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I almost forgot that I have this site. Ever since I got my own domain, I totally was not able to drop by and check this blog. I even forgot my password and even the URL.

Imagine my surprise when I landed on another wordpress blog with almost the same blog name. I landed on asiandramaaddict.wordpress.com and I thought I lost all the articles that I have posted. Then I remember that I used asiandramaddict.wordpress.com. I dont know why but during the time I created this blog, I felt it was quite redundant to double the a’s. I was pretty lazy and yeah the idea was quite lame.

However, when I got my own domain I do not know what happened to me that I inserted another a and completed it as www.asiandramaaddict.com. Now I made a lot of people confused and to those who were asking if the asiandramaadict.wordpress.com is mine – NO!

asiandramaddict.wordpress.com – MINE

asiandramaaddict.com – MINE

asiandramaaddict.wordpress.com – NOT MINE

Just so you guys won’t get confused.

AND before I forget, I just want to say thank you for still visiting this site even if I do not update it as I should. My time is quite limited and most of my spare time is spent on the other site but still I feel honored that you guys still visit this blog and it passed the million mark.

I am still amazed because I am not a prolific writer and I often screw up the English language with all the typo and grammar mistakes that you can find in all my posts yet you still read them.


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