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Surfing for anything that may ease my boredom led me to this manga series called W Juliet written by Emura. The title is so called W Juliet because  the “W” in Japanese sounds as ‘double’, so in English it means “Two Juliets”. A light, funny story is just what I need.


This sparked my interest because after watching Eun Chan of CP and Mizuki of HK pretending to be boys I did asked myself if there is a story out there that required the main lead dressed up as a girl. So here it is.

Basically, there is this guy named Makoto who is attending a co-ed school dressed up as a girl and there is this girl named Ito who is really tomboyish, looks and behaves like a boy. They are not of the same class. They just met each other in a drama club because both their lifelong dream is to be an actor.

Romeo and Juliet is the next play they are going to do. Ito was chosen to play Romeo, a role that she doesn’t want to play mainly because she is tired of playing male roles. Juliet’s role is being contested for by two other girls, Makoto and Tsugunami. The latter is being favored to get the part but Makoto proved to them that he can also be an effective Juliet.

Both Ito and Makoto became friends and was in for a great shock when she discovered that he’s really a boy. Although Makoto was also shocked when he found out that Ito is really a girl. He never thought that she was just boyish because she wears a boy’s uniform in school.

The reason why Makoto is pretending to be a girl is because of the dare that his father gave him. A dare that will give him his approval to pursue a career in acting. Makoto’s father is a traditional man who owns a martial arts dojo and he wanted his one and only son to succeed him. His father told him that if he can convince others that he is a girl for two years without getting caught then he can have an acting career. Makoto accepted the challenge.

 Ito helped Makoto to keep his real gender a secret from others. They took part in many plays in their drama club because of their chemistry and great acting. The fun part of the whole thing is that they both often play the part of the hero and the heroine so they are both doing a double acting.

The whole manga series (14 Volumes) is all about Makato and Ito’s final years in school. How they both tackle the obstacles that came their way most especially when Makato’s arranged fiance came into the picture. How their friendship blossomed to love and how they depended on each other to pursue their goals.

I am not sure if this manga has a live action series or an anime series version already. I hope they make one soon. The storyline is pretty interesting. It’s more like CP or HK the other way around.

I hope I can find an E-book version of this manga. If you guys stumbled into one please let me know.

(W Juliet (W ジュリエット?) is a shōjo manga series by Emura. It is published in English by VIZ Media, and in French by Pika Édition. Recently, W Juliet is published in Spanish by Panini Comics)

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