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DR & OJ talked in the bookstore. She was thanking him for somehow saving her and bringing her to the hospital. I think this is the very first time they really talked.

The crying forex teller girl found OJ’s black book and found DR’s name and info so she decided to go to the bookstore to look for her. Luckily for OJ, he saw her first, so he was able to press the fire alarm button when the girl reach DR. Naturally, everyone wanted to get out of the store. During the commotion, OJ grabbed the forex teller girl out and showed him another side of him – the ugly side. He was quite mean to her especially now that he found out how broke the girl is and how she tried to commit suicide earlier in her life. He told her that he does not need and want her in the most cruel and malicious way a man can. She tells him that she love him but it only made him more meaner.

OJ and DR went to a coffee shop. At first he thought she wanted to drink coffee but what she’s more interested on the business side of having a coffee shop. Once, he realizes that she is thinking of putting a coffee shop, the wheels on his mind began to roll double time. He arranged for the loanshark to call him on his mobile phone so that he can pretend that he was talking to someone who knows something about putting up a coffee shop and that it requires about 30M. Naturally, when she heard about it, she became interested. He on the other knew that she is now interested on what info he can offer. This time he plays hard to get. He got her now.

Jin Goo/JG is now in a dilemna. The wallstreet job offer is waiting for his answer. Now more than ever he wanted to seal a deal with DR. He tried calling her on her mobile and her daughter answers. This man really cracks me up. He could not even have a decent convo with a kid but there is more to this man than meets the eye.  Next scene, you’ll seem him caring for her father, carrying him on his back towards the bed, checking the room temp. When he went to his room, he pulled out some pictures of himself in a traditional clothing and in a tuxedo as well but it was cut in half. The next day, he tried learning how to fly like an airplane. He seems to be having fun but the moment reality creeps back in everything changes in him. He is somehow been repressing something inside him, his playful carefree nature.

Eventually OJ and DR met again, they are eating in a fine restaurant courtesy of his latest car dealership scam. Anyway, just as they were eating, a loud voice can be heard calling DR and yes its the granpa again calling DR. The moment she heard it, she crawled her way out of the restaurant. When she is about to reach the elevator, OJ suddenly grabbed her and push her inside the lift. Grandpa’s assistant or driver tried stopping them but OJ punched the guy on his face. DR was shocked and so she asked him if he is a gangsta’. He was a bit offended by the accusation. When she remembered that she needs him for his coffee shop business, she turned her charm and was nice again.

Before the episode ends, we find both of them in a park meditating, at least DR was but OJ was just staring at her face and was quite charmed on what he saw. He could not help himself but kiss her on the lips.

I can’t help but sigh for just a few seconds…because this is Oh Joon…the guy is a pro when it comes to wooing women. Is this sincere or just a way to Dal Rae’s 30M? What do you think?

EPISODE 4 Download Links
Part One  Part Two Subtitle

If you want to watch watch the first 5 minutes of the episode click here.

(thanks DFG for providing me the links)

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Robbers Ep 3

Oh Joon was definitely in shock here. After giving his best actor performance, he was truly hoping that he got a captivated audience but Dal Rae is fast asleep dreaming of the  saddest moment in her life. Getting the news that you will never ever see your husband alive again is such a painful memory.  He failed again and it’s obvious to him that she is not his usual prey.  It is also very apparent here that she is still very much in pain. Even after so many years she still mourns her husband’s death.

He is really one hell of a con artist cum gigolo. He even got a small black book wherein he notes down all the names of his targets, their info and some sort of a rating.

He kept on coming back to the bookstore to boost up his campaign but she was sick so he went to her house to see what is going on with her. Dal Rae on the other hand is running a fever and is somewhat hallucinating. She was reminscing again of the time when she was waiting for her husband to come home and then the door bell rung. She opened the door hoping to see her husband but it was just Oh Joon. She was not on her right mind, OJ didnt realized it yet. He was quite puzzled. He tried talking to her but she wasnt listening. She was in another world. She walked past him in the alley just standing there in the cold snow with bare feet. He then came up infront of her, trying to make sense of what’s happening to her but she started to weep. It’s as if time did not pass by and she just received the unfortunate news of her husband dying. She was weeping so hard, the pain, the anguish, the longing. He tried comforting her but then she fainted.


