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HGD after analyzing the recent events came to a conclusion that it was CW who is responsible for everything and decided to talk to his father to clear his name. The other thieves assisted him in tracking down HIH although some of them dont like the idea at all. When the brothers met, HDG told him about CW and stuff but HIH immediately bragged to his face that their father knew the truth about HDG’s innocence and yet he chose to clear only HIH’s name. Seeing the shock that his words are making on HDG’s face, he even stressed that their father had completely abandon him and that he does not care what happen to his illegitimate son.

The words seemed like cutting through HDG’s insides could not believe what he just heard. HIH left him but not without a stinging slap on his face rendered by the thieve’s ther leader SG.

In one of the most emotion-filled scenes, HDG tries to brush it off and tried laughing at himself and the situation but Enok knew better. She put up her hands as if covering his face and told him to cry and he need not worry nobody will see. They both cried.

Later on, in the temple, HDG went back to his former self of wanting to go to China since he doesnt care again with the local situation. MN, the girl bandit leader, then baiting HYK by telling her that she is preparing herself for one hot night of thank you’s with HDG alarming HYK and tries her best to convince the other girl that its not necessary. They end up drinking together. HYK asked MN on what ‘I Love You’ really means. They discussed that its more than liking someone and she confessed to MN that she felt that way towards HDG. MN told her of HDG’s plan to go to China and why not go with him. HYK told her that she really wanted to go but she wanted HDG to ask her himself. MN understands.

In one of the sweetest scenes, HDG and HYK talked. She wanted to ask him something but then she’s quite shy so he gave her the dark glasses and told her that it’s less embarrasing. She asked if he’s going hunting again and he told her yes and asked her will she come with him. She of course said yes. He asked her again even if they hunt for two tigers to which she said she will really go with him. He’s quite happy with her positive answers and then asked her to go with him hunting and then go to China. HYK beaming happily said yes but they need not go and hunt for the animals since she saved a lot already then proceeded to say “I Love You” (English Words)to him. He is puzzled and asked her what does it means to which she replied that he’ll know when they reach China.

CW on the other hand was in deep shit. His half brother, the King recognized him during the civil exams day fiasco. Lady Noh is strategizing on how to put all the blame to HDG. The King being crazy with paranoia wanted everyone tortured and interrogated especially after a cryptic subtle message was plastered all over the city about who is the rightful king. Minister Hong decided to interrogate then kill people until they can get to the bottom of it.

HDG and CW both watch the unfair execution of the innocent people. HDG couldnt take it anymore went to CW and his group to give him the sword and he said he will confessed to the whole thing and will show the sword as his proof so the killings may stop.

He first went to his father and told him that he’s the one responsible for everything. His father, Minister Hong knew in his heart that his son is innocent and asked him why is he doing it. HDG did not bother answering him and told him that once the men who were detained and about to be executed are released, that will be the time he will tell the where the sword is. His father asked him who is he covering up and to tell him the truth because he is his son. HDG told him that he’s not and to not catch him alive.

HYK on the other hand heard of what is going to happen to HDG from the other thieves went to look for him nervously. She found him in their “place”, near the stream. She begged him to just run away. She will help him with the soldiers but he has to ran away. He knew that she will not leave him then touch a nerve point in her body to make her unconscious, apologizing to her that he can’t come with her.

When the soldiers arrive to arrest him, he run to another direction away from where HYK. He continue to run until he was cornered to a cliff. Nowhere to go, an arrow strucked him on the heart, blood stained his chest then he fell back on to the cliff.

Later on, HYK woke up, realized he’s not there, run crying.

He died?! Duh, it’s only episode 7.

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This came in too late…sorry…too busy falling in love with the true Jushin King, BYJ.

In this episode, sighing is allowed.

HDG and CW are fighting but since both of them are skilled they just end up slightly hurting each other. CW’s men came and so the ever so curious HDG need to escape before he can get an answer from CW.

