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I know…I know…this second part is way too late. I don’t know why I bother to make recaps or summaries when I do not have time for it. Yada…yada…yada!

Anyway, going back to our hero and heroine. The brothers were able to get ajumma out of the hotel without anyone really recognizing her. Our lovely ajumma is unfortunately still in denial. She knew already that her selfish bastard of a husband left her and their daughter for another woman and yet she still cannot accept it.

Ajumma and Jang Dong Hwa went out for a drink and they seemed to click. They were very comfy with each other’s company. While they were walking on some street, she saw a nice pair of shoes and she instantly like it. JDH saw that she liked the pair of shoes. It would also be nice if they end up together since I feel he will treat her just right but we all know this is ajumma and Song Jae Bin’s story.

SJB was quite worried about ajumma and he’s somehow felt envious that she went out with his brother.  When ajumma and JDH went home, she sent JDH to the house then she went to the garden and decided to call her ex-hubby. She told him not to hang up on her since she has so many things to tell him but the ex-hubby was not interested. She kept on telling him what she feels but alas, the hubby was not on the other line anymore. That did not deter her from saying all she wanted to say. She was crying so much and SJB saw it all.

SJB was so mad at ajumma’s ex-hubby so he went to the wine exclusive club to confront him. He gave him money to settle things right. I am not particularly sure what transpired between the two. All I understand is that SJB wanted the ex-hubby to settle things right with ajumma. The lady boss/owner/present lover to ex-hubby was quite suspicious on what went on between the two. That description is way too long. Let’s give her a name – Go Jung Suk.

When SJB went home, he saw ajumma preparing to go out and asked her where she’s going. She said she’s going to meet someone. He saw how her clothes and told her that he will buy her some clothes in the city. He said that that it’s the main reason why her ex-hubby left her in the first place.

SJB overhauled her and drop her off to the meeting place.

Go Jung Suk was tailing her present lover/companion – the ex-hubby. Too long a well so let’s give him a name – Ahn Yoon Sik.

So, they met by the riverbank. He tried paying her off with the same money SJB gave him. He demanded that she leave SJB’s house and rent a condominium for her and their daughter ASAP. She naturally was surprised with the money so she asked him where he got it from but he refused to give more info.

Go Jung Suk was following Ahn Yoon Sik and naturally confronted both of them. When she saw the envelope in ajumma’s hand, Ahn Yoon Sik immediately reasoned out that she wanted alimony. GSK deducted that is the reason why he borrowed money from SJB. Ajumma was quite surprised that the money was from SJB. AYS kept on telling ajumma to stop asking for more money and to not use their daughter anymore. Ajumma cannot believe what she was hearing and she doesn’t know if she’s going to laugh at the unbelievable things her ex-hubby was saying.

When they left her, she was so frustrated, disappointed, mad and in so much pain. SJB was still waiting for her in his car. When he saw AYS and GJS driving off, he immediately went to find her. He let her cry her heart out in his arms.

In that very moment, SJB made a realization and decision. He told her that from that moment on, they are no longer friends. He probably meant that they will not be just friends anymore. He hugged her tightly.

Ajumma now knew why SJB have always been telling her how terrible her husband is. He asked her if she still wants to continue longing for her cheating ex-hubby. She just returned the money to him.

After the incident, SJB was quite happy and was friendlier towards ajumma. He also decided to tell his brother that ajumma was a former classmate of his and not to worry because she won’t reveal his secret to the public. JDH accepted the whole thing calmly. SJB also wanted to reveal that she’s his first love but ajumma warned him not to.

Wait, did I mention that AYS proposed to GJS with lots of candles scenario thing. He can really be charming if he wants to be.


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