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My Lovely Sam Soon a.k.a. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon is one funny series I enjoyed watching from the pilot episode up to the last.  Naturally, after doing  CP, here I am enumerating the places this series used for filming the love story of Jin Heon and Sam Soon.

I thought I will be having a hard time getting my facts but fortunately the Korea Tourism Organization  provided me with the details.


The aquarium where Sam-soon and Jin-heon took Mi-joo was at COEX. On the wall outside, look for photos of celebrities who have visited, and see if you can find your favorite star. A photo of the miniseries scene serves as an indicator of where the scene was shot, so you can’t miss it. Unfortunately, the Deep Blue restaurant, where the three dined together, is no longer there.


Todai is where the Bon Appetit restaurant scenes were shot. In the drama, Jin-heon owned the restaurant and Sam-soon worked there as a pastry chef. During filming, the restaurant was closed, and afterwards it reopened as TODAI, a sushi buffet chain restaurant. The exterior of the building is the same as when it was filmed, but the interior was redone. The downside is that prices are rather high.


In the 13th episode, Jin-heon takes Henry Kim to this restaurant, where he shows Henry how to eat kkakdugi kimchi. He advises, “The best way to eat seolleongtang is to add kkakdugi broth and stir like this.” When the scene was shot, the restaurant was in Nonhyeon-dong, but because of a new construction, it has moved to a site next to the POSCO building in Samseong- dong. The seats are of the same design as in the miniseries, so if you were one of those who were impressed by how tasty the seolleongtang looked in the miniseries, you definitely want to check this place out.


At Once in a Blue Moon, Jin-heon and Hee-jin enjoy wine and cocktails while watching a jazz performance. This is one of the favorite filming locations for miniseries and movies. You may already have seen it in Lovers in Paris, Wolf, Green Rose, and Marrying the Mafia. It is also often used to film TV commercials. If you are in the mood for some jazz music, this night spot will offer you some smooth, romantic jazz rhythms in an upscale ambience.


The bakery where Jin-heon takes Sam-soon to show her some real French pastry is actually the high-end bakery Duchamp in Apgujeong-dong. The pastry chef is a Cordon Bleu-trained Japanese chef who makes 60 different types of cakes. Along with the huge variety of cakes, you can also enjoy chocolate, bread, and drinks. The bakery has two floors as well as an outdoor terrace. The scenes were shot at the center table on the first floor.


Located opposite Dosan Park in Apgujeong-dong, Neurige Geotgi is the backdrop for the dispute between Hee-jin and Sam-soon over Jin-heon. Known for the unusual location of the kitchen in the center of the space, the restaurant uses only fresh, organic ingredients. You can order a simple meal or a drink, and when the weather is good, you can take a leisurely stroll in the beautiful Dosan Park afterwards. This is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon.


Scenes at the hotel owned by Jin-heon’s mother were shot at the Plaza Hotel opposite Seoul City Hall. The swimming pool scene showing off Jin-heon’s hot body was shot in the fitness center of the hotel (Access is limited to hotel guests and members.) At the Plaza Pub, Jin-heon becomes jealous when Sam-soon meets her ex-boyfriend Hyeon-woo. Other scenes were shot in the restroom, lobby, and the main entrance. All the cakes Sam-soon created were actually made by the pastry chef at the Plaza Hotel bakery. Currently, the bakery sells a special Sam-soon cake as well as a Sam-sik cake. The hotel also offers a Sam-soon package.


To escape the heat of summer, Jin-heon and Hee-jin take Mi-joo to this large bookstore in Jongno where they browse the book sections, buy Mi-joo a toy, and spend a good time together. On the first floor are children’s books, Korean books, magazines, puzzles, and records, while the basement level has a restaurant, coffee shop, stationery, and foreign books.


After a night of drinking, Sam-soon and Sam-sik go to this restaurant to rid themselves of the hangover. In this comic scene, Sam-soon accidentally spit rice all over Sam-sik’s face. In business for 67 years, the restaurant is the most popular of the many haejangguk (a broth known to relieve a hangover) restaurants in the Haejangguk Golmok (Haejanguk Lane) in Jongno. It has been featured many times on TV food programs and magazines. If you are interested in visiting, it is opened 24 hours a day.


In the series, Sam-soon really loves café lattes, but she knows she’ll need to give them up in order to lose weight. Coffee Bean Gwanghwamun is where she escapes from the sizzling summer heat to satisfy her latte craving, briskly ordering “A latte, please… With lots of syrup!”


