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ISWAK and TKA fans are probably drooling these days since we are in for another Joe Chen and Ariel Lin drama series entitled, Love or Bread.

Look at these photos and be thrilled! I know you guys can’t wait for it.

This drama series will be shown in Taiwan on November 16, 2008. For more info, check this site, GTV. If you want to get a glimpse on their newest collaboration, watch this:

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Heartbreak Library is a Lee Dong Wook and Eugene movie. The shallow and cheesy part in me made me like the movie. Why? Gosh, the two actors are so pretty to look at in the widescreen, so why not?!

Before, I get to the how I felt during and after watching the movie part, let me give you some info about the story.

Heartbreak Library is just the official english translation of the movie with a korean title that means “Page 198 of His Book”. Lee Dong Wook’s character is a lonely and sad chef named Jun-oh. He went to the library and began tearing page 198 from some books and Eun-soo played by Eugene, the librarian caught him and of course, was so furious.

Jun-oh explained to her why his fixation on the page 198. Apparently, his former girlfriend told him to check page 198 because she left a note for him there but the problem is she forgot to mention from what book, hence, the title – Page 198 of His Book. Weird but romantic although quite a blasphemy from a book lover like me. Oh, but the unbelievable things we do for love…

Eun-soo who is equally lonely just like Jun-oh was able to symphatize with him and helped him find the lost note. People who was able to watch this movie questions Eun-soo’s fascination with Jun-oh…duh??!!…don’t you have eyes at all. The guy is totally cute and kinda helpless so, the combination is quite potent for women are are quite nurturing by nature. Nurturing??? as you have probably guessed by now, I am a sucker for cute guys…hahaha…the guy is cute period!

The korean title was what sparked my interest for this movie but it does not come across as something romantic so maybe that is the reason why they chose Heartbreak Library as the official english title. Personally, I think it was all about letting go about certain things in our lives. Memories made it more painful but we are humans so we do undergo that process whether we like it or not. Some people are just fast in coping up with a loss but there are some that just takes too much time before realizing that “letting go” is an important step for one to move on.

I do concede to those who felt that this movie will not be regarded as one heading for awards but its light and easy on the eyes. It may have typical cliches in the story but Eugene and Lee Dong Wook did a great job so if you just want to enjoy something that won’t make you think that hard and analyze each scene then, go and watch this movie.

Watch this music video so you can get a feel of the movie. OST was sung by Kim Hyun Joong(SS501).

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Hallyu superstar Bae Yong Joon also known as Yonsama was just recently appointed as the new Promotional Ambassor of Korean Tourism.

Since 2010-2012 was declared the “Year of Korea Tourism”, the Ministry of Tourism of Korea asked the help of probably one of the most recognized Korean artist in thw world, BYJ to help spread Korean culture. Bae Yong Joon was also given a Presidential Recognition for his support.

Bae Yong Joon on the other hand said that he is pleased to work as a promotional ambassador and he promised to try his best in making Korea known around the world.

Go for it Yonsama! Spread the word!

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After his military stint, Kim Jong Kook is back and on fire. His 5th album is already out and his new songs are hitting the charts. I guess the fans totally missed his unique voice. When you got talent, it does not matter how long you hibernate…people love him, he is truly back! I love his voice and his songs!

Here are some of the cuts from the album…

Today More Than Yesterday…click here to watch the video or here to listen to it.

I don’t know why this song makes me smile, its very light and easy to the ears. I am sorta hoping that he can sing in English. Would that be fantastic or what?!

Forever with Mighty Mouth…click here to listen to it.

어떤 사람 어떤 사랑…click here to listen to it.

If you want to listen to the whole album, click here.


Video Credit: wondersmurf

Music Credit: KPop

Photo Source: ACS

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Hey guys, I am taking a detour here. I hope you don’t mind. I just want to share my recent addiction which is all about Edward and Bella, The Cullens, Jacob and the Wolf Pack. I am talking about Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels.

I got the Twilight infection. I am so into them that I was totally annoyed everytime there was any kind of distraction when I was reading the novels. I have never enjoyed reading this much for a long time. I did not want to put the book down.

