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I am building a new home which is practically the same as this one although I am trying to make it better than this, hopefully. I will still continue writing for this one…hahaha…I know I have not written any lately…too many distractions!

However, my new home is at http://asiandramaaddict.com or you just simply click here.

It may be down sometimes because I am still trying to organize and fix things. The whole COFFEE PRINCE recaps are already there and I am on the process of trasnferring HANA KIMI. I am painstakingly transferring the posts manually for God knows why… it will take too many hours for me to tell you all about it anyway you are all invited to go over there…I hope I can fix it before the month ends…

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I know by now, most of you, pinoy fans have watched the first episode of  “My Girl” remake. My sis recorded it for me and I watched it a couple of  hours ago. I am still reserving judgment until I’ve watch a couple of episodes more although Gerald Anderson casted as a Harvard Grad and into his Masteral Degree and being top in his class does not sit well with me. I do not have any problem with him as an actor or as a person but I just think he does not suit the role. He looked too young for the role. Kim is perfect for the lead role though. She can be bubbly and sassy without getting too annoying for my taste.

MY GIRL Pinoy Remake OST

I know I said I’ll wait for a couple more before passing judgment but I hope the feeling of watching it as if it’s a high school drama version rather than a TV primetime series will go away. I do not know why but I can’t shake the feeling that something  is wrong.  Anyway, it is just the initial episode. I truly hope the following episodes will justify why Lee Dong Wook’s role went to Gerald Anderson.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon pinoy remake will be aired soon. When I learned it was Regine Velasquez who will portray KSA’s character I immediately watched some of her films. There’s a big chance that she can pull it successfully. Right age, right sassiness, right built and she can act. Well, its as if the role is difficult so she can do it. I am not so sure with Mark Anthony Fernandez doing Hyun Bin’s role probably because I haven’t watch any of his past works but if I will base it from his pictures then he might be able to pull it off as well.

MNIKSS Pinoy Remake OST

I personally do not have anything against remakes. At least producers are honest enough to say that it is a remake unlike other filmakers who claimed that it has an original story and later on you’ll find out that 90% of the movie was based from another movie. There are those who cant even use the words: “Inspired from…”

It only becomes annoying and irritating when they totally change the storyline. Some says because of cultural differences but I believe most of the romantic stories out there are universal and can be accepted by most viewers regardless of race and color. You can do a remake putting your own flavor in it while maintaining its original story.

Actors? That is however, another story. My solution if you don’t like the actors in it, stop watching the series. If you keep on claiming that you dont want remakes because it will ruin the original, then just dont watch them, stick to the original.

I still remember the time when Coffee Prince was airing in Manila. Everyone who has seen the original hated Han Kyul’s dubber, including moi.  I did try to watch it since it’s a good vehicle to learn the language but I stopped watching it altogether because it irritated me so much. They enjoyed great ratings back in Manila so I guess there are others who felt that it was just okay. So, remember fellow dramaddicts, if it annoys you, stop watching!

(thanks nikki…)

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Title: Lobo (English translation: Wolf)

Premiered On: January 28, 2008 

Aired On: ABS-CBN Network Mondays to Fridays

Episodes: 120

Main Cast: Piolo Pascual as Noah Ortega & Angel Locsin as Lyka Raymundo

LOBO poster

This is a fantasy /thriller/drama series that focuses on two people in love trying to defy destiny.

They belonged to two opposing groups. The Lunas and the Wayas. 

The Lunas are hunting for werewolves while the Wayas are the protector of the breed making sure that they co-exist peacefully with the humans.

Childhood friends. They got separated. Years passed. Crossed paths again. He is now a Second Lieutenant in the elite group of the Philippine Army. She is now an aspiring fashion designer working as a Fashion Assistant in the prestigious House of Elle.

To get a feel of how they will weave this wonderful story, watch their official grand trailer:

Mahihigitan ba ng Pag-ibig
ang Batas ng Tadhana?

