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I know by now, most of you, pinoy fans have watched the first episode of  “My Girl” remake. My sis recorded it for me and I watched it a couple of  hours ago. I am still reserving judgment until I’ve watch a couple of episodes more although Gerald Anderson casted as a Harvard Grad and into his Masteral Degree and being top in his class does not sit well with me. I do not have any problem with him as an actor or as a person but I just think he does not suit the role. He looked too young for the role. Kim is perfect for the lead role though. She can be bubbly and sassy without getting too annoying for my taste.

MY GIRL Pinoy Remake OST

I know I said I’ll wait for a couple more before passing judgment but I hope the feeling of watching it as if it’s a high school drama version rather than a TV primetime series will go away. I do not know why but I can’t shake the feeling that something  is wrong.  Anyway, it is just the initial episode. I truly hope the following episodes will justify why Lee Dong Wook’s role went to Gerald Anderson.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon pinoy remake will be aired soon. When I learned it was Regine Velasquez who will portray KSA’s character I immediately watched some of her films. There’s a big chance that she can pull it successfully. Right age, right sassiness, right built and she can act. Well, its as if the role is difficult so she can do it. I am not so sure with Mark Anthony Fernandez doing Hyun Bin’s role probably because I haven’t watch any of his past works but if I will base it from his pictures then he might be able to pull it off as well.

MNIKSS Pinoy Remake OST

I personally do not have anything against remakes. At least producers are honest enough to say that it is a remake unlike other filmakers who claimed that it has an original story and later on you’ll find out that 90% of the movie was based from another movie. There are those who cant even use the words: “Inspired from…”

It only becomes annoying and irritating when they totally change the storyline. Some says because of cultural differences but I believe most of the romantic stories out there are universal and can be accepted by most viewers regardless of race and color. You can do a remake putting your own flavor in it while maintaining its original story.

Actors? That is however, another story. My solution if you don’t like the actors in it, stop watching the series. If you keep on claiming that you dont want remakes because it will ruin the original, then just dont watch them, stick to the original.

I still remember the time when Coffee Prince was airing in Manila. Everyone who has seen the original hated Han Kyul’s dubber, including moi.  I did try to watch it since it’s a good vehicle to learn the language but I stopped watching it altogether because it irritated me so much. They enjoyed great ratings back in Manila so I guess there are others who felt that it was just okay. So, remember fellow dramaddicts, if it annoys you, stop watching!

(thanks nikki…)


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I am so far behind already with all the new dramas that came out when I was locked in the batcave. It is so frustrating that I can’t watch them online with the unbelievable buffering I got. Gosh, I wish I have a T1 for my net connection. Why wasnt I so addicted to asian drama when I had a full access to a T1 line. Back then I was able to download loads of songs in a matter of minutes.

Anyway, I was able to watch a couple of The Last Scandal of My Life and I was hooked. I think I am going to make recaps for the series. Ha ha ha…here I am planning to do another series when I haven’t finish Legend. Bad “recapper”! Can you blame me? Looking at BYJ makes my head spin…well..not literally, I’m no Linda Blair…creepy unforgettable scene in the Exorcist.  My target was to write the 22nd and 23rd eps today but I got sidetracked. KJK’s out, bgurl? And so I dived into Youtube and had my fill of XMAN highlights again. Then I peek into some Love Letter episodes. Some of it was funny but some of the dancing sucks.

Somebody emailed me about a reality show about fake couples and they try to pretend that they are married or something and her favorite is Andy and Solbi. She was kinda stuttering in her email…that is the best way to describe her message, lol. I was lost. Was I away for sooo long? I haven’t googled it yet so I dont know anything about it. Tooizzy…any reviews on that?