Although, the storyline was not that original since I was a Buffy/Angel/Spike fan, it was still riveting and Stephenie Meyer is a great storyteller. She still pulled several punches to suprise the hell out of me. I was totally drawn to each character.

Her writing skill is wonderful. She made everything so simple. She never tried to be poetic or so deep that we all end up having our own analysis over what happened. This is the reason why it was a best seller. It also helped that the book has a larger print. Although it was kinda heavy but the story inside made it worth the weight.

Now, they made a movie out of it and I cannot wait for it to shown on the cinemas. I promised my sister who is a total addict as well that we will watch the movie, first day, first screening. I am just hoping that I would not be disappointed with how it will turn out in the big screen.

Edward will be played by the guy from Harry Potter whose name was Cedric. The guy who died on the wizard tournament. Bella will be played by the young girl from Panic Room, she was Jodie Foster’s daughter there.

I totally love the twists and turns and the Edward-Bella-Jacob relationship and friendship not to mention the love and bonding in the Cullen Family plus the loyalty from the Wolf Pack.

I can’t wait for November to come. 30 days and around 10 more hours as of this writing and I will be able to watch it all unfold on the widescreen. If you guys watch to catch a glimpse on what its all about, watch this video:

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Before Fated To Love You was aired, it did not sparked any interest from me at all. Although, I was familiar with the lead stars, I just never thought that both actors will have any chemistry at all. When I think of Chen Qiao En I immediately thought of Ming Dao. I find it ironic that Ethan Ruan looked so similar to Ming Dao. I thought this will just be another typical drama. I guess I was wrong.

One thing I hate most is over extended dramas. This is no different, the story and the situation keeps on repeating BUT since I enjoyed Xin Yi and Cun Xi, why not extend it more. If you guys are looking for artsy dramas with poignant and lifechanging themes/messages/concepts, this is not for you.

They started holding the number 2 position in the nationwide ratings game but when Episode 2 aired they went up to No. 1 and stayed there for the duration of the whole series. They broke the record of the highest TV rating for a drama series when they aired Episode 11 with 8.13. It was previously held by The Prince Who Turn Into Frog, a Ming Dao and Chen Quiao En starrer. They did not only broke the record but set a record each time an episode was aired. The highest was on the 20th episode with a 10.91 peaking at 13.64.

This is comedy with a little bit of drama here and there. The good thing about it is that it never pretended to be anything else rather than a romantic comedy. It is was all about an ordinary girl who was often overlooked by everyone or taken for granted. She does have a boyfriend and wanted to really get serious with him but unfortunately the boyfriend is a loser. Anyway, they went on a cruise together, she paid for it, why? oh well, girls who is in love tend to be stupid sometimes. She really wanted to upgrade their relationship to the next level a.k.a have sex with the guy. She took some cold medicine, made her super drowsy and she ended up in Cun Xi’s room.

Cun Xi on the other hand, was planning to propose to his beautiful ballerina girlfriend named Anna, so he invited her to join him in a cruise. On the way to the luxury ship, Anna received an invitation to dance in a major theatre abroad and it is definitely a huge career achievement. Anna chose career advancement over Cun Xi.

There are other players on the story, a couple of islanders who wanted to take revenge on Cun Xi, placed some drugs on to Cun Xi’s drink. He became disoriented, drowsy enough that when he went back to his room, he thought that the girl sleeping on his bed is his girlfriend, Anna.

The inevitable happened. Two drowsy people, in love with their partners are thrown into a bed and both who were planning a night of lovemaking got what they wish for. The only difference is that, they did it with another person.

She became pregnant and that my friends is how the whole thing started. Cun Xi’s grandmother insists that they get married. Cun Xi, understandably is not agreeable to that. He is waiting for his precious Anna to return and she did. However, he never thought that he’ll fall in love with Xin Yi. To make matters worse for Cun Xi, there’s another guy lurking aroud who is pretty wealthy as well who is totally into Xin Yi.

