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This is one series that I never thought I’d get to like. First and foremost, I’m not really that familiar with the lead actors. Sure, I’ve seen them before in other dramas but they never really got my interest. If it were not a romantic comedy I would not even watch their teaser or preview. 
I’ve had enough of dramas of single women in their early forties with a child trying to make a living “scenarios”. Don’t get me wrong, I have so much respect for them but I hate it when they get to be portrayed as pathetic, poor ajummas. Give me a break! Most of them are confident, never to be cross type of women, in control with their lives.
So, when I heard it was a comedy, well, all the logic thinking must be thrown out of the window. I embraced the series with open arms. Age shouldn’t matter. 40’s now is the new 30’s.
For those who who didn’t have the time to watch the series yet, I’ll just give you an overview on the whole storyline, the characters and how it ended. To those who hate spoilers, stop here. Click away.
Our main heroine is what they call in Korea as an ajumma, stereotyped up to her hairstyle. Hong Sun Hee is nearing her 40th year. She is ‘separated’ from her good-for-nothing husband and with a child.
Our main hero is a celebrity. Song Jae Bin is a megastar, a poster boy of Korea with so many endorsements to his name.  One of his most guarded secrets is his true age. Publicly he is 32 years old but in truth he is one year shy of the big 4-Oh. 
Although their status and physical appearance are way different, they were once schoolmates and he was harboring a crush for her then, oh well actually after watching a few more episodes, it turned out that they were sort of sweethearts and they were supposed to meet up several years ago but she never turned up. He often wonders about her and he had some people look for her.


With a twist of fate, their lives were intertwined once again. It was one hell of a crazy scene when they saw each other again. They clashed and he immediately denied that he is her former classmate, Jang Dong Chul. He changed his name and all. She was not the person he imagined she turned out to be. He often fantasizes her to be a beautiful, sexy, confident career woman in the past. Now, he thought she is there to blackmail him.
She on the other hand, is very much unfortunate for the kind of husband she has, not to mention her terrible in-laws. One day, her husband got involved in some trouble and landed in jail. She tried to get the bail money but some rich woman came to bail her husband as exchange for being her lover/partner.
Her unfaithful, irresponsible husband tried deceiving her but she will soon find out the real score. She is then left without a husband and possibly without resources and a house.
Her dire situation left her with no choice but to go to Song Jae Bin’s household. A comedy of errors led her to become SJB’s housekeeper and the three males living in that house (SJB, his brother, Jang Dong Hwa and his nephew) soon became enthralled with her. The equation becomes a little bit complicated when a certain actress came into the picture. A triangle perhaps? Get the drift?
Meanwhile, her pathetic hubby along with the rich woman opened a new wine bar and restaurant. She invited SJB to the opening. He brought an overhauled Ajumma to the event. A “trying to humiliate our heroine” scene happened since they all know that she’s just the housekeeper. It led to SJB’s rescuing our ajumma from the clutches of the rich woman bar owner. The rich woman never thought that it will make SJB mad and so asked her “lover”/partner, Ajumma’s hubby to help her with the situation and appease SJB.
SJB’s brother did a background check on Sun Hee’s(ajumma) since he can feel that there is a burgeoning closeness between the two. He was quite shock that her hubby is none other than the rich woman’s “lover”/partner. I kept on using “lover” because the rich woman, Go Jung Sook, does not really want a lover per se, but more of a romantic companion, whatever that means.
Anyway, when Ahn Yoon Sik, Ajumma’s irresponsible hubby realized that his wife is working for SJB, he tried immediately to make her sign the divorce papers telling her that it was not for real, just so that his (fake) debtors would not hound her and be free of his problems. Apparently, he told her that he was involved with unsavory people and he got so much debts and he is concern for her welfare that he do not want her to be involved with it.

When SJB found out the truth as well, he was so mad at Ahn Yoon Sik for deceiving her.. Both the Jang brothers did their best to tell Ajumma’s ex-hubby that he pissed them so bad. Ahn Yoon Sik was so confused as to why both brothers are affected so much.
Ajumma eventually found out the truth when she accidentally saw an engagement invitation in the Jang’s household. She went to the hotel to really see for herself. JSB during that time was having a press conference and when he saw her in the hotel, he knew already why she’s there.
He ran after her to steer her away from the pain of seeing it for herself. He was able to grab her but not before she was able to hear her ex-hubby’s voice. The media was surprised at his actions so they followed him. When he realized that the media was there, he knew he needed to do something before they pounced on her. Thank God for his brother’s immediate reflex reaction. Jang Dong Hwa took off his jacket and covered Ajumma’s head so nobody was able to get her picture.
(to be continued)
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