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  • Yoon Eun Hye lends her voice to a new hip-hop band called Mighty Mouth. She is included in the band’s recent single named I Love You. This is the first time she sings after 3 years since the day she left Baby V.O.X.  I am one of those who is very happy to learned that she’s recording again.


  • Rain got a new clothing line. He will personally be involved in the designing the clothes plus he invited other famous and talented designers as well.


  • Park Eun Hye will be tying the knot in April 27 this year. She is most remembered in her performances in Jewel In The Palace as the King’s concubine and the Taiwanese-Korean produced drama series Silence along side F4’s Vic Zhou and recently is filming another project Lee San.


  • 1. The Chaser 3-day Adm / Total Adm : 646,267 / 1,724,466
    Gross / Total Gross (won) : 4,408,338,000 / 11,559,714,000
    Screen : 505
    Opening Date : 2008/02/14
    Director : Na Hong-jin
    Main Cast : Kim Yoon-suk, Ha Jung-woo, Seo Yung-hee

    2. Once Upon A Time 3-day Adm / Total Adm : 49,971 / 1,528,208
    Gross / Total Gross (won) : 319,179,000 / 9,976,697,500
    Screen : 236
    Opening Date : 2008/01/31
    Director : Jung Yong-ki
    Main Cast : Park Yong-woo, Lee Bo-young, Kim Eung-soo, Kim Su-hyun, Ahn Kil-sang

    3. Lovers Of Six Years 3-day Adm / Total Adm : 36,284 / 1,097,877
    Gross / Total Gross (won) : 241,530,000 / 7,303,758,500
    Screen : 217
    Opening Date : 2008/02/05
    Director : Park Hyun-jin
    Main Cast : Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Kye-sang, Sin Sung-rok, Cha Hyun-jung, Seo Dong-won


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I am a certified CP addict (as if you don’t know yet) and I just want to share these video clips with you:

I know most of you have seen them already but if you are as addicted as I am you won’t mind me posting them in here and as if I need anyone’s permission ha ha ha…I just love this series so much.

Videos are not mine. They are from youtube users. Click them and you’ll find who created them.

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The recently awarded best new actor in his performance in “My Father” from the Blue Dragon Awards last year is now included in the newest X-MEN movie.


He will be joining Hugh Jackman, Liev Scriber, Dominic Monaghan and Danny Huston in this X-Men spinoff entiled X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Henney will play Agent Zero of the Mutant Weapon X program, a mutant who can control electricity and has specialized tracking abilities.

The movie is being directed by Gavin Hood. It will tackle Wolverine’s past as he discovers the world of mutants focusing on Wolverine’s journey as he finds out he’s a mutant.

Henney, a Korean-American actor has gain popularity when he appeared on the successful TV series, My Lovely Sam Soon along with Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin back in 2005.

This movie is scheduled to be release in 2009. 

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Oh, I moved on to a new home, check asiandramaaddict.com or simply click here to get the full article.

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HGD after analyzing the recent events came to a conclusion that it was CW who is responsible for everything and decided to talk to his father to clear his name. The other thieves assisted him in tracking down HIH although some of them dont like the idea at all. When the brothers met, HDG told him about CW and stuff but HIH immediately bragged to his face that their father knew the truth about HDG’s innocence and yet he chose to clear only HIH’s name. Seeing the shock that his words are making on HDG’s face, he even stressed that their father had completely abandon him and that he does not care what happen to his illegitimate son.

The words seemed like cutting through HDG’s insides could not believe what he just heard. HIH left him but not without a stinging slap on his face rendered by the thieve’s ther leader SG.

In one of the most emotion-filled scenes, HDG tries to brush it off and tried laughing at himself and the situation but Enok knew better. She put up her hands as if covering his face and told him to cry and he need not worry nobody will see. They both cried.

Later on, in the temple, HDG went back to his former self of wanting to go to China since he doesnt care again with the local situation. MN, the girl bandit leader, then baiting HYK by telling her that she is preparing herself for one hot night of thank you’s with HDG alarming HYK and tries her best to convince the other girl that its not necessary. They end up drinking together. HYK asked MN on what ‘I Love You’ really means. They discussed that its more than liking someone and she confessed to MN that she felt that way towards HDG. MN told her of HDG’s plan to go to China and why not go with him. HYK told her that she really wanted to go but she wanted HDG to ask her himself. MN understands.

In one of the sweetest scenes, HDG and HYK talked. She wanted to ask him something but then she’s quite shy so he gave her the dark glasses and told her that it’s less embarrasing. She asked if he’s going hunting again and he told her yes and asked her will she come with him. She of course said yes. He asked her again even if they hunt for two tigers to which she said she will really go with him. He’s quite happy with her positive answers and then asked her to go with him hunting and then go to China. HYK beaming happily said yes but they need not go and hunt for the animals since she saved a lot already then proceeded to say “I Love You” (English Words)to him. He is puzzled and asked her what does it means to which she replied that he’ll know when they reach China.

CW on the other hand was in deep shit. His half brother, the King recognized him during the civil exams day fiasco. Lady Noh is strategizing on how to put all the blame to HDG. The King being crazy with paranoia wanted everyone tortured and interrogated especially after a cryptic subtle message was plastered all over the city about who is the rightful king. Minister Hong decided to interrogate then kill people until they can get to the bottom of it.

