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This was shown way back in 2006 but I only had the chance to watch it two days ago. I learned that it was based from a fanfic.  


Basically, it’s a story of two guys, Eungyu, (played by cutie Jang Geun Suk) and Heewon (I’m not familiar who played him) liked the same girl Jungwon (played by Cha Ye Ryun). 

Eungyu and Jungwon had a disastrous meeting in an amusement park. She was under a mascot’s uniform and he was with his friends bullying her. She dumped a can of soda to his head without him knowing of the mascot’s identity.

They met again this time without the mascot’s costume. Apparently, they are neighbors. Without so much fanfare, they have become friends and more than friends. It was supposed to be a happy time in their lives but the situation now became complicated with the entrance of Eungyu’s band mate, Heewon who turned out to be Jungwon’s longtime friend.




There is some kind of a mystery on why Heewon is bent on making Jungwon’s life miserable. He kept on telling her to avoid Eungyu. It turned out that Jungwon was sort of responsible for making Heewon’s life miserable and so in turn, he do not want to see her happy. 

I think you better watch the movie yourself and discover the twists and turns in the story. I am not saying I really liked it because they somehow tried to squeezed in the whole story in one movie so they kind of rushing everything in. 

The guy is a cutie and sings well. There are cute moments but I felt the ending was too cheesy for me although I am quite happy that it has a happy ending. As you all already know, I am a sucker for a happy ending. No matter how they executed it, I will always go for a happy ending Traditional or unconventional, it does not matter to me. 

 There is angst everywhere. This is a teen flick. This was done two years ago. I got nothing more to say except that Jang Geun Suk was cute in this movie. 

Judge for yourself…watch it here

  (Photo Credited as Labeled)


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I am besieged with work. So, what else is new?

How I wish that this were my work. Wouldnt it be terrific if I get to earn money by blogging my favorite past time…sneakin’ in to the lives and work of asian artists? Ahh…wishful thinking!

That is the only reason why I’m having a hard time updating this blog. Right now, I do not know if I would ever be able to finish Legend/TWSSG. I am down to my last three episodes and I can’t find time to write about it or maybe it is a case of not wanting it to end OR I never really liked the ending. I got too many questions and issues about it and so I can’t get myself to write about it even when I find myself some free time at night. As much as I love BJY, I can’t get any inspiration to write the last three.

Anyway, I am still enjoying Powerful Opponents a.k.a. Formidable Rivals. Although there were some of you, dear readers/friends, who emailed me and told me that some of you were a little bit disappointed with the ending. What a way to end my enchantment with the series…ha ha ha…No worries though, I do love spoilers and that is why I love previews.


I heard that The Last Scandal of My Life is nearing its end although there will be a second season and if it turns out to be a hit then a third one will follow and…whew! I haven’t even watch half of the first season. I don’t like long running series. The reason why I fell in love with some of the kdramas is their 16-24 episodes run. Oh well, who am to complain anyway. I can always turn off the TV.

Jang Hyuk got married last June 2. There goes another hot guy…well…no surprises here since, the baby did come first so everyone’s expecting that he’ll do the “right” thing.

(photo credit: Xinhuanet)

The China Quake is quite horrific. Bless the souls of those who perished from the natural disaster. Many chinese artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China have offered their help the victims. They even had a fund raising concert recently in Hong Kong and the likes of Jackie Cheung, Sammi Cheng, A-mei, Andy Hui and superstar Andy Lau were seen performing to the delight of the crowd.

No one can beat superstar Jet Li for his passion in helping his countrymen. He announced that he will shun from any entertainment work for a year just to be able to concentrate his efforts in rebuilding Sichuan quake areas. Great job!…a year?! I was hoping I would see more of him after Forbidden Kingdom. Well, I think he already finished The Mummy III so…check out the trailer…and yeah I love JET LI…

Another KMovie will soon be out, My Mighty Princess. It stars Shin Mina along with Yun Go and Joon Mo. The storyline seems to be alrighty. A university student who got superpowers but wants to live an ordinary normal life and have a lovelife as well. We can’t have everything you know. Superman couldnt even get it right. Find someone with superpowers as well and it might work. Look at the Incredibles…ha ha ha! I think I’m going to watch this movie, it’s kinda cute…watch the trailer:


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