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  • Hong Gil Dong ended last March 26 without a happy note. A lot of fans were disappointed and frustrated with the way it ended. Personally, I like the ending not that I would not appreciate to see a happy ending because as I’ve said many times in the past that I am a sucker for smiley endings. It was moving and a bit realistic. At least they died together hand in hand. Oooopps…you haven’t seen it yet? Darn it…sorry, my bad.


  • Comebacks Galore. Hmmnn. I am quite uncomfortable using the word comeback. I think it is pretty abused. Whenever an actor takes a rest and then go back and make another film or TV drama reporters tend to use the word comeback. I mean can’t the actors take a rest between projects although some are real comebacks…!? Anyway, Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin of My Lovely Sam Soon will be filming soon but not together. KSA is reported to be included in the drama Every Night alongside Lee Dong Gun. If it pushes thru, she will be playing a late twenties single woman working with a single hot guy who only prefers young women…Hyun Bin on the other hand, will be filming a new movie, I Am HappyDennis Oh who was last seen in Witch Yoo Hee will be returning to the small screen again with MBC’s East of Eden. This special drama will be starred by Song Seung Hun and marks as his return to the small screen too after his release from his military duty.



  • Sad news for Lee Dong Gun. His brother was killed last March 20 in Sydney, Australia. A lot of speculations as to what happened. Some says its a gang war. Some says he is just in the wrong place at a very wrong time. Whatever it is, we send our love and sympathy to him and his family.


  • Eric Mun of Shinwa will be filming his last work as he is soon to be reporting for his military duty later part of this year. He need not do this since he is an american citizen but then he wanted to do it. Quite commendable. Remember there were some actors who pretended to be sick or something just to avoid this duty. It is rumored that he will be receiving 30M per episode for this drama. Whoa!


  • Chae Rim and her new drama, Powerful Enemy. The drama will focus on the lives of those who protects and secures the Blue House, Korean’s version of the White House. She will be joined here by Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Jin Wook.


  • Can’t get enough of Bae Yong Joon? He will participate in the animated version of Winter Sonata. Yes, people, you heard it right! An animated version! Of course he will give voice to his own charater that was his ticket to stardom back in 2002 in Korea and took Japan by storm in 2004.


  • Jet Li’s THE ONE Foundation is getting more money. The Huayi Brothers Film Corporation recently announced that a part of their box office returns for the next decade will be donated to the actor’s foundation. It seems Jet Li’s relentless campaign for helping the less priviledge is rubbing off to the CEO’s. Kudos!


  • Beijing Olympics and Zhang Ziyi. The actress was officially invited by Athens Olympics to participate in the start of the torch relay that began last March 24. It will go around different European cities and then go to China. She will also cover the event as a reporter. She said she was so thrilled to be participating in such grand event.
  • Chinese Forbes List. For the fifth time, Ming Yao dominated the list because of his huge earnings and influence. Playing for the NBA truly is a money making career. Film actor Jet Li came in third. Most of those that are on the list are sports related, meaning athletes. No wonder, they are so into their hosting of the Olympics.
  • F4’s Waiting For You, a copycat?! I haven’t seen both of the videos but there are fans who are claiming that their recent music video is just like TVXQ’s MV, Step By Step. I do not know if this is just a hype to get all of us interested in their videos. Some says that the style and idea are all too similar. Don’t get agitated, they are just referring to the video and not to the song.  Do I care? Not really but since they have fans, I care to put the news in here.


  • In Manila, 2 Korean TV Drama remakes are on the way. One is My Girl and the other is My Lovely Sam Soon. It has been announced by ABS-CBN Network that they just got Kim Chui to play the main role that Lee Da Hae orginally played while it has been reported that Regine Velasquez is being considered to play Sam Soon in their rival network GMA.