Created by Ricky Lee

Directed by FM Reyes and Cathy Garcia Molina


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Due to so many requests for more Philippine Dramas…


Genre:  Drama, Comedy, Romance, Cooking
Directed by Rory B. Quintos & Don M. Cuaresma
Theme Composer: Ogie Alcasid
Ending theme:  “Wag Mong Iwan Ang Aking Puso”, by
Yeng Constantino
Language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
Produced by: ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network
Original run June 25, 2007 – Present


The story revolves around a young cook named Ysabella Cuenca. At an early age, Ysay develops an inclination for cooking, and dreams of becoming a great cook like her mother, Rosario Cuenca.

However, her mother’s misfortune causes Ysay to taste the bitterness of life. This teaches her to be meticulous and devoted to her cooking, and cynical when it comes to love. She grows with one goal in mind—to be the best cook in their area and exact revenge on the woman who was responsible for her mother’s misery.

Along the way, Ysay meets two men who will show her how sweet it is to fall in love. Who will give her the right mixture of happiness? Will it be the cocky, street-smart Andrew Amarillo or the chef Mito Valenzuela ?



Judy Ann Santos as Ysabella “Ysay” Cuenca – a girl who’s passionate about cooking. In her kitchen, she’s the queen, as every ingredient is carefully measured, every dish perfect down to the last drop. However, she’s quite cynical about love.

Ryan Agoncillo as Andrew Amarillo – a man whose heart beats for Ysabella. Behind his smile and laughter lies a dark past that holds key to his real identity.


Derek Ramsay as Mito Valenzuela – the “sexiest chef on TV”, who also Ysabella fell in love with.He also loves Ysabella.
Coney Reyes as Victoria Amarillo – the top chef of “Florencia’s”. Despite her success, she yearns for something more, and will do everything in her power to get it.

Gina Pareño as Trinidad Mendoza – Ysabella’s “second mom”, who never fails to fill her family with love.
Aiza Seguerra as Alex Mendoza – Ysabella’s loyal friend. However, one dream will test her undying friendship with Ysay.

Photos of Ysabella & Mitos




Photos of Ysabella & Andrew





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Drama Series in the Philippines are widely known as Teleseryes but if it has a fantasy theme they are called fantaserye. These teleseryes usually consists of more than a hundred episodes and they last for a year or two depending upon their ratings.

Maging Sino Ka Man a.k.a MKSM or in English “Whoever You May Be” has 164 episodes. Since it has plenty of episodes I will just cut them into 12 parts.

Watch Episodes 1 – 18. Some of it with english subtitle, thanks to Halo Halo Fun Subs, click here.

Part 1: Bucolic Place

Jackie Madrigal is the unica hija of a banking magnate, Fidel Madrigal. She tries hard to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend to JB. One day, she was kidnapped after she went to her own charity foundation event in a province. One of the kidnappers is Eli’s brother, Pong, a taxi driver. Pong was a reluctant accomplice. Due to financial constraints he agreed to be the driver of the kidnap for ransom gang. During the kidnapping, Pong had second thoughts about the whole thing. He purposely smash the van that he is driving to another car thereby causing an accident  and injuries to the passengers in the van including Jackie. Eli that time was already looking for them knowing in his heart that his brother is up to no good since he saw him talking and going with the kidnap gang that morning. He found them in the road. Pong was so scared of what had happened and beg Eli to just take Jackie somewhere and get the hell out of there.

Jackie’s car was so damaged after the accident. The car was on fire and then later on exploded. A passerby was able to get the driver out of the car but unfortunately she died during the explosion. The police was able to recover the car and mistakenly thought that the burned body found in the car was Jackie’s because the girl was wearing a bracelet that Fidel gave Jackie. The girl has Jackie’s bracelet because prior to the kidnapping when Jackie was distributing goods to the poor people in the province she gave the bracelet to the same girl she met there as a gift.

Eli was able to bring Jackie in another province far away from the city. She has lost her memory and can only rely on Eli, whom she only knows as her husband, and whom she grows to eventually love. Eli is constantly plagued by the lies he has told Jackie. They lead a quiet and simple life, hidden away in a small provincial town, with many nosy but caring neighbors to help them adjust to their new life.

