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Just recently I saw a promotional poster for a remake of Butterfly Lovers. It stars Wu Chun (Hot Shot, Romantic Princess), HK Twins pop duo Charlene Choi and Hu Ge (Fairy in Wonderland with Ariel Lin).

Some regarded it as the Chinese version of tragic romantic story of Romeo and Juliet although there are also a lot of differences between the two. This remake will be in wuxia version, meaning plenty of martial arts involved, well sort of.

Basically, the story revolved around two young people, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. The girl, Yingtai, disguised herself as a man so she can freely travel and study. On her way to the city, she met Shanbo who is a scholar. They clicked and become friends. In the next three years in school, they shared the same room, one bed naturally a love will blossom but it was from Yingtai’s side only since Shanbo sees her as a man, his best friend.

One day, Yingtai received a letter from her father demanding for her return. Before she left, she went to the school’s headmaster and revealed her true identity to him. She left a jade pendant to the headmaster with specific instruction to give it to Shanbo.

Shanbo on the other hand was sad and since Yingtai is his best friend and blood brother (they made a pact when they met) accompanied her only until they reach a certain point on her journey. During that time, she was giving several hints as to her real gender but Shanbo was so dense. Anyway, Yingtai thought of “matchmaking” him to her sister so that she can encourage him to visit her in the future.

When he was able to visit her, he found out her real identity and naturally they fell passionately in love with each other. The problem is, the father is forcing her to marry another man who is quite rich. The lovers promised each other that if they cannot live together, they will die together.

The story was based from a Chinese legend. A couple of movies and TV series plus theatre plays have been produced for this classic love story since the 1950s. The TV series version last year garnered one of the highest ratings in Chinese TV history.

I am quite excited on how this 2008 movie version will turn out.  It will be released next month. The female lead role was first offered to Gillian Chung. Charlene Choi’s partner in their pop duo act, TWINS. However, when Gillian was involved in a sex photo scandal with her then boyfriend Edison Chen, the role was passed on to Charlene.

Check out the trailer:


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I saw the first couple of episodes of Hot Shot and since I do not have any type of expectation, I enjoyed it. Alan Lou was a revelation to me. The guy is so darn funny in his role. He totally nailed his character. Jerry Yan is still a hottie. I dont think anyone will argue with me when I say the guy is really, really gorgeous. His role here is a rich guy which is so in his demeanor. I love it. There are some actors who plays a rich guy but cannot deliver but Jerry Yan for some reason, even with plain clothes, looks elite and loaded. I have not seen much of Wu Chun yet but from what I have seen of him in the first two episodes, he’s also hot. No wonder this series is called Hot Shot.

It’s all about basketball and the lives of the three guys plus a love interest here and there. By the way, the NBA consultant turned college basketball coach is quite pretty and tall. The other girl which is being paired with Jerry and subsequently will be on a love triangle with Alan is cute but quite ordinary.

I do not know how this will turn out. With my busy schedule, I do not have the time to go and read forums about these series. However, some net buddies told me that it will not be a long series. Thank God for that. Taiwan series unfortunately have a bad habit of prolonging the story, hence, the agony of the viewers and somehow making the last episodes kinda predictable and boring.

If you guys want the OST of Hot Shot, click here.

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The last installment of the hit JDorama Hana Yori Dango which came out last month in the form of a movie entitled Hana Yori Dango Final, instead of just a TV drama was a welcome change for their fans. This is the first time that Inoue Mao acted on the big screen.

I kept on surfing the net for ripped videos of the film but I can’t find one. I am a bit rusty these days. The hibernation took a lot of my net “instinct”.  There were reports that it will take a few months before we get to see the DVD version of the movie. Maybe that is the reason why I can’t get any video around, although I will not be suprised if there are a lot of pirated copies that will surface anytime soon or maybe it’s already out there…i know you guys are so excited but pls buy the original…hmmnn… 🙂

Here are some of the wedding pics that I found from the net:

Photo Credit: HYDAFC

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What a beautiful monday! Yoon Eun Hye’s back in the recording studio singing a song called Salad Song. Wow!

Hold it! I don’t think she’s back recording an album and making a comeback as a singer, although I must admit that I am wishing she does. Nice to hear her singing again. She is such a cutie. She’s quite adorable. She has this personality that I really like. And YES, I am a fan, for those who are asking.

I believe the song is for a commercial or in korean entertainment lingo a CF. Some says it is also connected to a picture that came out in the net with LDG – Lee Dong Gun. I am so freaking excited to see the finished product – the CF and the video.

Check out this video and be enchanted with Yoon Eun Hye…I’m sure plenty of fans are hoping that she will be encouraged to go back and devote her time recording an album…

Thanks to YEHSoompi for the vid.

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I never thought Korean paparrazi can be so persistent even to the point of almost harrassing the stars who paid their last respect to Eon. I was so shocked that some of them are so into the faces of Lee Eon’s friends and colleagues when they went to the funeral house.

Maybe they are all are used to it since no one seemed to be offended and nobody tried removing them from the place. Anyway, just like you I wanted to see who went there and…I was quite glad that he had so many friends who visited him and to see him off.

Here are some of the photos:

Gong Yoo holding Eon's Tablet; Yoon Eun Hye Crying

More of Eon’s Coffee Prince Friends

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My favorite girl Yoon Eun Hye came out with new photos from Marie Claire and she looked amazingly different but absolutely gorgeous and hot.

That photo with YEH’s cleavage showing started so many intrigues on how she supposedly had a breast enhancement which is quite funny because at this day and age, there are still a lot of people who thought that surgery is the only thing that can make these kind of pics possible. There is this thing called Adobe Photoshop, although I am not saying that the photographers used the software. Who knows…all I am saying is that dont jump into conclusions immediately and besides a little squeeze of the arms can make all the difference especially if one is using push up bra.

Anyway, she looked smashingly sexy. Quite different from her Goong days, VM days and extremely opposite from her boyish images during Coffee Prince days.

Here’s more of them:

Click on the photos for original photo sizes.

Photo Credit: Marie Claire

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Coffee Prince lovable Min Yeop died Thursday due to a motorbike accident.

I thought it was from a drama episode…I saw a picture of Yoon Eun Hye crying…maybe it’s from a new drama but sadly, it’s real life…he’s dead.

Still very young…27! His acting career was just starting to take off…maybe God has a different plan for him.

I would always remember his innocent child like smile in Coffee Prince. Thanks for making me laugh Min Yeop…

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