HYK on the other hand was questioned by Cw’s ever present hot bodyguard Chisu and Lady Noh about her knowledge on the whole thing. She mentioned about CW’s injury so Lady Noh decided to invite her over so she can question her more. She was quite interested or plain curious with her background and last name. Apparently they are looking for a girl with a last name that sounded like her’s. I’m not so sure about this. It turns out that Minister Hong killed a man who were supposed to take over the throne after CW was believed to be dead and the man’s daughter could be HYK. Since she does not have any clue about it, she’s not interested.

Lady Noh plied her with food while telling her men to put poison gas on to the room to kill her. Fortunately, CW arrived and immediately gave an order to give her an antidote. He told Lady Noh that he can’t allow HYK to die because she saved his life when he was injured. When she woked up, he told her that she fainted. HYK was quite happy that she can be lady too because she fainted. (Duh?!, oh yeah…the fainting spells women known to have).  She told him she needs to leave to help out a friend. CW already knew that its HDG. He realizes that it the end, he might kill her too.

HDG needs the help of the group of thieves. So he sent word via a young man who immediately took a liking to him and called him brother at once. They made plans on how to take revenge on their common enemy which is CW. They plan to get into the weapons storage. They are quite unaware that CW’s group will be infiltrating the palace on that same day – the civil exams day.

Two girls are looking for HDG, HYK went to Mr. Wang only to find SEH already there asking for him as well. When she learned that HYK is HDG’s friend, she told her to pass a message to him for her. HYK was so sad and jealous(?!) when she learned of the message. SEH is apologizing to HDG for not being able to go with him and that the little time they had together, she enjoyed.

She went back to the temple sad and had gotten more sad when her granpa assumes that HDG might have been asking SEH to elope with him. She cant help but to compare herself to SEH and decided to make herself more ladylike by going to the stream and clean herself.

HDG found her there. She passed on to him SEH’s message and asked him if he’s going somewhere will he take her to which he replied with another question. He asked her what if its dangerous? He reminded her that she went with him when they went hunting for animals and of course she will go with him. He told him not to go with him. She was quite disappointed with his answer so he said to just wait for him, he’ll be back to get her.

She was kinda sleepy and so he told her to go back to the temple but she was really very sleepy so she took a nap in his shoulders. He told the sleeping HYK, not to interfere with his activities the next day because she will be in danger. Somehow, promised to  make it up with her when everything’s settled. They could hunt animals in some other place, maybe China.

The next day, both HDG and CW’s men went with their plans. The former getting revenge on CW and the latter getting revenge on the current King. Since both did not know of each other’s plans, nothing went right. Chaos and panic set in when the explosives just burst and both of them faced each other knowing that the other was responsible for the unexpected outcome and that is the King’s men surrounding them ready to pounce on them both.

Luckily for HDG, a bandit just arrived in a cart with horses to help him escape.

(It’s funny and the romantic part is starting on plus the fact that HYK could be the long lost princess or something and that HDG is falling…falling…?!?! I truly hope I can recap more episodes. The sageuk dramas are quite entertaining. I am enjoying both the more serious one, the mythical/historical epic TWSSGI and this one.)

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I am so glad that I decided to watch this series. As I’ve said in the past, I do not have any idea about the the HGD tale nor anyone from the cast except for Kang Ji Hwang who I like from watching Capital Scandal and it turns out that he is the only thing that is keeping this whole series together. He is perfect for the role.

Back to this hero’s journey. He was almost captured when he went to the thieves den but he was able to escaped the authorities. He then decided to find the answers that he needed from the whole robbery/homicide situation. He first when to Mr. Wang, got no answers then he went to the kisaeng house if he can get more info but HIH was there as well so  he hid in a room. Incidentally, SEH’s curiosity for HDG prevailed and so she disguised herself as a man so she can go inside the kisaeng house to look for him. The moment she saw HIH she hid in the same room where HDG is.

Unfortunately or fortunately, HIH wanted some privacy so he can deal with the person who will responsible for the cheating of the exams and he used the same room where HDG an SEH are hiding. They were able to listen to the bribing covo HIH is having with another man. Funny thing is, HDG and SEH were talking by pointing out letters written on the wall. Another modern twist was added in here. I am not good in describing them so you just better watch it. You can see a little bit attraction/romantic something is building up in here.