Have I told you that I hate downloading videos? I like watching them online with hard subs, yeah shoot me…just kidding…I do appreciate the hardwork of those fan subbing teams for the non-korean/chinese/japanese speakers out there but I’m so lazy and I just dont have the time. After watching it, I just get the flash video file from the temp folder to share it with my sis and my mom.  I love flash videos, the files are smaller but I sometimes convert it back to mpeg just so that I can watch it on my DVD and bigger screen. Crazy, right?! My real problem now is the buffering.  Can’t do anything about it because I am too lazy to download huge files and besides I got no time for it now.

So, probably in the next few days or..err…weeks, I will be featuring some kdramas like The Last Scandal, Who Are You and a few more…not a full recap but maybe a review or something.

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I am addicted to BONES TV series. Wow, what a season ender. It is an american TV series that I am so passionate about. It does not have anything to do with asian dramas but I just want to mention it here. Try watching an episode and you’ll get hooked. Start with a fan made video about Booth and Bones and I guarantee you that you will fall in love with them…*sigh*

I also had my fill of past Korean movies and I enjoyed some of them but some are just too weird for my taste. Why can’t they make some normal stories with normal reactions from normal situations. Ha ha ha…I was able to watch a movie somewhat similar to Tom and Meg’s You Got Mail but there were boring parts but all in all it was okay. I forgot the title though…wait…I think the title is Who R U…

See you all guys tomorrow and hopefully I will get to post two Legend recaps and some new ones. Enjoy your weekend people! Bburps…thanks.

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I know I’ve been gone for soooo long. I’ve been busy and I was firmly advised by people around me that I need to prioritize things and so for a few weeks I pretended that I do not know how to blog. Honestly, someone else was supposed to be taking care of this site while I’m gone. Hmnnn…

Anyway, I miss all of you. I miss my asian dramas. I miss everything asian.

To those who are wondering if I will finish the TWSGG/Legend recaps…YES I WILL. Just give me a few days to get back on my feet and get reacquainted with Damdeok again…*sigh…i’ve fallen in love with BYJ…my mom and my sister thinks he’s cute…after making her watch Legend, she was asking for Winter Sonata. Talk about kdrama addiction…my mom’s really into it.

To the Hana Kimi Jap fanatics…thanks for always dropping by and leaving a note on how much you guys love it…sorry for those who posted same message 3 to 5 times…i need to delete them…i know that you guys just want to reiterate your love for the show but…i have to delete them…if not they will be considered as spamming…

I did watch the first few episodes of Fated To Love, it’s like kdrama’s  Wonderful Life although I did not watch WL completely…storyline is kinda the same but I find FTL more interesting so I will try to finish it after I find the time to look for Eng subbed episodes and download them.

Anyone of you watching Formidable Rivals also known as Powerful Opponents? I’ve watched some  episodes and I like it. There are some scenes which I feel are so overly “dramatic” more like exaggerated but then after watching so many dramas I mastered the skill of not focusing on them anymore. It’s as if my monitor goes blurred and the sounds are muted. I like Chae Rim’s look in here. It’s better than Dalja’s Spring. When it was still in promo stage, based from the posters that came out, I thought the presidents son won hands down to be Chae Rim’s prince…I mean its obvious that she’ll end up with the ruggedly handsome guy but then after watching the first few episodes I can feel an onscreen chemistry between her and her co-bodyguard. So, I dont know…I’ll get back to you after watching a few more.

Three Dads and … I forgot the title already. Ha ha ha…I am not sure about it. I will give it a try…After watching the first three episodes of Absolute Boyfriend, I know that I will watch it til the end. I’m not saying it’s great but the concept is quite new to me. Having a robbo for a boyfriend? Desperation written all over it but the guy is soooo cute. I dont blame her. The guy who played Nanba Minami from Hana Kimi is there too so I’m so curious on how it will end… I can take a peek in the manga’s version but my sister told me not to because sometimes they change the story and the characters so why bother?

