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I am building a new home which is practically the same as this one although I am trying to make it better than this, hopefully. I will still continue writing for this one…hahaha…I know I have not written any lately…too many distractions!

However, my new home is at http://asiandramaaddict.com or you just simply click here.

It may be down sometimes because I am still trying to organize and fix things. The whole COFFEE PRINCE recaps are already there and I am on the process of trasnferring HANA KIMI. I am painstakingly transferring the posts manually for God knows why… it will take too many hours for me to tell you all about it anyway you are all invited to go over there…I hope I can fix it before the month ends…

See yah!


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This is a Japanese film adaptation of Ichikawa Takuji’s novel “Renai Shashin: Mo Hitotsu no Monogatari” released last year.

The story is a familiar one. Two school outcasts, Shizuri played by Aoi Miyazaki and Makoto played by Hiroshi Tamaki. Both are shy, hangs out by themselves, met on orientation day, clicked instantly and became friends. She fell in love with him but he is in love with someone else.

Makato shared his love of photography with Shizuri as well as his fascination with taking pictures at Heavenly Forest, a secluded area with a “No Trespassing” sign. This became a private, secret sanctuary for them.

He gained confidence and was able to get closer to his crush, Miyuki, who is (of course) a beautiful, more popular girl from a cool crowd. They got closer and closer so Shizuri was relegated to be the third wheel of the equation. Sounds familiar, super major cliches? Ready to brush it aside and move on to the next DVD? (more…)

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