Anyway, HIH mentioned about the robbery that took place in his house and how lucky he is that he will not be blamed for it. HDG realizes that it was his half brother who is responsible for it so he immediately made his presence known and confronted HIH while the other man asked for help outside. HIH explaning how her mother arranged for everything and beg HDG to forgive him and him just this once so their father would not be mad at him. He even tried to make a deal with him since he was leaving for China to just take the blame since they are brothers which prompted HDG to asked him, why he hated him so much. HIH took advantage when HDG was somehow emotional and stab his arm and then went out of the room shouting for help.

HDG then took the coin purse that his half brother left and grabbed SEH’s hand and asked to be his witness but no matter how much she likes to help him especially when she saw how affected he was and had shown a little vulnerability she knew she could not.  Her father, Minister Seo, her nanny and some men barged in and HDG knew instantly that she’s not what she thought she was. After realizing and understanding her situation, he went out to face the authorities alone, threw the coins in the air to create diversion and confusion then escaped.

HYK on the other hand tried helping the injured CW. She asked if he was a criminal and the indignant CW has the gall to even tell her that if she continues to be disrespectful he will have to kill her. Naturally, she got annoyed and almost left him but her good heart prevailed and so she helped him with his injury. The next day, CW woke first, rejuvenated and almost killed a sleeping HYK knowing how much she already knows about him but could not do so. He’s hoping that she will not see her again after that night.

Minister Hong already found out the truth and chastised his wife and son about it. They both beg him for forgiveness and the wife told him that it was all her, the planning, the execution, everything. He was so disgusted with them but decided that he will help HIH since he’s the legitimate son but no help for his other son.

His other son, who is in hiding was trying to plan on his next move. A wanted sign was posted everywhere and he needs to act quickly on how find the real killer/thief. He went to the different thieves hang out and question each one of them and look for someone who is injured since he knew that the real culprit was injured that night. Everytime he asked a certain band of thieves, they are either have other people torturing or are dealing with white slavery which he helped escaped since he was there already but not really his primary goal or intention.

His kind deed easily spread out to the poor people in their town thus the beginning of HDG’s Robin Hood tale, a criminal with a heart. 

HYK thought of how she can help her friend/husband. She posted a sign with coded message hoping he’ll be able to read it and he did. They met near the stream and he can see how concerned she was. He was touched that he believed his innocence without a question. She gave him food and dealt with his injury.

The construction of the new palace was going on. CW and his ever present hot bodyguard Chisu was pretending to be construction workers as to get more intel on the palace grounds. They planned to take over the palace on the civil exams day. Incidentally, the current ruler KW was there to inspect the activities and so they met him. KW sees  something in CW, a familiarity perhaps.

HYK helped HDG go around the city looking for the injured criminal. She then told her of CW being injured so he put two and two together and realizes that it was CW who is the culprit. He then managed to follow CW and the latter realizes it as well. When they reached a certain  factory. He confronted him inside and asked why he was being followed. HDG then asked him of his whereabouts on that fateful night to which he did not answer so they fought.

The twists and turns…still wondering how HYK will become queen while I am pretty sure that what we’ve seen in this episode is the start of HDG’s legend…off to downloading the next episode.

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After the water incident. She can’t forget the kiss he gave to her. He told her to never to forget that day. She thought it’s because of the kiss but he was referring to saving her life for the second time around. She vowed that she’ll make it up to him.

Later on, they talked about his life. He confided to her about his growing up with the priest HM guiding him. Incidentally, her grandfather and HM are also talking about his relationship with HDG.  They both talked about the same things but in their own perception or understanding of the events which of course differs.

HM made him sweep and clean to teach him of self discipline but what he learned was nothing is for free. He was made to hang on a tree branch to teach him patience but what he learned was that he cannot trust anyone, why? the branch broke and so he fell. He was made to fill up a barrel with a hole to teach him unselfishness but he learned that working hard is not worth it. He was taught to bow when praying but he learned to be shameless, why? His pants sliced at the back when he bowed.  I am not that sure with these, it could be lost in translation.