There’s a new kdrama La Dolce Vita…interesting first few episodes with Lee Dong Wook dying…it’s kinda dark for me but…he’s too cute not to take this advantage of seeing his face on my monitor. It’s what I call a flashback series…LDW’s character committed suicide but a retired detective who had been pursuing him (LDW was a fugitive) when he was still active in the force recognized him and tries to investigate, tracing back LDW’s steps…. He is married but he was involved in an adulterous affair…the woman is married as well. Was it suicide?…

There are more new kdrama that is airing right now…I Love Yoo, Spotlight, Why did You Come to Our House, Lee Jun Ki’s series and of course there’s On Air, Who Are You… and a lot more. I am so far behind already.

What else? LOBO is still airing in Manila…Marian Rivera continues to shine with Dyesebel after her successful Marimar…a My Girl filipino remake will soon be aired and i heard MNIKSS will soon follow…it will soon be a trend in Manila…i wonder who will get to play YOO and YEH’s role in CP…I know that there are no plans yet but I will not be surprised if it happens…pray that they wont massacre the beauty that CP left in our minds…

Except for Fated To Love, I haven’t check yet on what’s airing on Taiwan TV networks…ahhh…a friend of mine is addicted to Rainie…but for the love of…i’ll stop here…he he he…peace friend!

Jdoramas…hmmnn…I did watch an annoying series recently…i skipped so many episodes and to think that it only has 11 episodes…i should have known better… the storyline itself was a given…about an annoying girl who honestly believe that she’s sooooooo beautiful and that everyone is sooooo in love with her……she continues to misunderstand situations til the end…ugh! yeah i know…it’s my fault!

YOO still in the military and YEH is still on a break…probably enjoying all the awards and nominations she keeps on receiving. Heard that she was nominated in a Monte Carlo Film Festival along with CP… FTW!!!…BYJ shot a laptop commercial in NY and caused quite a buzz over there…Saw a pic of Kim Rae Won with a special child promoting some kind of charity…he looks great plus giving back something to the public is quite commendable…Song Kye Hyo was with John Woo in Cannes Film Festival, the director said she’s appearing in one of his films…

I will find time this weekend to download all of them…*wishful thinking*…im donning my batsuit again…oopps…batman will be home soon…

Off to the batcave…! Bye for now… By the way, thanks for your patience…

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OST Galore

Recently, the OST of different songs I’ve heard used in asian dramas are now playing non-stop on my ears. When I’m on the road, working, blogging and even when I’m sleeping, it plays continously. Thank God for new tech innovations otherwise, the CD would probably be so overused.

I don’t have time to make my own playlist here with download links so I just went on to search for youtube vids


TWSSG From: deejae3717

SOULMATE From: aquamarine88


LOVERS From: angieslee

HANA KIMI Japan From: whiteanime004

SILENCE From: silverdolphine

HANA KIMI TaiwanFrom: zhaiairen07

I think I need to do a part two.  By the way, I just realized that most of the songs in here is at the OST page so just check it out.




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The Japanese audience having influenced by Bae Yong Joon’s Legend want more of sageuk dramas. KBS, one of Korean’s top TV network was to respond to their cravings.

They recently signed a contract with a Japanese broadcast company for the export of four of their period dramas, Dragon’s Tears (1998), King and Queen (1999), Warrior’s Age (2003) and Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin (2004).

  • Tears of the Dragon tells the story of the life of King Taejong of the Joseon Kingdom
  • King and Queen depicts the passion, power and the royal court’s intrigues during King Sungjong of the Joseon Kingdom
  • Warrior’s Age focuses on the warriors lives who during the Goryeo Kingdom
  • Admiral Yi Sun-shin is a biographical drama depicting the life of a legendary Joseon admiral who saved the country from numerous Japanese invasions.

Is is quite surprising that there is a market for Korean historical dramas in Japan knowing that they had a strained relations in the past. I do understand it though since I enjoy watching them as well. Normally I’m not patient enough to watch a series with more than 20 episodes but learning about other country’s culture is quite fascinating, especially if you really, really like the main lead.


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