In the series, Sam-soon visited Uisinsanghoe in Bangsan Market to buy baking supplies. The owner of the store even appeared in a scene in which he sells a few items to Sam-soon. The store has a wide selection of bakers’ needs at wholesale prices, so if you are interested in baking bread or cookies, you may want to visit. While you are here, have a souvenir picture taken with the friendly owner.


The guesthouse where Henry stayed is the hanok-style Rakgojae, located in Jongno, Seoul. For 150,000 won, you don’t just book a room; you get the entire house for up to five people, making Rakgojae an inexpensive lodging choice if you need to accommodate friends or family. Rakgojae also offers meals, so if spending a night is too expensive, you can still dine in the traditional ambience of a hanok.


The location for the final scene is Mt. Namsan cable car and the stairway, where Sam-soon and Jin-heon shared blissful moments. In the finale, Sam-soon has found blossoming love and now owns her own business, and Jin-heon is deeply in love with her. The cable car will bring back fond memories of the scene, so don’t miss it. Combine your cable car excursion with a trip to the popular N Seoul Tower. The best way up to Mt. Namsan is by cable car. Then, like Sam-soon and Jin-heon, come down the stairs by a game of rock-paper-scissors. 


At this Paris restaurant, Sam-soon and her boyfriend Hyeon-woo spent happy times and even a first kiss. The restaurant is actually not in Paris, however. Le Saint-Ex is a French restaurant nestled in Itaewon, Seoul. It is always bustling with people looking for a cozy, comfortable ambience, and delicious food. The day’s menu is written on a blackboard, and a server will come to your table to offer more details, so even if you are not familiar with French cuisine, you won’t have much trouble choosing.


In the series, the head chef of Bon Appetit restaurant recommends that Sam-soon visit a favorite crepe restaurant, which is actually Arvorig in Itaewon. The restaurant serves a variety of crepes and dark, robust coffee. A popular restaurant in Itaewon, it has a cozy feeling with an impressive chandelier and red wallpaper. The place is definitely worth a visit for its magnificent crepes and pancakes made by a handsome looking French chef.


Do you remember the scene in which Sam-soon’s elder sister, mother, and Sam-sik had a great time singing in a noraebang (karaoke)? If so, you may want to visit SU Noraebang, a franchise establishment. The scene in which Jin-heon sang his best to please Sam-soon’s mother was shot at the Edward SU Noraebang near Hongik University.
The rooms have been recently remodeled, and the facilities and interior are so up-to-date that most noraebang scenes in Korean miniseries and movies are shot here. Each of the twenty rooms is decorated in a unique theme. Some rooms have a piano, drum, and other musical instruments, while others have a stage and side bar. SU Noraebang is definitely worth a visit.


On Christmas Eve, Sam-soon is dumped by her boyfriend Hyeon-woo in the coffee shop on the first floor of the Grand Hilton Hotel. It was also where Sam-soon and Jin-heon went to meet prospective marriage partners. However, whenever one of them had such a meeting, the other would interrupt it.
The hotel often rents its wedding hall for filming wedding scenes, so if you hope to have a wedding ceremony like one in the movies, visit the wedding hall and get some information.


Jin-heon’s mother and her family visit this temple to pray for the souls of Jin-heon’s brother and sister-in-law. Located in Jingwanoe-dong (Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul), it is small, yet quiet and beautiful. It is adjacent to a hiking trail, so you may want to combine a temple visit with a walk.


Thanks to its upscale and elegant ambience, the Sangam-dong CGV has become a popular filming location for movies and miniseries, and was the main filming location for Lovers in Paris. In My Lovely Sam-Soon, the theatre was used to film the scene in which Hee-jin and Henry watch a matinee movie together, and Hee-jin runs out because she doesn ‘t feel well. Hee-jin and Henry enjoy a favorite Korean summer treat patbingsu (shaved ice) at the Tous Les Jours bakery across the street from the theatre.
Sangam-dong CGV is located in the World Cup Park along with a Carrefour store and a jjimjilbang, (sauna/spa) so visitors can enjoy shopping and sightseeing at the same time.