So, how it did it all end? You need to watch it 🙂

If I will look at the drama objectively, the writer and the director could have shorten the whole thing into 16 episodes but most Taiwanese dramas are written to be shown for longer number of episodes and besides generally fans want anything and everything to be extended plus they also want a never-ending sequels or prequels. 

A shout out to Christine who left a comment on a previous post about Taiwan dramas. Thanks for reminding me about the beauty of Taiwanese dramas, highly appreciated! I was about to change my banner but since Taiwan drama addicts out there love it, I decided to let it stay there longer.

 Thanks also to asiancelebshops.blogspot.com for my banners.

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This is unprecedented…truly. I was able to write a recap for episode 2 of Painter of the Wind. Impossible…maybe I am still fascinated by it. So here goes…

Despite the fact that Painter of the Wind was below Beethoven Virus and the other one with the ‘wind’ title as well in the ratings game, I still like it and I believe that quality-wise, they would not end up in the bottom of the three.  I already watch until Episode 3 and I am still enjoying it.

I am not that familiar with this kind of arts, I mean, manual drawing and painting. I do everything now digitalized and so I am pretty fascinated with it.  The basic reason why Kim Hong Do or KHD arrived is to investigate who drew the ‘controversial’ painting and so KHD instructed all the students to draw the painting vertically reverse or upside down.  Later on, he gave them the classic line dots puzzle wherein you give certain number of dots and then try to connect them without lifting the brush.

Most of the students could not solve the puzzle but shin Yoon Bok was able to do it plus SYB drew the image perfectly.  KHD then asked them while they were painting, “What is painting to you?”. Everyone stop drawing except for SYB. All the other students tried reaching for their notes but KHD said to answer freely from their heart.  He noticed that she was still drawing and so he asked her and she answered: “Painting is longing” and she explained it more elaborately.

I like how she explained it and I like the writers of this series.

I am not a fan of too many complications in one series and so I am hoping that this won’t follow other drama’s pitfalls.  Anyway, we found out here that SYB has been making and selling paintings via a store.  She was being conned by the shop owner telling her that she is still young and so her work was appraised with mediocre monetary value. She then secretly listened outside the store when people arrived asking for new paintings and she learned that the shop owner was selling her painting for a high price. Surprisingly, I thought she would be mad but when she heard of the positive comments from the buyers, she was ecstatic.

Based from the students upside drawings KHD realized immediately who drew the controversial painting.  He then tried looking for SYB and he tried following her to the store but SYB already sensed that someone’s following her, did some hide and seek tricks so she managed to lose him, well, she thought she did.

Anyway, the two of them end up sharing drinks and painting skills.  Basically, he was so amazed by her talent and maturity.  He told her that she’s talented. She is euphoric but on the same note, he told her that it all will be wasted since she was the one that everyone is looking for. He told her that soon she will be receiving a punishment that will damaged her hand.

She was so sad because of her fate.  He left HKD, disoriented and looking so disappointed, she ended up infront of the kisaeng house and just celebrated with the other boys.

I am not sure here but it seems that she was sharing a flirty look or two with one of the kisaeng. I am pretty sure it does not mean anything ‘girly’ passionate in SYB but with kisaeng, I am not sure. Anyway, this could mean that it’s either the kisaeng can see thru SYB’s deception and so it sparked an interest.

OR, it’s like: “welcome to the gay world of old korea”…nah…i’m not going to read too much in this!

By the way, in between these scenes, there were a couple of men who I believe are the series’ main deliverer of negativities when it comes to our KHD and SYB. They are discussing the possibilities of the culprit being discovered by KHD. They also made conclusions that there is a possibility that KHD will save the culprit if he finds the person extremely talented and so KHD will bear the punishment or go on hibernating again. They were talking of something that happened a long time ago that concerns KHD.

We also were introduced to another girl, sister of KHD’s friend who is impossibly attracted to him but it’s a case of unrequited love or crush.

The episode ended with SYB asking the kisaeng to stay and play her some music because it might be the very last time she’ll be able to pay her with money she got from drawing. Sad.

I am not a fan of MGY but I am really beginning to like her more.  It is really fun to watch dramas when the lead actors can act. I hope I will be able to finish this series. Pray…hard…hahaha.

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