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I did not realized that I stopped blogging for over a month now and I think Google and the rest of the world wide web have forgotten my existence. I was too darn busy to keep on blogging my asian drama addiction. I never thought there will come a time that I needed to set it aside. I even altogether devoted my time on other more “important” things. I have not watched any asian drama in the past month or so.

Sad, isn’t it? The very last korean drama series I was able to watch from Episode 1 til the end was Formidable Rivals a.k.a Powerful Opponents. My heart kept on bleeding when I hear people talk about Kim Rae Won’s Gourmet. He’s my first Korean crush and I was not able to follow it regularly. I am also frustrated because Lee Dong Gun and Kim Sun Ah’s series is being aired already and I go no time to check it out but I heard the ratings are not that good, wonder why? I was down and out when I was not able to offer a post for my favorite Gong Yoo when he celebrated his birthday. The only consolation I had was that Yoon Eun Hye is still not doing any drama or movie as of this moment and Bae Yong Joon is still resting.

Don’t let me start on the Taiwanese Dramas and the Jdoramas and the Pinoy Teleseryes and the Thai Lakorns. I have been missing a lot of great dramas lately.

I was able to watch around 5 episodes of the Taiwan hit Fated To Love but my work got in the way so I said goodbye to Cun Xi and Xin Yi temporarily. I did not even had the chance to google Taiwan’s Honey and Clover. I was hoping I will get a lot of Joe Cheng but…Whew!

Even the Pinoy Teleseryes have to take a backseat. I was hoping I can fully follow two korean remakes, My Girl and Kim Sam Soon but unfortunately, I only saw bits and pieces. My li’l sis told me that she was quite disappointed with the way the character of Sam Soon was written. She was supposed to be a cool girl with a devil may care attitude but the pinoy writers made her such a crybaby. BUT she said that Mark Anthony as Sam Shik is deliciously yummy.

I am back with a vengeance…uh oh…be careful what you say…errr…I’m not promising anything but I will surely be back in my old form…hopefully. To those who kept on checking my blog, HUGE THANKS! I miss you all.

Enough said!

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