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Ever since I featured a Thai drama or a lakorn as they are popularly called, there are kind souls who gave me a recommended list of lakorns that they enjoyed watching and from that list, this one got my interest.

I find the story light, cute and funny. There were times that I fast-forwarded it, oh well; there were “drag-gedy moments”.

Thai TV series : Sompong nong Somchai – สมปองน้องสมชาย. Starring Paul Pattarapol, Jenny Tienphosuwan, Jamie Buher.

There is some kind of Coffee Prince flavor in it since it is about two pretty girls who went on a disguise to help the police. They posed as brothers, Sompong and Somchai (hence, the title) and worked as male dancers for a music group. They are there to do some undercover investigative work. A singer was murdered. Complications came in when they both fell in love with a singer and a director.

I can’t help but be reminded of some similar scenes from CP although this was released way before CP.
I never got to fully appreciate the series since it does not have complete English subtitles yet. I think its only half way finished. Anyway, body language says it all. It also worked at my advantage since I cannot appreciate the music scoring. No offense meant to Thai Music. I am not saying that it’s bad. It is just that it’s the first time I heard that type of music and I have not adjusted to it yet. It was kind of distracting to me. Cultural differences I guess. Give me some more time and I might be dancing to its tune in the future.

I am not also familiar with Thai actors but they did well. If you guys want to watch it, then click here (with eng subs, incomplete) and click here (complete without eng subs). Do not expect too much logic…it is a comedy. 


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