  • Maging Sino Ka Man (Whoever You Are) Book 2 just aired their final episode last Friday. There are those who said it was just right they ended it already considering the ratings that they received. It was of course a happy ending. Rarely, will you see a filipino drama series or movie that did not end with a happy note. I personally did not watch it. I am not a fan of a series that is more than 24 episodes. I get bored easily. The only series with numerous episodes that I managed to watch is Jewel In The Palace, it’s all about cooking, what is not to like?!

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Here are the latest…

  • BoA’s newest album skyrocketed at Japan’s Chart landing on to no. 1 and it seems that this is not a new thing for the pop star, her previous albums made it to the top before…lucky gal!
  • More Korean stars are invited to the big Olympic event in Shanghai. The latest is Jang Nara who was invited to attend the countdown that will start on April 30.
  • You’ll get to see more of Maggie Q these days. A lot of fans are excited to see her latest film, Three Kingdoms with CantoPop superstar Andy Lau and veteran Sammo Hung. I think this movie deserves its own article…will post one soon.
  • The Hallyu thing is doing it’s magic again for Korea. Now, even the famous Hollywood movie company, Warner Bros is planning to build a theme park there amounting to $4 billion in Gyeonggi Province. Wow, that would mean more jobs, more tourists, more revenue for the koreans. I am sure english tutors will be in demand soon.
  • Another chinese star is off to make her hollywood dreams come true. Liu Yi Fei who will grace the silver screen soon with no less than two of Asia’s superstars, Jackie Chan and Jet Li in Forbidden Kingdom just signed with a hollywood management company that will help her with the US entertainment market. She earned praises from Jackie Chan himself saying that she’ll conquer hollywood soon. I hope she does, one more asian in there is great for the region.
  • 200 Pounds of Beauty will make a sequel. This is not yet official but a lot of fans are so excited with this news. I just don’t know if it will hold if it’s not Kim Ah Jong who will do the part 2. Sequels are just fine by me as long as the original cast are retained.
  • Few more days and fans of Song Seung Hun will die of happiness when they see their beloved idol on the big screen again after being discharged from his military duty. A lot of people are anticipating this comeback movie entitled A Destiny,  especially since is a collaboration with another well loved Korean actor, Kwon Sang Woo. From the looks of their theatrical poster, its about a tight friendship that went wrong.
  • And speaking of Kwon Sang Woo, I am sure he’s hoping that this movie with Song Seung Hun will be a hit because of the disappointing outcome of his latest TV drama, Bad Love. They had Bad Ratings up to the final episode. The stellar cast did not even help at all. It always come down to the story, baby! No matter how great the actors are but if the story sucks even their own fans will not be that patient to watch it. Time is precious, why waste it.
  • Marimar, The Philippine Version just finish its run on TV. They lorded the ratings on primetime so the producers made the last episode live and some lucky fans were able to participate in the event itself which is of course, the wedding of Sergio and Marimar.
  • Korean Dramas are also enjoying high ratings in the Philippines. Coffee Prince will be ending soon and they got great numbers as they say goodbye to their filipino fans. Bae Yong Joon’s The Legend is starting slow but will pick up soon just like what happened to Coffee Prince. Not only that these are great dramas but they are lucky also that they are being shown to the most watched TV Network in the Philippines which is GMA although their dubbers massacred CP, viewers still enjoyed it. The only people complaining are those that have seen the original undubbed version. I am one of those who were ready to pounce at anyone working for that station especially during Gong Yoo’s rooftop singing scene. I think my frustration and endless screaming that night was heard from my house to the far end of the galaxy. Having said that, I am just as pleased that the station’s loyal viewers were glued on their screen when it aired. As my sister would always remind me, you wont miss anything you havent seen yet. Those who dont watch anything online will not feel anything is amiss. This is the only time I am thankful that I dont fully understand the filipino language and bless the guy who invented the mute button.

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…And White!

Move aside Brad, Leo, George, Johnny, Wentworth, Ben, Matt, Matthew, Orlando, McDreamy, McSteamy…

This will definitely get your adrenalin pumping.

Enjoy people!

(Many thanks to a net friend – dafifthgirl for lending me your slide account…I will soon get my own, thanks again!)

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