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The new series from SBS just recently aired and I was able to watch the pilot episode. I did not have any expectation from it since I am not a fan of both the main leads although I always find Moon Geun Young cute and adorable ever since I saw her in Little Bride ages ago. Park Shin Yang I saw in Lovers in Paris and he’s okay. I heard he was good in War of Money.

Anyway, if the whole series will be based on just the pilot episode, The Painter of the Wind will definitely be awesome. MGY as a ‘pretend’ boy, Shin Yoon Bok was excellent. PSY was okay. I can’t say much about him since his character do not really demand any real “acting” this early. It is a different case with MGY since she’s doing a Eun Chan. Remember Coffee Prince? Based from the first episode she nailed it just like Yoon Eun Hye. Amazing because this is her comeback to the drama-fold after 5 years.

Cinematography and music was great. The story is very interesting since I am not familiar with it. I read somewhere that it was based from a novel. I hope the fans of the book won’t get disappointed with the TV version.

Okay, let us sift thru episode 1. It is quite obvious that it includes palace intrigues. When MGY secretly painted a women deep in her thoughts, everyone was behaving like it was a huge deal. Apparently it is the Queen and it somehow symbolizes that the Queen is doing something immoral, actually she does have an affair with a buddhist priest or monk.

Before we go to all that, obviously, it is still a romantic comedy drama mixed in and so allow me have PSY enter the story. Also, before I rushed in to their story, let me just give a background on the their character, that is if you don’t know yet. MGY’s father was murdered and so she vows that she’ll get the killer and off she disguises as a boy to be able to study painting. During those time painting is for boy’s only hobby. PSY is an older guy who is a master painter and would later be her mentor.

the bandage, i've seen that scene somewhere...

Do you already see where this is all heading?

During the first episode from what I can still remember, well, (just fragments of it really), MGY and PSY first met when they both got interested on a certain painting. They argued then unfortunately, it ripped in half. MGY offered to make a replica since she insisted that she is familiar with the painter and the painter’s style so she can definitely paint another one just like it. The painting was quite expensive and she was asking PSY to pay for the other half of the amount. Anyway, he rushed off to the palace since he was called to investigate a certain painting, and help discover who painted it.

On the other hand, MGY was so excited to see their new teacher. She bumped into PSY again and told him to get out of there before the prominent painter/teacher comes in. She surely have mistaken him for an ordinary vendor. Yes, I know, it’s obvious already that PSY is that prominent painter/teacher.

I am quite excited on how the relationship will grow from here. By the way, her roommate is quite fond of her and that will altogether add another twist on the story. Even with the age difference, they do look good together. My korean is not that at par with the native speakers and probably will never reach that stage so I do get a little help from my friends. Hey, thanks!

I cannot do the usual recap thing I did from the past. I won’t attempt to do another one because I simply dont have the time and I will just disappoint people by not finishing them. What I will do is pop in here everytime I was able to watch an episode and just tell you bits and pieces of it.

So again, based from the first episode, I highly recommend this series!

Auf Wiedersehen!


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The Chungmoro International Film Festival started last September 3 and ended yesterday. 170 movies and around 40 countries participated. I did not have any chance to get the list of movies that were featured but I was able to peek to the red carpet. Shame on me, hahaha…more interested with the stars rather than the films. Oh well…here are the photos:

What’s with the heels Jang Dong Gun? You feel you need more height? Hmmnn…you don’t need them, I swear you are gorgeous enough!

Click on the photo to get a larger view.

Photos are credit as labeled.

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I know I have already posted that Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun collaborated recently to record a song entitled “Salad Song”. I was quite excited when I saw the photos but what I did not expect is the joy I felt when I saw the video, hence, the second post.

Apparently, this is for a ZIpel CF that YEH endorses. What I am confused about is why LDG is singing with her? Correct me if I’m wrong but I do not think he is endorsing Zipel. What is in it for him? Are the higher ups, sending out feelers? You know, trying to see if the fans will positively react to it and have them do something more? A drama perhaps?

Some says that it would not be possible since LDG will be entering the army soon. Some says that maybe it is for LDG’s album.

And as for me, I couldnt care less about the how’s and why’s. I was treated to a 3 minutes or so of the two of them together on one screen. They got chemistry. Watch the video below and tell me that they make quite a lovely pair. Do not get me wrong, I am still a fan of YooYeh or the Coffee Prince couple but I can’t deny that YEH and LDG got chemistry. The stealing glances, the shy smiles, the grinning, the cannot look at each other without smiling or grinning as if they share a special private joke. Ha ha ha.

It was probably nothing since they were never linked with each other in the past but YEH has that uncanny ability to have great onscreen chemistry with everyone she worked with. They just look cute and adorable together.

I know you will agree with me when you watch both videos: a longer one and a shorter version.

Video Credit @ YEHSoompi & jncrrs2 Youtube users

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