He still want to leave for China and he vowed to Mr. Wang that he will be on the boat when it leaves. HYN volunteered to help him hunt for animals so they can sell them later so he can buy the boat ticket.

Later on, on their way back to the village. She seemed to be quiet. She seems to be affected with his impending departure. (So, she’s the first to be lovestrucked here). They were caught up in the rain and took temporary shelter on some opposing huts.  She continues to wonder then blame her sadness to their new found relationship which is friendship.

SEH passes by and saw HDG. She asked for his help because she’s lost. He still thought that she is a kisaeng and of course can’t resist a pretty damsel in distress told HYN to wait for him while he accompanies SEH to her destination. She tried asking for his name but failed to get an answer so her interest kept on growing.

When HDG and HYK are having dinner, she can’t help but asked him what’s his relationship with the pretty girl. (Hahaha…getting intel subtly or not so…about her competition). He said that they are not close so she asked why did he went with her to which he answered, “you said she’s pretty.” Deflated with his answer, then he called her silly. She told him if she’s silly why does he kept on hanging out with him…(love this convo…hehehe…this is still a love story) and he also wonders why.

HIH and her mom are trying to figure out how he can cheat in the coming civil  exams. They decided that the best way is to bribe but his father will never agree to that and so they decided to hire thieves and arranged their house to be robbed and blame all of it to HDG.

The current king on the other hand is so decided to build another palace to avoid the ghosts. He instructed his ministers to gather the men in the village to start the construction.

Lady Noh then used this construction to have her spy inside the city walls. Their group along with CW pretended to be from the Chinese Ming Royalty and presented a sword to Minister Seo. CW mentioned casually that he heard of a similar sword just like that one from the Chosun Era. Minister Hong was kinda bothered, moreso when Minister Seo told them that if a sword really did exist, it would be on a safekeeping of Minister Hong’s close friend who was murdered several years ago. MH immediately informed them that he doesnt know anything about it. CW and his group are suspicious of MH especially when another Minister repeated what he heard from the King before that he must have killed his friends years ago to protect the throne and the secret of the sword.

That night, HIH’s mother arranged their house to be robbed by her hired bandits at the same time when HDG was called in to the house. Unfortunately, Lady Nohs and CW’s group came in to get the sword that same night. The thieves went in first so they were able to get the sword as well.

Since they did not know that there are other thieves that night, they were caught up by surprise. CW was injured. He instructed Chisu to go after the sword while he escaped in another way. When HDG arrived he saw the dead thief and recognizes him. That moment HIH came in ready to blame HDG. He knew that he will be blamed he left as fast as he could. Although HIH put the blame to the robbery on his illegitimate half brother, he told his mom that he is not to be blamed for the dead thief.

HYK on the other hand saw the injured CW.

The leader of the thieves assumes that HIH arranged the whole thing and instructed his men to go into hiding not knowing that Chisu were able to follow them and fought to get back the sword which he did.

HDG went to the thieves hole only to find dead bodies left by Chisu. The magistrate men found him there.

Earlier, both HDG and HYK saw the boat that will leave for China and again HYK tries to convince him that it wont do him good getting into that boat. She told him some of the most silly reasons such as the boat is small and that there is typhoon. He then asked her if it would be better if there is typhoon and she said yes to that. He asked why to which she said that she prefers him to stay in Korea and not leave and asked him why can’t he stay. He then looked at her intently for a moment then said he’s leaving but did wonder about staying.

Wow, a love connection is brewing. I am not familiar with the legend of HDG so I am walking blind with this tale so I am quite fascinated with all the side stories as well. The priest predicted that she will be a queen and he will be a hero so how will that sum up. CW gets HYK? while HDG be the people’s man of the decade? I can’t wait for the next episodes, off to downloading them.

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Yeah I know…some of the scenes are over the top and bordering on the edge of silliness but it has it’s own magic…err…can’t find the right word to describe it. The more I watch it the more intrigued I am on how they will keep on weaving the story.