While in the province, Eli gets a job working at a quarry, where he meets the foreman, a man named Oca. Mang Oca recognizes the jade pendant that Eli wears around his neck and takes an immediate interest in Eli, but does not reveal the reason why.

With Jackie now believed to be dead, the Madrigal, Berenguer, and Magsaysay families mourn their loss. Celine, who for many years has concealed a secret love for JB, spends time with him and in the process the two eventually develop a budding romance. Their relationship is complicated by the arrival of Kevin Romero, a client who makes no secret of his interest in Celine. With JB’s support, Celine stands up to Kevin’s blackmail attempt and gains confidence in herself. But before Celine and JB’s relationship can grow further, Jackie hits her head in a fall and wakes up remembering who she really is.


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Maging Sino Ka Man (“Whoever You May Be”) was a Filipino primetime soap opera that premiered on the ABS-CBN network on October 6, 2006 and ended on May 25, 2007.

A soap that tackles intricate filial relationships among the elite and the poor and how the social economic classes respond to each longing for love and justice, Maging Sino Ka Man revolves around the lives of four main characters (Eli, Jackie, Celine, and JB) who each are searching for purpose, freedom, and happiness. The soap was praised both by audiences and critics due to it’s excellent storyline and powerhouse acting.

Recurring subplots include a father’s masochistic attitude as a result of his hatred toward his deceased mom, an infidel wife who redeems herself as a mother, a business tycoon who gives importance more to power and creating a “perfect son,” a son’s submission to his overpowering mother,a young woman’s struggles to move on from her pain, a brother’s guilt over a crime and a man’s vengeful transformation due to the death of his foster father.

john.jpgEli is a hard-working guy who comes from a poor family. He believes that love can surpass every challenge that may come his way, even his stature in life. An accident and a brutal discovery leads him to taking back what was originally his.

bea.jpgAs the unica hija of a banking magnate, Jackie is the exact opposite of Eli in terms of status. She tries hard to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend to JB. She has a loving father, an attentive boyfriend, the looks, the wealth –- and yet, something is still missing from her life.

anne.jpgCeline Magsaysay Celine is a strong girl who faces every trial in her life head on. She presents a tough image for everyone to see, but in reality she carries a sadness that she cannot seem to let go. Hidden behind her image of steel is actually a heart of gold.

sam.jpgJaime “JB” Roxas-Berenguer A man who has everything, except his freedom. He is the heir apparent to the Roxas Shipping empire, which is now under the helm of his mother, Corazon. He always wants to help is mother, so she could be proud of him.He loves his girlfriend Jackie, but takes for granted and at times doesn’t seem to really know her.

Don Fidel Madrigal Jackie’s father. A wealthy banking magnate. Thinking that he is cheated by the women in his life (his mother, also imelda’s mother, his wife, his daughter), he becomes so bitter towards life. He is willing to risk everything he has to achieve the peace he has been longing to have for years.

Corazon Roxas Vda. De Berenguer JB’s Mother. Matriarch of the Roxas Shipping family. She comes from a dark past that gives her a hateful outlook in life, but in her is a pure heart screaming to be freed.

Imelda Magsaysay Fidel’s younger half-sister and Celine’s mother. Despite their family’s wealth, she feels that a big part of her life is missing.

Monique Madrigal Fidel’s former wife and Jackie’s estranged mother. Even though she and her daughter are apart, she still hopes that one day Jackie will learn to trust her once again.

Gloria “Mamu G.” Roxas Corazon’s sister and JB’s favorite aunt. She may have some quirks in her personality but she is the one person JB runs to in times of trouble.

Diosdado “Dadoods” Davide Eli’s adoptive father. A fisherman, his family is the most important thing in his life and he will do anything to protect them. He succumbs to illness and is sad to be a burden to his two sons.

Apolinario “Pong” Davide Eli’s older brother. Not a very bright student, he gave Eli the opportunity to pursue a college education while he worked as a taxi driver. Desperation leads him to one dreadfully wrong decision, with disastrous consequences

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