidden Kingdom.

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He also recently finished doing Mummy III: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the third installment for the succesful Mummy series.
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This guy surely deserves everything that he has now. He works so hard in his craft and he does his own way of giving back to the people. Check out his ONE foundation named after his very succesful movie, The One.
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The YEH-effect…

2007 KDRAMA is really all about YEH.

Landing on the 5th place in Korean Times Top 10 Hallyu Stars last October is quite an achievement already for a girl who is still so young. Topping even the veterans Choi Ji Woo and Song Hye Kyo.


“Yun Eun-hye is one of the hottest young stars in Korean entertainment. A former member of girl group Baby V.O.X., Yun shot to stardom in her debut role as an ordinary girl-turned-royal-princess in the “Princess Hours” in 2006.The 23-year old actress followed it up with “The Vineyard Man,” and most recently, “Coffee Prince.” She is reportedly one of the highest paid actresses in television, commanding 20 million won per episode.”  (Source: The Korean Times)

She is also a fashion trendsetter. Her boyish role as Go Eun Chan in her mega hit 1st Shop of Coffee Prince made such an impact on the hairstyle and clothing world in Korea thus by making a lot of the young girls more Eun Chan-ish. I will not be suprised if we will be bombarded with more of her CF’s. A lot of companies will truly invest wisely by getting her to endorse their products.

Roaming and lurking around so many asian forum threads created for her alone or coupled with another actor made my head fuzzy. The girl is so popular.  The way fans react to her is simply amazing. They agree, disagree, fight, get vicious on anything and everything about her from her clothes, her hairstyle, her face, her legs, her teeth, her expressions, her way of talking, her singing, her acting, her roles, her ways. One thing I recently discover, do not start talking about who you think will be the best man for her either in reel or real life. If you do, you will just trigger an argument no smaller than a world war III. My regular readers already know my preference but if you are still clueless just look at my banner up there (Edit:I’m referring to GY and YEH. I changed it already). I simply love their chemistry.


Speaking as a fan, I am so happy that she have so many passionate fans all over Asia and (hopefully) beyond.

I also hope that she will end this year with a bang. An acting award will absolutely be a wonderful christmas gift to all her fans. 

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KSW’s newest drama, Bad Love, will be airing before the year ends. It is like a christmas gift to all his fans.

He will be with Lee Yo Won and Kim Sung Soo.

Na In Jung(LYW) struggles with her love between the rather cold and rebellious Yong Ki (KSW) and a successful businessman, Soo Hwan (KSS). Kang Yong Ki is a pop culture artist. (Source: Wiki)

I cannot get anything more than that very brief synopsis. There are talks but nothing is confirmed yet that it will be stepbrothers vying for one woman’s heart.

After watching him in the melodrama Stairway To Heaven and the light comedy My Tutor Friend, I am quite excited to see him on screen again.

This 30-seconds video just made me more intrigued and giddy with anticipation. The guy is really hot.

Here’s another teaser.

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You got it right. I am taking another detour. This is no way near Asia but since this is the only blog I have, I cannot help but say something about my ‘other’ favorite pair. I miss them so much.

Thank God! Season 3 just started. I am so giddy just by watching the clips of the first episode of the new season of BONES which stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. If you are not so into american TV series then let me just give you a background info about them and how I fell in love with their story. Who knows you might enjoy them as well, especially if you can’t find any asian drama worth watching. This can be your ‘waiting for next the one’ phase habit.

Meet the Temperance and Seeley

Dr. Temperance Brennan. Brilliant, but narrow-focused on her work to the point of seeming to lack any social skills. She can appear to be cold and unable to empathize with people. As the show progresses, the inner emotions and the human past of Dr. Brennan are slowly revealed. She is called Bones by Booth because she is a forensic  anthropologist that can easily solved crimes by just looking on the victim’s bones.

She chose her field of research in order to find out what happened to her parents, who vanished without a trace when she was in her teens – leading to an unpleasant time in the foster care system before being rescued by her grandfather. It has been revealed that she has one living brother, Russ.

Apparently, she has always been brilliant but she appears to have an amazing lack of understanding of modern pop culture. A running gag through the series is when someone makes an obvious pop culture reference and she blankly states “I don’t know what that means.” Her on-screen chemistry with her “partner” Agent Seeley Booth is uncertain and confusing at times, leaving the viewer perplexed, but never bored. (Source:Wiki)

Agent Seeley Booth. A former Army sniper with the Rangers who is currently an agent with the FBI. He frequently consults with Dr. Brennan and her team, acting as a liaison between the FBI and the Jeffersonian institute. When it comes to solving crime, Booth has a very different approach than Dr. Brennan and her team, preferring a more human, interpersonal and intuitive set of methods.

While Booth tries to keep personal and professional life strictly separate, aspects of his personal life leak through. He is a religious man by nature and a practicing Catholic, seeking through the FBI to atone for the lives he took as a sniper by placing other killers behind bars. He also has a four-year old son named Parker, from a previous relationship.

There is a somewhat confused (and confusing) chemistry between Booth and Brennan. Good colleagues who can respect — if not always understand — each other, there is at least the beginning of a romantic tension within their relationship.  (Source: Wiki)

Their Story.


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