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Kim Jong Kook held his first Japan Fan Meet a few days ago. Lucky Japanese fans! They get to hear KJK sing again.

I am not familiar with the other artist except that his name is Ju Sook and I hope I got it right.

I like his look better at this last photo. I never really thought I will enjoy his music but a friend (Hi Bgurl!) more or less introduced the guy to me and his songs are on my playlist.

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I was in between breaks from my asian movies marathon weekend and I chanced upon a couple of  reviews of the series “On Air”. It was not a professional review but more of a fan review which I prefer since I am not into the technicalities of a drama series.

When On Air was airing few months back, I tried watching a few episodes but I can’t get past one of the leading actress character or acting, the childish Young Eun played by Song Yun Ah and so even if I was beginning to like Lee Kyung Min played by Park Yong Ha, I shelved the series and told myself that with the very few free time I had, I won’t spend it with On Air. I couldnt care less if it was enjoying good and decent TV ratings. The shouting scenes was irritating.

Thankfully, I was given another chance to appreciate the series. So, instead of watching my asian movies line up, I had an “On Air” marathon and surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It was not the best that I’ve watched but it was quite entertaining and different from other korean dramas.

Kim Ha Neul was exceptional as the difficult top celebrity. She proved that she is not just another pretty face in the korean entertainment industry. It took awhile before I began to appreciate Lee Bum Soo and Song Yun Ah. And as always, I am a sucker for cute guys, I liked Park Yong Ha immediately. The hyperactive role of Song Yun Ah was a bit distracting too me but all in all, it was quite good. She was adorable starting from a few episodes before the last.

There was some situations in the story that I could not understand especially when it’s about korean entertainment world, I do not know if its cultural differences or the way it was played out but since I did not have any expectations about it except that there were some fans who said that it was a good drama, I’d say, its a good thing I gave it another chance.

The OST is also a plus. Click here to download it. It’s not mine, I just saw it somewhere.

I am also a sucker for happy endings and so this drama series is a thumbs up for me.

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I am catching up. It is really hard to squeeze in my addiction to asian dramas and movies but this is a different weekend for me. I have a long list of Chinese and Korean movies to watch. I might even be able to watch a few episodes of recent dramas.

The movie, Going By The Book was a good way to start my date with asian actors. I missed a lot of movies and dramas this year and I will try my best to see them all this weekend.

In the past year, I was trying to remember two chinese movies I watched several years ago. I fell in love with the story and I totally forgot the titles. I am just glad that I was able to accidentally bump into one of them. I wrote an article about Wu Chun’s new movie, Butterfly Lovers a couple of days ago and when I read about the synopsis of the movie, I immediately realized that the older version of Butterfly Lovers was what I was looking for so long. I was so happy that I found the older version in crunchyroll.

Now, my only dilemna is finding the other one. All I can remember from the other movie was there was two people who I believe is in love with one another and somehow they can transport to another time via electricity or light. It was a chinese period movie. If you guys have any idea on that movie, pls give me a holler.

I am looking forward in watching the following movies:

Red Cliff, Three Kingdoms, Lust and Caution, Girl Scout, Frivolous Wife, The Chaser, Le Grand Chef etc. Some of these movies are already with me but some of them I am still waiting for a good friend to send over. Plus a few episodes of Gourmet, Strongest Chil Woo and When Night Comes.

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Have you seen this korean movie called Going By The Book? I had the grand time watching it. It was released last year and I was just lucky that I read somewhere this morning when I was browsing the world of kimchi in the net and a lot of korean fans commented that it was hilariously funny.

Director:  Ra Hee-Chan    
Writer: Jang Jin, Lee Gyu-Bok
Cast:  Jung Jae-Young, Son Byung-Ho, Lee Young-Eun, Ko Chang-Seok, Lee Han-Wi, Ju Jin-Mo

Immediately after reading a wonderful review from the moviegoers, I searched for the movie and downloaded it. I swear I was laughing so hard. What a way to start my weekend.

The movie is all about the police force and how they deal with robberies and hostages. There is a newly appointed Chief of Police in a city that was hit by a string of robberies. His solution is to have his police force undergo a reality training where they all will act on a role during one of the heist. The bank also was contacted to cooperate while the whole city watch on TV as the reality training is being covered. He appointed a traffic policeman who he thought was just a naive ordinary cop to be the robber. It was full of twists and turns as the “robber” performed his role so well.

I tell you it does not sound so promising when you read the synopsis of the movie but I swear I had fun. I laugh until the very end.

If you are interested to watch it, go to crunchyroll. Their copy was good enough for me.

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Rain performed with other asian artists in the recent closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.

It was a hush hush thing for Rain and his management company. Apparently, he was already contacted by the International Olympics Committee and the Beijing Olympics Committee to perform during the closing ceremony three months prior to the event but the contract prevented him from telling anyone about it.

The Chinese officials felt that it would be better if everyone is left guessing on what is in store for the entertainment segment of the ceremonies. A lot of fans were pleased about it. People already expected some of the chinese superstars to be on that stage that night but the presence of Rain was a wonderful surprise.

Photo Credit: Sports Chosun

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Bae Yong Joon had an operation recently due to a torn shoulder ligament he got from shooting The Legend. If you can still remember there was even a time during the shooting of the last few episodes of the drama series that he was not able to move his hand. It was one of the reasons why some of the fans believed that the ending of the series was compromised. It also did not help that the director was also sick during that time.

Photo Credit: NX14

My beloved Yonsama is reportedly recuperating in the US and is getting treatment for his knee which was also injured during the filming of the said drama series. He will be back after two months.

Get well soon Bae Yong Joon. I can’t wait for your next project.

EDIT: I am not sure if he is still here, if he already left for the US or if he will still be leaving or if he was already back, because he was seen in a movie premiere of “A Movie Is A Movie” to support a colleague So Ji Sub new movie with Kang JI Hwan.

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Shin Min Ah and Son Tae Young were spotted wearing the very same dress and shoes in separate events.

It was a green polka dots Kenzo dress and gold gladiator shoes. Shin Min Ah wore it in an LG Xnote event while Son Tae Young wore it for a lifestyle magazine photo shoot.

The only difference is that Shin Min Ah wore it with a camisole. Who wore it better?

But seriously, up to the kind of shoes? They share the same fashion stylist? Wearing the same cut and dress is not unusual, Hollywood stars are guilty of it sometimes but up to the shoes, change your stylist girls!

However, Son Tae Young need not worry about it, she can wear anything, anywhere because her greatest accessory is having Kwon Sang Woo on her side, dont you agree with me?!

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