Oh Joon didnt know what to do. Obviously, he is not your typical knight in shining armor when a lady is in distress. He panicked. He tried running away but of course his conscience, if he still have some left (obviously he still got some), made him stop. He went back and picked her up and brought her to the hospital while mumbling how heavy his 30M was. The reluctant savior still got a heart.

When they reached the hospital, the nurse was pointing at OJ’s face. His nose was bleeding profusely.  It was treated by the nurse. (I am wondering though why he wasnt worried about it.) Anyway, he watched DR as she sleeps, a tender moment when he brushes her hair off her face while a cotton is stucked up on his nose. (Jang Hyuk can deliver this kind of scene, it looked so silly but you felt its warmth as well).


The doctor came in and the moment he sees her, (and yes the doctor is a woman), he went out to hide. Obviously he got a history with the doctor.


Later on, just when he thought that he was safe, he found himself standing beside the doctor in the bus stop. Suprisingly, the doctor was not upset to see him. Nowhere to hide, he started to converse with her but the moment he sees an opportunity to escape, he did. He jumped to the bus and waved at the doctor. (The doc is not a former victim so with the nose bleeding, I tend to assume that it must have something to do with it, and hey it adds up, he is so careless with his life probably he is sick, darn it…dont shoot me!)


When he arrived at his friend’s house (Man Doo), he found out that the password for the electronic lock has been changed. He tried everything but this time it did not work.

Oh yeah, sorry, in an earlier scene…when he went back to MD’s house, it was locked. Obviously, his friend cannot go on living with him anymore. He tried understanding OJ’s situation but his last antic made him mad and that is when  OJ stole MD’s credit card to buy clothes for his date with DR. So MD decided to lock OJ out of his place but during that time OJ was able to guess his password and when MD went home, he was so frustrated to see his friend lying down on his bed.

Just when OJ was about to give up on the passwords, the door opened and a man went out. It seems that MD decided to give up the apartment and moved out. OJ was so angry, as if he got any right at all. Anyway, he called MD over the phone and lambasted  him for not being a true friend. Duh?! Poor guy, he is so soft hearted, he cried but didnt gave in to his demands.

Oh Joon went through his list of names on his book and chose who else but the crying teller girl in the forex counter. He had him eating on the palm of his hands already so it was easy. The next morning he woke up in her bed. Another tender moment when he hold her close to him but…screeched…hold it…the girl began talking about her parents and that my friends made him run like hell well figuratively…I mean he left without eating breakfast. He knows the signs of a clingy girl with major booby traps around her.

Jin Goo was in his office taking his lunch when his father called, ordering him to go and visit DR. (Seriously you gotta see this. These guys are hilarious). Anyway, JG went to DR’s house and since DR’s sick, it was only her daughter who was left behind. the mother in law is in the hospital as well.


JG talked to his possible “future” step daughter and what a sight. Obviously, he needs to have a crash course in PEOPLE RELATIONS 101 or better yet KIDS101. She tried playing with him but he was discouraging her and was talking to her in a very business-like manner. It ended up with the kid crying so loud and the man was so shocked as if he was drowning in water trying to stay afloat and that is how DR and her mother in law found them. The moment they arrived, he run out and escaped.


Back in the bookstore, DR tried hiding to avoid OJ only to end up being with him in the very place they met few days before when he was giving her his best con performance and they started to talk.

This moment I believe is the start of a some sort of friendship, the user friendly relationship that altogether will lead to an unexpected romance of wounded hearts….oooppss….screeched again…STOP!

I really, really like this series.

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Robbers Ep 2

I did promised I will update you on the series right? Ha ha ha but I forgot to tell you that it might be a little bit late, err…super late I know, I got stucked in a certain hole that I had trouble climbing out, sorry!

