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I am building a new home which is practically the same as this one although I am trying to make it better than this, hopefully. I will still continue writing for this one…hahaha…I know I have not written any lately…too many distractions!

However, my new home is at http://asiandramaaddict.com or you just simply click here.

It may be down sometimes because I am still trying to organize and fix things. The whole COFFEE PRINCE recaps are already there and I am on the process of trasnferring HANA KIMI. I am painstakingly transferring the posts manually for God knows why… it will take too many hours for me to tell you all about it anyway you are all invited to go over there…I hope I can fix it before the month ends…

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His chinese name is Jin Cheng Wu. His father is a Japanese and his mother is Chinese with Taiwanese nationality so he enjoys dual citizenship. He can speak 5 languages: Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese, Cantonese and English.

I first saw him in a Jet Li movie, Dr. Wai and Scripture with No Words and recently in the WARLORDS, another Jet Li movie.

He is forever being rumoured to be gay but it does not stop the girls to fantasize about him.

You can catch him in his upcoming movies:

  • Onimusha (2009) as Samanosuke Akechi
  • Waiting (2009) as Kong Lin
  • K-20: The Fiend With Twenty Faces (2009)
  • The Battle of Red Cliff (2008) as Zhuge Liang
  • Sweet Rain (2008) as Jing Yip – The Death God
  • Here’s a fanmade video amed by EvilAlice


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    Here are the latest…

    • BoA’s newest album skyrocketed at Japan’s Chart landing on to no. 1 and it seems that this is not a new thing for the pop star, her previous albums made it to the top before…lucky gal!
    • More Korean stars are invited to the big Olympic event in Shanghai. The latest is Jang Nara who was invited to attend the countdown that will start on April 30.
    • You’ll get to see more of Maggie Q these days. A lot of fans are excited to see her latest film, Three Kingdoms with CantoPop superstar Andy Lau and veteran Sammo Hung. I think this movie deserves its own article…will post one soon.
    • The Hallyu thing is doing it’s magic again for Korea. Now, even the famous Hollywood movie company, Warner Bros is planning to build a theme park there amounting to $4 billion in Gyeonggi Province. Wow, that would mean more jobs, more tourists, more revenue for the koreans. I am sure english tutors will be in demand soon.
    • Another chinese star is off to make her hollywood dreams come true. Liu Yi Fei who will grace the silver screen soon with no less than two of Asia’s superstars, Jackie Chan and Jet Li in Forbidden Kingdom just signed with a hollywood management company that will help her with the US entertainment market. She earned praises from Jackie Chan himself saying that she’ll conquer hollywood soon. I hope she does, one more asian in there is great for the region.
    • 200 Pounds of Beauty will make a sequel. This is not yet official but a lot of fans are so excited with this news. I just don’t know if it will hold if it’s not Kim Ah Jong who will do the part 2. Sequels are just fine by me as long as the original cast are retained.
    • Few more days and fans of Song Seung Hun will die of happiness when they see their beloved idol on the big screen again after being discharged from his military duty. A lot of people are anticipating this comeback movie entitled A Destiny,  especially since is a collaboration with another well loved Korean actor, Kwon Sang Woo. From the looks of their theatrical poster, its about a tight friendship that went wrong.
    • And speaking of Kwon Sang Woo, I am sure he’s hoping that this movie with Song Seung Hun will be a hit because of the disappointing outcome of his latest TV drama, Bad Love. They had Bad Ratings up to the final episode. The stellar cast did not even help at all. It always come down to the story, baby! No matter how great the actors are but if the story sucks even their own fans will not be that patient to watch it. Time is precious, why waste it.
    • Marimar, The Philippine Version just finish its run on TV. They lorded the ratings on primetime so the producers made the last episode live and some lucky fans were able to participate in the event itself which is of course, the wedding of Sergio and Marimar.
    • Korean Dramas are also enjoying high ratings in the Philippines. Coffee Prince will be ending soon and they got great numbers as they say goodbye to their filipino fans. Bae Yong Joon’s The Legend is starting slow but will pick up soon just like what happened to Coffee Prince. Not only that these are great dramas but they are lucky also that they are being shown to the most watched TV Network in the Philippines which is GMA although their dubbers massacred CP, viewers still enjoyed it. The only people complaining are those that have seen the original undubbed version. I am one of those who were ready to pounce at anyone working for that station especially during Gong Yoo’s rooftop singing scene. I think my frustration and endless screaming that night was heard from my house to the far end of the galaxy. Having said that, I am just as pleased that the station’s loyal viewers were glued on their screen when it aired. As my sister would always remind me, you wont miss anything you havent seen yet. Those who dont watch anything online will not feel anything is amiss. This is the only time I am thankful that I dont fully understand the filipino language and bless the guy who invented the mute button.

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    Oh, I moved on to a new home, check asiandramaaddict.com or simply click here to get the full article.

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    at least for just one moment again…and looking so darn hot and cute at the same time.

    The group who had taken Asia by storm years ago were seen together again at Vic Zhou’s latest album promo stint. His three friends, Jerry, Vaness and Ken gave him a surprise visit just to show their support.


    Fans are saying that it might be a sign that even if each of them are pursuing an individual career there might be a project brewing as a group again…a movie perhaps?

    It is a good thing that they have remain friends even if they are busy with their own career paths. They are the ones responsible for starting my addiction to asian pop culture. Meteor Garden did it for me.

    Incidentally, have you seen Vic Zhou’s latest music video with his latest single “I Am Not F4”? At first, I thought he is distancing himself from the group and that he is not in good terms with other F4 members but after really watching the video, I realized that he is trying to tell that he is still just a normal person if you look beyond the F4 stature and glamour.

    Here’s the video of the mentioned song

    I am hoping that they will do another project together, not just doing concerts together but another movie or drama series again although we will all see Vic and Ken together again in a drama series very soon, well that is another story.  I will feature that here in the future.

    Glad to see them back together even for just a short time. I have heard they just stayed there for just around 10 minutes, not long enough to steal the spotlight but long enough to show some love and support for a friend and at the same time making all of their fans giddy with hope that they can be together again in future projects.

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    …And White!

    Move aside Brad, Leo, George, Johnny, Wentworth, Ben, Matt, Matthew, Orlando, McDreamy, McSteamy…

    This will definitely get your adrenalin pumping.

    Enjoy people!

    (Many thanks to a net friend – dafifthgirl for lending me your slide account…I will soon get my own, thanks again!)

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