Anyway, the group of thieves wont believe him especially the two thieves leading the group, Sim Soo Keun/SSK and Jung Mal Nyeo/JMN. I cant blame them, he’s not a very convincing person. Anyway, when they decided to believe him, it was already too late because there’s an army of fighters closing in.

SSK and JMN discussed the best way to escape but HDG kept on chiding away every single idea until they both decided to hear what HDG has to offer. You gotta see this scene, funny how he interferes with their discussion.  SSK was immediately aggreeable and somehow taken by him but JMN is a bit wary of him of him, call it testerone overload lurking.

HDG told them to follow his instructions to the letter. He told them to bring out the drums and keep on banging as loud as possible to make the impression that they numbers are huge and the raid is on a larger scale. Then told them to be so quiet afterwards. The army of fighters then heard the drums and proceeded where the sound was and naturally the thieves had gone into hiding. Then HDG resumes drumming on a different place and so the army of fighters followed the drumming making a way for the thieves to escape.

Since he missed the boat, he went to the city and CW and his ever present bodyguard. They were smuggling weapons inside the city taking advantage of the fact that those guards left their post to catch the thieves. It now dawned to me why Lady Noh was recruiting the leader of the thieves. Anyway, they were also trying to find a certain sword which can be connected to a certain murder 20 yrs ago. A minister was killed and the sword is a major link to its killer. Apparently, the murder was needed to hide a certain secret regarding the palace throne.

Since, the city guards were not able to catch those thieves, naturally the magistrate was so pissed off. He order the hunt for CW and his men. CW instructed his bodyguard, Chisu to take the weapons in another hiding place while he created a diversion by holding a grenade and riding a horse to the marketplace. The guards ran after him. CW then disguised himself as a local peasant and went to the marketplace. HDG got so curious and decided to follow Chisu and saw where he hid the weapons. Afterwards, he went to the marketplace and funny how he interrupted the town’s celebration of his departure. He is really infamous.

He went it inside a brothel/kisaeng house. Incidentally, SEH, his half brother’s fiancee was there as well.  She was earlier trying on some vulgar jewelry that kisaeng usually wears. Her nanny was quite upset about it and when she was running some errands, SEH wanders to a kisaeng house, a brothel. She saw HDG inside. He asked her if she’s the new girl to which she answered positively. He then wonders how was she able to get herself in that situation. He touched her and she cringed away exposing how she is not right for the job. Then he saunters away to talk to a kisaeng. SEH was somehow fascinated with what just happened.

He was then called in another part of the kisaeng house. His half brother HIH was gambling and was pleading to the other men to help him cheat in the civil exams and someone said that maybe they need a distraction during the exams day so he can then cheat. They asked HDG to be a part of their plan knowing how he dreamt all his life to take the civil exams but he could not because he is illegitimate. They were not able to convince him more to the disgust of his half brother.

He then went back home only to be slapped by HIH’s mother. She was so mad at him for laying his hand to her precious son. His father wa quite disappointed as well when he saw him. He told him that he thought he left because he him go from his window to which he answered back why did you not do anything about it. Even the servants are chased if they tried to ran away and beaten to death afterwards just what he did to her mother. His father only said he does not want to see him anymore and that he is just wasting his life. So, he told him that hes is leaving his house and the next time he sees him just pretend that he did not know him. Quite sad.

HYK on the other hand was in the marketplace when CW was being chased by the guards. The moment she saw him, she tried covering her face with a pot but as usual, she dropped it and so the owner of the stall told him to pay for it and since CW does not want further attention he paid for the pot. Naturally, HYK thought that he must really be interested in her especially when he grabbed her hand when she started to leave. She did not know that he was only doing it to avoid the guards who were looking for him.

She was so happy while holding the pot and cleaning it near the river. And that is how, HDG found her. He watched how it fell to the water with her in tow. When she emerged drenched in water, HDG is somehow reminded that she’s a woman. Then, braced yourself…HDG realized that HYK pooped in the river. Yikes as in major yikes. He then left to go the temple.