This second episode is really funny, this is where Oh Joon tried to mesmerize Dal Rae but failed. Anyway, they met in the restaurant and as expected Oh Joon concocted an unbelievable story on why he is claiming for damages she had brought him. He sees her as his ticket for financial freedom with the loan sharks. But the thing is, she’s not buying. So, he tried to charm his way to her pockets but failed. He realizes that he needs to do a little bit more, change his style because this woman is quite different from his usual targets.



Dal Rae went out in a date with the stoic no nonsense Jin Goo. She was a bit late and as expected he’s on the dot. When she didnt arrived at the right time, he ordered food abd did not bother waiting for her.  She was surprised but that’s just half of it. The thing is Jin Goo is allergic with something he just ate and so Dal Rae ended up bringing him to the hospital. What a date, if you can call that a date. Apparently, Jin Goo never went out on dates before.


Oh Joo on the other hand, went out on a date as well. The girl is the crying teller in the forex counter. He is the perfect date. (and as our mothers will tell us anyone who is too good to be true, avoid!) Poor girl, he had her eating on the palm of his hand.


By the way, Oh Joon went to Dal Rae’s place of work – the bookshop. Unfortunately, she was not there. Not to be disappointed, he started to do his ‘work’ even without her being there. He managed to get some receipts from clients and kept on writing on its back and leaving messages for her. The man is really something. Talk about ingenuity and that got her attention.


The mother in law of Dal Rae went to see the mafia guy. It was hilarious. She decided to pay him a visit. The mafia guy called the whole gang to prepare themselves for the mother in law’s visit. It was as if they are preparing for a war.


Anyway, back to OJ an DR…he was able to get another date with her, I mean another chance to talk to her. He began his sob story with so much drama and matching tears. He’s confident that this strategy will get him closer to the money but alas…when he turned around to see if he was effective in bringing out the sympathy card, she’s sleeping. Imagine his frustration, giving out the best performance of his life and his audience slept.


Dal Rae on the other hand was dreaming…this is quite sad. She was dreaming more like a nightmare. She was  eagerly and happily waiting for her hubby to come home being pregnant and all. The doorbell rung and instead of the much loved husband, it was bad news. He is not coming home anymore..ever. He left to do mountain climbing which is he claimed to be his last for they did argue about it and how ironic that it would really turned out to be his last.


It shows her despair and anguish. Feeling the baby in her tummy while trying to make sense of what just been delivered to her. (Fine performance by LDH) You really need to see this part.

I never thought I will enjoy watching this series. You are laughing in one second and crying the next. This is one hell of a ride but I am definitely in.

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Robber Episode 1

It all started with Oh Joon passionately kissing a girl in an airport. Both are so sad that they will part ways. Oh Joon even told the girl to go, run and leave him alone in the airport because it’s tearing him apart to go away and leave her. The girl obviously so smitten with him run away while crying.

The moment the girl was out of sight, he raised his hands in the air for a job well done. It turned out that the girl even gave him money for the trip.

He went to the dollar exchange counter to have his money converted to won. He saw the teller being chastised by her supervisor and Oh Joon can’t help but see it as another potential business opportunity. He likes women and the money he get can get from them.

He likes to pretend to be a successful financial investment analyst or a fund manager. While having his dollars converted into won, he gave the crying teller a hanky to wipe her tears and a tip on how to handle her angry supervisor plus his mobile number for her to call just to update him if his advise was successful.

When he was about to go home, he divided his ‘earnings’ by putting some of the money in his socks, in his boxer shorts, in his wallet. At this point, I think he knows that anytime, the money might be taken away from him.

True enough, later on, the woman he was with in the hotel room is probably married or is already committed to another man and that man stormed angrily inside the hotel room and was beating him to a pulp. He barely escaped from them only to find himself in the company of two loansharks who was looking for him to ask for the money he owed them.

Incidentally, the two loansharks was already hiding inside Oh Joon’s car waiting for him patiently when Dal Rae smashed her car to Oh Joon’s car while reversing. She didn’t know that there are people inside the car. She just left a note and tucked it in the wiper of the car.