If you still remember the touching scene in which Sam-soon walked up Mt. Hallasan in the rain to find Sam-sik waiting for her, you’ll probably want to visit Mt. Hallasan, one of the most spectacular spots on Jeju Island. If you want to walk up to the summit like Sam-soon, you’ll need to start your hike no later than 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning. The major hiking trails are the Seongpanak and Gwaneumsa trails. Sam-soon took the Seongpanak trail, which takes nine hours round trip.

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Episode 10 : My name is Kim Hee Jin

Jin Heon finds Sam Soon’s note book in the kitchen and starts to read her notes. He misses Sam Soon and text her to come back by promising her a raise. Sam Soon ignore his messages and throws away the dress Jin Heon gave her and bury the bouquet he gave her in the garden.


Jin Heon starts to hear Sam Soon’s voice in is apartment. He tries to get rid of the Piggy but to no avail. He accidentally calls Hee Jin Sam Soon when they were out on a date with Mijoo.


Hee Jin is disturbed by Jin Heon’s action. Sam Soon decides to start her life anew by changing her name. She gets her mother’s approval and goes to the registry to apply for a name change. She dolls herself up for her match make date.

Chef Lee manage to secure a date with Yi Young by insisting that she returns him his pair of jeans. Their date ends up in a one-night stand.


CR and HW sees Sam Soon on a date at the hotel and promptly calls Jin Heon to tell him how quick Sam Soon is in getting herself a new man. Sam Soon’s date does not go well and her date leaves.

Jin Heon misses Sam Soon and looks at her notebool/cooking guide in the kitchen.



Coincidentally her previous match made date, which was thwarted by Jin Heon was also at the hotel on another unsuccessful match made date. Sam Soon cannot believe her luck and is happy that her life is turning for the better by changing her name.

Jin Heon goes over to the hotel and again dragged Sam Soon out from her date . Sam Soon is very upset with what Jin Heon did and told him that her date may be the last man and the last chance for her.

Jin Heon tells Sam Soon that she is attractive, but it is just that she doesn’t know it.

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Episode 9 : You made a mockery out of my heart

Sam Soon received a call from Jin Heon’s mother, who invites Sam Soon over to attend Jin Heon’s brother’s death anniversary.




Jin Heon’s mother wants to make use of Sam Soon to get rid of Hee Jin.



Sam Soon meets Manager Oh at the service and found out that her son was also involved in the accident.

Sam Soon gives Jin Heon her resignation letter, and Jin Heon takes it and drives off without offering Sam Soon a ride. She takes the bus home and sees Jin Heon waiting for her at her place with a bouquet of flowers.


Sam Soon makes him kneel down to beg her not to quit. Jin Heon kneels and Sam Soon accepts the bouquet yet she does not guarantee that she will not quit.


Sam Soon continues to behave love lorn at home and is finally cornered by her mother to tell her what happened. Sam Soon’s mother is furious over what happened and goes to the restaurant to kick up a big fuss with Jin Heon.


She give Jin Heon the deeds to her house and demands that Sam Soon leaves her job immediately.



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Episode 8 : Daddy, why is my journey of love so tough?

Jin Heon does not show up for work for 3 days and does not answer his mobile. Sam Soon is upset and worries to death about him.




She makes him something one morning and cycle to Jin Heon’s house only to find Hee Jin there as well.


Sam Soon is upset and vented her anger at Jin Heon, asking him why did he lead her on.


Jin Heon admits that he has gotten back with Hee Jin and is willing to terminate their contract but he really meant it when he said he wanted to climb Hanlyu Mountain with Sam Soon. Sam Soon is very upset and leaves the apartment. She falls down because she was so tired she did not sleep the last few nights waiting for Jin Heon.


Jin Heon sends Sam Soon to he hospital. As she lays there asleep, he checks his voice messages and hears all the messages Sam Soon left him.

Hee Jin finds out from Yi Young about Jin Heon and Sam Soon’s dating contract.

Hee Jin visits Jin Heon’s mother to tell her that she is back and she is completely cured and healthy. But Jin Heon’s mother turns Hee Jin away as she does not want a sick daughter-in-law.


Favorite lines :

Sam Soon sees her father and laments to him about her yet again failed relationship.

“I thought I wouldn’t cry over a man again. I thought I wouldn’t have to do this after I turned 30. I wouldn’t feel my heart skip a beat, or stay up all night to wait for a call, do you know how tiring that is? I just want to find a man who likes me, and not break my heart, I just want to lead a simple life that’s all. What is going on, I feel this chill. I am falling for a man again. If only if my heart is a little stronger Dad.”