Later on HYK saw him there and was so happy to see him again so she gave him a tight hug. He on the other hand was warding her off because he still remembers the poop he saw in the river but quite glad that someone is glad to see him again. She asked him why he’s there and not in his own house and so she told him about her recent convo with his father. She asked if he’s mad and he said yes he is mad because he was not able to leave for China. She believes he’s more upset that his father doesnt want to see him rather than him upset over the china thing. She tried cheering him up and he appreciated it. She gave him a candy and he thought it has a weird taste. She told him it was in her clothes when she fell in the water. He immediately put it out. He was totally grossed out.

Earlier, HYK grandfather noticed that HYK is a bit sad and upset and he guessed that it was because HDG left for China. Imagine her happiness to see him again. So, the love angle is brewing up.

The current king, CW’s half brother, told Minister Hong, HDG’s father to build another palace because the current one is so haunted. He even asked him if he sees the spirits or heard any of their voices since he killed one of them. Another minister heard that and tried asking but Minister Hong immediately put an end to the convo and told them that not to believe his majesty’s ramblings.

Later on, you can see Minister Hong holding a sword. Apparently, he really did kill someone in the past to protect a secret and the current king. Now we see the twists and turns.

Incidentally, the grandfather and the priest talked about HYK. The priest said that he looked into her future and he sees her to a queen. The grandpa said he did not know anything about her parentage. Her mother was killed by some men. He saw who killed her and it was shown thru the flashbacks that it involves Minister Hong as well.

KDG and HYK went to buy another ticket passage for China and on the way there, they met CW and his group. She greeted him but he denied knowing her. She was quite upset by it while HDG tried cheering her up and told him to forget all about him. She promised herself that the next time she sees him she’ll act as if she doesnt know him at all then kicked a rock that went into a beehive. Both did not have any choice but to dive into the river to avoid be swarmed by the avenging bees. When it was safe to go out of the water, her foot got stucked up under and then collapses under the water. He then went up, breathe in some air and dived down again and blow some air into her mouth. Technically kissing her…hahaha…

They are all connected…off to download the next episode.

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Be advised that I will be using abbrev. or the characters initials when pertaining to them.

HDG – Hong Gil Dong

HYN – Heo Yi Nok

LCW – Lee Chang We

HIH – Hong In Hyung

HYN is lucky that HDG is also in the club. It is quite obvious why he was there and that is because of the girls. He grabbed her hand and ran out of the club to avoid his brother’s men. They were able to escape through the graveyard where he dug holes for the beheaded thieves and went in a temple.

She saw the offered food infront of an altar and immediately lunged at it. He also confessed to him that she is not that good in the Chinese language. He told her that she’d better know enough of the language because that is the only reason he saved her. She believes that he saved her in the club because he is a good guy to which he corrected her assumption. He reiterated that he only did that to get his chinese lessons.

With the graveyard environment, they talked about zombies and ghosts. They argued who is scarier, a chinese zombie or a korean ghost. They played out this scene well. It is so silly yet so funny.

HIH went home whining to his mother. He kept on complaining how HDG interfered on his activites again and at the same time hoping his half brother broke his hand so he wont take the civil exams. His mom told him to hushed down for fear that his father will hear him and unfortunately, his father was within earshot. He was quite disappointed with his ‘real’ son. He cant believe that her illegitimate son is more capable.

Meanwhile,  the former palace servant, Lady Noh who was entrusted by the mother of Chang We/CW to take care of the royal prince, met with a beggar. This beggar turned out to be the leader of a thieves gang. She was really tracking him down, knew that he will be leading another raid and wanted to hire his services and recruit him to work for her. He assumed that she was taking orders from someone else and he rejected the offer. With his rejection, there is a price to pay. He found himself locked. He was able to escaped to the forest but Lady Noh’s men were able to follow him and wounded him, left for dead.

HDG on the other hand felt something was amiss so he went out to the forest followed by HYN and they saw the wounded man. They brought him to the temple and tried to make him comfortable even if they knew that he was dying. The wounded man has a last wish and that for HDG to warn his group who is scheduled to meet in the forest in two days time to hide for awhile. Then he dies and HDG buried him in the graveyard.

