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Forgive me people, I am making a detour again. I am such a huge Booth & Bones/Brennan Shipper so this momentous event cannot pass in my reel history without me making a big deal out of it. I am freaking out here!

To those who have been waiting for this to happen, “CHEERS”!

Unbelievable it happened in Season 3, a lot of the fans were speculating when and where will it happen. We all have to thank the writers for taking pity in all of us. This is definitely the start of something new.

Props to Bones for being ever so cool and to Booth as well for putting back the gum to his mouth after the kiss knowing that it came from her mouth. A classic kiss under the mistletoe with a twist.

Want to relive that moment…here you go shippers…let’s watch it together for the nth time.

It can’t be considered to be a real kiss but then anything that introduces intimacy between the two, I’ll take.An early christmas gift to all BONES fans out there. 

Get the highlights of the whole thing in three parts.

Booth & Brennan Best Moments Season 3 Episode 9

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

The final scene is so sweet…And yeah Booth…i love my christmas gift too!

Special shout out to my li’l sis…I’ve changed the theme…hope you are happy!


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