HDG and CW both watch the unfair execution of the innocent people. HDG couldnt take it anymore went to CW and his group to give him the sword and he said he will confessed to the whole thing and will show the sword as his proof so the killings may stop.

He first went to his father and told him that he’s the one responsible for everything. His father, Minister Hong knew in his heart that his son is innocent and asked him why is he doing it. HDG did not bother answering him and told him that once the men who were detained and about to be executed are released, that will be the time he will tell the where the sword is. His father asked him who is he covering up and to tell him the truth because he is his son. HDG told him that he’s not and to not catch him alive.

HYK on the other hand heard of what is going to happen to HDG from the other thieves went to look for him nervously. She found him in their “place”, near the stream. She begged him to just run away. She will help him with the soldiers but he has to ran away. He knew that she will not leave him then touch a nerve point in her body to make her unconscious, apologizing to her that he can’t come with her.

When the soldiers arrive to arrest him, he run to another direction away from where HYK. He continue to run until he was cornered to a cliff. Nowhere to go, an arrow strucked him on the heart, blood stained his chest then he fell back on to the cliff.

Later on, HYK woke up, realized he’s not there, run crying.

He died?! Duh, it’s only episode 7.

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Korean Times reported that korean saguek dramas are hitting the European local TV’s soon. The one that started the korean epic drama craze, Jewel in the Palace started airing last month in Turkey and in Hungary this month. More European countries will follow soon such as Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and the like . If this will become successful, Jumong, will probably hit their screens as well.

 These dramas were shown first to Asia and was successful and so it gave more boost on the already ongoing Hallyu Wave or popularly known as Korean Wave. Then they were exported to Africa, shown last year specifially in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nigeria and Zambia. They even had a Zimbabwe TV show that quizzed on korean words that around almost 5 million viewers participated out of their population of 13 million.

Another epic drama mingled with fantasy, The Legend, hit Japan’s movie screens as well as TV screens. It was their first attempt on showing the series in cinema houses depending on Bae Yong Joon’s huge popularity there even if the tickets are quite expensive.

Korean drama producers will definitely be inspired to do more and better dramas in the future.

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This came in too late…sorry…too busy falling in love with the true Jushin King, BYJ.

In this episode, sighing is allowed.

HDG and CW are fighting but since both of them are skilled they just end up slightly hurting each other. CW’s men came and so the ever so curious HDG need to escape before he can get an answer from CW.

HYK on the other hand was questioned by Cw’s ever present hot bodyguard Chisu and Lady Noh about her knowledge on the whole thing. She mentioned about CW’s injury so Lady Noh decided to invite her over so she can question her more. She was quite interested or plain curious with her background and last name. Apparently they are looking for a girl with a last name that sounded like her’s. I’m not so sure about this. It turns out that Minister Hong killed a man who were supposed to take over the throne after CW was believed to be dead and the man’s daughter could be HYK. Since she does not have any clue about it, she’s not interested.

Lady Noh plied her with food while telling her men to put poison gas on to the room to kill her. Fortunately, CW arrived and immediately gave an order to give her an antidote. He told Lady Noh that he can’t allow HYK to die because she saved his life when he was injured. When she woked up, he told her that she fainted. HYK was quite happy that she can be lady too because she fainted. (Duh?!, oh yeah…the fainting spells women known to have).  She told him she needs to leave to help out a friend. CW already knew that its HDG. He realizes that it the end, he might kill her too.

HDG needs the help of the group of thieves. So he sent word via a young man who immediately took a liking to him and called him brother at once. They made plans on how to take revenge on their common enemy which is CW. They plan to get into the weapons storage. They are quite unaware that CW’s group will be infiltrating the palace on that same day – the civil exams day.

Two girls are looking for HDG, HYK went to Mr. Wang only to find SEH already there asking for him as well. When she learned that HYK is HDG’s friend, she told her to pass a message to him for her. HYK was so sad and jealous(?!) when she learned of the message. SEH is apologizing to HDG for not being able to go with him and that the little time they had together, she enjoyed.

She went back to the temple sad and had gotten more sad when her granpa assumes that HDG might have been asking SEH to elope with him. She cant help but to compare herself to SEH and decided to make herself more ladylike by going to the stream and clean herself.

HDG found her there. She passed on to him SEH’s message and asked him if he’s going somewhere will he take her to which he replied with another question. He asked her what if its dangerous? He reminded her that she went with him when they went hunting for animals and of course she will go with him. He told him not to go with him. She was quite disappointed with his answer so he said to just wait for him, he’ll be back to get her.

She was kinda sleepy and so he told her to go back to the temple but she was really very sleepy so she took a nap in his shoulders. He told the sleeping HYK, not to interfere with his activities the next day because she will be in danger. Somehow, promised to  make it up with her when everything’s settled. They could hunt animals in some other place, maybe China.

The next day, both HDG and CW’s men went with their plans. The former getting revenge on CW and the latter getting revenge on the current King. Since both did not know of each other’s plans, nothing went right. Chaos and panic set in when the explosives just burst and both of them faced each other knowing that the other was responsible for the unexpected outcome and that is the King’s men surrounding them ready to pounce on them both.

Luckily for HDG, a bandit just arrived in a cart with horses to help him escape.

(It’s funny and the romantic part is starting on plus the fact that HYK could be the long lost princess or something and that HDG is falling…falling…?!?! I truly hope I can recap more episodes. The sageuk dramas are quite entertaining. I am enjoying both the more serious one, the mythical/historical epic TWSSGI and this one.)

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