This is followed by a cute scene from HDG and HYN. She was crying over the man’s death when they buried him. He showed her his mother’s grave and proceeded to tell her how her mother tried to ran away knowing fully that she wont be able to raise her son in their town because him being illegitimate but she died immediately after he was born. She cried again upon hearing his sad story. She patted his back as if consoling him then said that she will leave him so he can have more privacy. It was so sincere and serene until she tripped as she walks away. He he he…

On another part of the town, HIH’s mother met with a high ranking government official, Seo Yoon Seob/SYS. It has been arranged that her son, HIH and his daughter, Seo Eun Hye will get married after he passed the civil exams. HIH on the other hand, tried to sneak a peek of his lovely fiancee. Seo Eun Hye/SEH is a little bit weird, preoccupied by morbid, gruesome ideas that shocks even her nanny. She own a pair of lovebirds. The other one died, she wanted to know what the other bird will do, continue to live or prefer to follow the fate of the other bird. She threw some food to the bird and said that if the bird ate it she will kill that bird for being unfaithful to the dead bird. So, when the bird ate it, she took the bird ready to crush it with her hands but looked at her nanny maliciously and let it go. I do not know if she just loves to shock her nanny or she is really a weirdo.

HYN began giving HDG some chinese lessons but most of it consists of how to call his parents or siblings in chinese. He’s so interested to learn it because he really plans on leaving Korea to go to China. Since he is leaving and they are going to part ways or just maybe because he saved her, she decided to give him a gift and that is by showing him her new skill. Making a snake dance by the music of her flute. Here goes another interesting modern-sageuk fusion. An indian-bollywood inspired number while she makes the snake dance. Unfortunately, HDG’s reaction was not the way HYK expected. He immediately killed the snake. She was so furious with him since she was planning to make money out of it. He ran away from her as fast as he could.

HYK’s grandfther and HDG’s priest met on their way to the temple and agreed to test each other’s skills – who is more superior! This old men are funny. Who can reach the temple first will be the winner. Unbelievable. HYK saw them and told them that they just buried the leader of the thieves and that passed his scepter/staff/cane of some sort to HDG and told him to warn his group. The priest, whose name by the way Hae Myung was so happy when he heard it about it and said that it is HDG’s duty. However, HDG said that he does not have any intention of granting the dead man’s last wish for he will be leaving  for China as soon as possible.

Incidentally, her grandfather told HYK that there is this handsome man who kept on following her wherever she goes and she immediately assumes that the guy is smitten with her.

So, when she saw her again following her, she was so giddy and was acting coquettish, flirty in a demure way and just as she was about to make a fool of herself, somebody stole her purse. It turned to be a little boy. She ran after him until they reached his home and she saw the reason why.  There are more little hungry kids and a younger brother is sick. She took pity on them and carried the sick boy to get treatment. She took the Royal Hair Pin and instructed the boy to sell it so he can feed the other kids.

CW was watching them the whole time and instructed his ever present bodyguard to buy the pin from the boy. He was somehow impressed by what he saw.

By the way, earlier in the episode, CW’s brother, the current ruler, Kwang We was kinda hallucinating in his throne. He was seeing a couple of spirits, his brother’s ghost, the little CW. He told him that he didnt want to kill him. Oh, the guilt-ridden usurper to the throne.

HDG was in the pier and was waiting for the boat that was scheduled to leave for China. He was thinking of the dead man’s last wish and the safety of those men in the forest but quickly shoved it aside and reminded himself that it’s not his business and definitely not her responsibility.

HYK was given a bag of money as payment from the dead snake and was told that HDG was about to leave for China so she immediately took pity on HDG because no one is seeing him off so she rushed to the pier shouting her thanks to the departing boat.

All the while HYK was shouting her thanks and good luck to the departing boat. HDG went to the forest to warn the thieves but they did not listen to him so he showed them the scepter/staff/cane with gold on one end so he can convince them that he is telling the truth and so they began to believe him. Apparently, our hero is really a hero, got struck by his conscience and so he fulfilled the dead man’s request after all.

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