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This is unprecedented…truly. I was able to write a recap for episode 2 of Painter of the Wind. Impossible…maybe I am still fascinated by it. So here goes…

Despite the fact that Painter of the Wind was below Beethoven Virus and the other one with the ‘wind’ title as well in the ratings game, I still like it and I believe that quality-wise, they would not end up in the bottom of the three.  I already watch until Episode 3 and I am still enjoying it.

I am not that familiar with this kind of arts, I mean, manual drawing and painting. I do everything now digitalized and so I am pretty fascinated with it.  The basic reason why Kim Hong Do or KHD arrived is to investigate who drew the ‘controversial’ painting and so KHD instructed all the students to draw the painting vertically reverse or upside down.  Later on, he gave them the classic line dots puzzle wherein you give certain number of dots and then try to connect them without lifting the brush.

Most of the students could not solve the puzzle but shin Yoon Bok was able to do it plus SYB drew the image perfectly.  KHD then asked them while they were painting, “What is painting to you?”. Everyone stop drawing except for SYB. All the other students tried reaching for their notes but KHD said to answer freely from their heart.  He noticed that she was still drawing and so he asked her and she answered: “Painting is longing” and she explained it more elaborately.

I like how she explained it and I like the writers of this series.

I am not a fan of too many complications in one series and so I am hoping that this won’t follow other drama’s pitfalls.  Anyway, we found out here that SYB has been making and selling paintings via a store.  She was being conned by the shop owner telling her that she is still young and so her work was appraised with mediocre monetary value. She then secretly listened outside the store when people arrived asking for new paintings and she learned that the shop owner was selling her painting for a high price. Surprisingly, I thought she would be mad but when she heard of the positive comments from the buyers, she was ecstatic.

Based from the students upside drawings KHD realized immediately who drew the controversial painting.  He then tried looking for SYB and he tried following her to the store but SYB already sensed that someone’s following her, did some hide and seek tricks so she managed to lose him, well, she thought she did.

Anyway, the two of them end up sharing drinks and painting skills.  Basically, he was so amazed by her talent and maturity.  He told her that she’s talented. She is euphoric but on the same note, he told her that it all will be wasted since she was the one that everyone is looking for. He told her that soon she will be receiving a punishment that will damaged her hand.

She was so sad because of her fate.  He left HKD, disoriented and looking so disappointed, she ended up infront of the kisaeng house and just celebrated with the other boys.

I am not sure here but it seems that she was sharing a flirty look or two with one of the kisaeng. I am pretty sure it does not mean anything ‘girly’ passionate in SYB but with kisaeng, I am not sure. Anyway, this could mean that it’s either the kisaeng can see thru SYB’s deception and so it sparked an interest.

OR, it’s like: “welcome to the gay world of old korea”…nah…i’m not going to read too much in this!

By the way, in between these scenes, there were a couple of men who I believe are the series’ main deliverer of negativities when it comes to our KHD and SYB. They are discussing the possibilities of the culprit being discovered by KHD. They also made conclusions that there is a possibility that KHD will save the culprit if he finds the person extremely talented and so KHD will bear the punishment or go on hibernating again. They were talking of something that happened a long time ago that concerns KHD.

We also were introduced to another girl, sister of KHD’s friend who is impossibly attracted to him but it’s a case of unrequited love or crush.

The episode ended with SYB asking the kisaeng to stay and play her some music because it might be the very last time she’ll be able to pay her with money she got from drawing. Sad.

I am not a fan of MGY but I am really beginning to like her more.  It is really fun to watch dramas when the lead actors can act. I hope I will be able to finish this series. Pray…hard…hahaha.

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