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Episode 7 : Madeleine… In Search Of Lost Time

At the cocktail reception of the hotel opening in Cheju, Sam Soon runs into HW and CR again. HW tries to give Sam Soon a necklace and is caught by Jin Heon.


Jin Heon gets into a fight with HW while as Sam Soon and CR got embroiled in a catfight of their own as well.


In the room Sam Soon treats Jin Heon’s wound and Jin Heon tells Sam Soon only to listen to him and no one else.


Jin Heon also admits that he does not like her to look at other men or talk to other men. Jin Heon lies on Sam Soon’s belly and start to tell her about his accident and why he has no right to be happy.



He felt he was responsible for his brother and sister-in-law’s death. Then at the same time, Hee Jin left him too. He had to go through 5 operations and physiotherapy to walk again. Jin Heon climbed the Hanlyu Mountain after he recovered so that he will appear strong in front of Hee Jin when she comes back. He tells Sam Soon again not to be with another man because he dislikes it. But Jin Heon emphasize it does not imply that he likes her.

Hee Jin appears at the hotel and asks to speak with Jin Heon. Sam Soon refuses to let Jin Heon go and tells him not to look at another woman or listen to another woman except her.


She takes Jin Heon away but Jin Heon gets off the taxi to return to the hotel to look for Hee Jin.

Sam Soon tries to stop Jin Heon and admits that that she likes him, but Jin Heon leaves anyway and Sam Soon is left stranded on the highway.


Jin Heon finds Hee Jin in the hotel and finds out from Henry that Hee Jin left Jin Heon because she found out she had gastric cancer.


 She could not bear to break the news to Jin Heon after his family tragedy, which is why she chose such a lame excuse to leave and seek treatment in the States and Henry was her doctor.


In Seoul, Yi Young runs into another episode with Chef Lee again and tore her skirt in the process. Chef Lee lends her his jeans.

Sam Soon goes back to the hotel to look for JH after hitching a hike from a truck that was ferrying pigs. She runs into Henry at the lobby and is stalled by Henry there. Sam Soon leaves for the airport alone and leaves a voice message on Jin Heon’s mobile thanking him for telling her about his story and tells him about her father.

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Episode 6 : The calories of a kiss, the calories of love

HW comes to see Sam Soon the day before his engagement. He asks Sam Soon to break off with Jin Heon and come back to him. He wants to start over with Sam Soon, yet he was still going to go ahead with his engagement. He gets beaten up and chased away by Sam Soon. He is unrepentant and vows to make Sam Soon his woman again.

Sam Soon bakes a beautiful engagement cake for CR and HW.


She hides in a corner and shed tears of pain as she witness their engagement ceremony.


Jin Heon sees Sam Soon’s pain from the whole episode.


Sam Soon sits by the piano after closing hours, drowning her sorrows with liquor.


Jin Heon consoles Sam Soon. Sam Soon tells Jin Heon why she likes the name Hee Jin. Jin Heon tells Sam Soon that it is over between him and Hee Jin. They share an intimate moment, and then Sam Soon kisses Jin Heon.


Jin Heon apologies to Sam Soon about the kiss stating that it was his mistake. Sam Soon apologies as well, because she claims that she kissed him first. Both agree that they are on the same wave line about the kiss, that it was a mistake and that they should forget about it.


Jin Heon asks Sam Soon to prepare to go to Cheju Island with him for his family’s new hotel opening.


Hee Jin also reads about the opening of a new hotel by Jin Heon’s family on Cheju Island and decides to go there with Henry.


Favorite lines :

As she witness HW’s engagement, she remembers the first time she kissed him
“A cup of coffee has 5 kilo calories, which is the same energy used for a 5 min kiss. For the 3 years we kissed, how many calories is that? Love calories, all that energy, where did it all go to?”

Captain Jang going through the reasons why there are no men out there :
No 1 Nice men… are ugly
No 2 Good looking men… are jerks
No 3 Good looking and nice men… are married
No 4 Good looking, nice and unmarried men… are useless
No 5 Good looking, nice, unmarried and rich men… are not interested in us
No 6 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us…. are flirts
No 7 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful… are gay
No 8 Good looking, nice, unmarried, rich men who are interested in us and faithful and heterosexual and would not lose interest in us even if we are the one who make the first moves… these men must be crazy!

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