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I am building a new home which is practically the same as this one although I am trying to make it better than this, hopefully. I will still continue writing for this one…hahaha…I know I have not written any lately…too many distractions!

However, my new home is at http://asiandramaaddict.com or you just simply click here.

It may be down sometimes because I am still trying to organize and fix things. The whole COFFEE PRINCE recaps are already there and I am on the process of trasnferring HANA KIMI. I am painstakingly transferring the posts manually for God knows why… it will take too many hours for me to tell you all about it anyway you are all invited to go over there…I hope I can fix it before the month ends…

See yah!


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His chinese name is Jin Cheng Wu. His father is a Japanese and his mother is Chinese with Taiwanese nationality so he enjoys dual citizenship. He can speak 5 languages: Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese, Cantonese and English.

I first saw him in a Jet Li movie, Dr. Wai and Scripture with No Words and recently in the WARLORDS, another Jet Li movie.

He is forever being rumoured to be gay but it does not stop the girls to fantasize about him.

You can catch him in his upcoming movies:

  • Onimusha (2009) as Samanosuke Akechi
  • Waiting (2009) as Kong Lin
  • K-20: The Fiend With Twenty Faces (2009)
  • The Battle of Red Cliff (2008) as Zhuge Liang
  • Sweet Rain (2008) as Jing Yip – The Death God
  • Here’s a fanmade video amed by EvilAlice


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