Oh Joon was then beaten up again by the angry loansharks and told him to prepare the money he owed them in a few weeks. They threatened to just rip him up and sell all his internal organs and his eyes if he will not be able to raise the money. They even took the money from his wallet plus the car that he was using. He was about to be beaten up again when his mobile phone rung. The teller in the dollar exchange counter gave him a call updating him about the advise he gave her. She is obviously smitten by him. The loansharks left him and reminded him to produce the money.

Dal Rae was so absentminded earlier on and so she smashed her car to Oh Joon’s car while reversing in the parking lot. She can’t believe that her mother in law arranged a matchmaking date with a 70+ grandpa. The old man was shouting to her the whole time because he got hearing problems. All the people in the restaurant was laughing at them because they can all hear him proposing to her. She told him that he cant marry him even if he’s very rich. The old man seemed so pleased on her reaction.

Her mother in law, Soon Seom on the other hand, is also on a date with a tough gangster head. It seemed that the guy is so into Dal Rae’s mother in law. The tough guy turned into a polite, meek guy when he’s with Soon Seom. She does not have any inkling that the guy is leading a gangsta life. Apparently, the guy worked in her late husband’s factory before. It seems that Soon Seom is selling insurance and that is why she is sweet talking the guy.

The next day, while Dal Rae is at work – bookstore, the rich old man came looking for her. She did not have any choice but to talk to him. He was explaining to her that he lied to her during the date. He was just so eager to marry off his son to a nice woman and he obviously liked her and just as he shouted in the resto, he was shouting also in the bookstore. He introduced his son to her.

Jin Goo is a legitimate financial investment analyst or a fund manager. He is a cold, no nonsense man with a businesslike approach in all aspect of his life even marriage. Since he knows that his father is a great judge of character, he proposed to Dal Rae, and said they need to get married in March because he is leaving for the States in April. He said that he’s a great catch for somebody like her enumerating her qualities or shall I say her disadvantages in life.

Dal Rae was so shocked at his proposal and said no. Jin Goo felt slighted not because she said no but amazed at the wasted time he spent on her.

Going back to Oh Joon, he is with his best friend, Man Doo who is tending to his wounds but who is extremely mad at him as well. They were talking about Oh Suk, Oh Joon’s sister . I am not so sure of his relationship at first with this woman who calls him many times on his mobile but he ignores them. Oh Joon took the money he placed on his boxer shorts and instructed his best friend to buy some supplies and give some of the money to his sister.

Man Doo went to Oh Suk’s place, with Oh Joon following in a safe distance. He did not want her sister to see him so he just looking outside the house but I think Man Doo told her that Oh Joon is outside so her sister excitedly went out to look for her brother but Oh Joon run away trying to hide from his sister. I think there is another sad side story in here about these two siblings. She kept on shouting his name and asked him to eat with them and he shouted back telling her that he’s a no good person so she better leave him alone. She told him that she is getting better and not to be mad at his brother in law because he is okay now. During all these shouting convo, they are on different streets not face to face.

Before going to his sister’s place, he called Dal Rae and asked for a meeting. He said she wrecked his car and they need to talk about it.

Dal Rae on the other hand is starting to get pissed off. First it’s the old man, then the son and then Oh Joon. She just fetched her daughter from school. She saw her mother in law being teased by some men and it looked like Soon Seom is getting uncomfortable. She realized how hard working her mom in law is. Later on, she dropped off her daughter to her and she went to her meeting with Oh Joon.

As she was sitting on the cafe waiting for Oh Joon to appear, she decided to give Jin Goo a call and spill out all her anger towards the proposal that he gave her because during that time, she was so shocked when they first met so she wasnt able to give him a piece of her mind. She ranted and ranted to him telling him about her life and how she disliked the things he told her during the proposal. Jin Goo was, I don’t know if amused is the exact right word but he kept on taking notes of everything she said.

Oh Joon arrived and just after he stepped out of the cab, he received a call from the loansharks telling him that they are watching him 24/7 so he better come prepared with the money on the deadline or else they are going to get his internal organs. They even told him to go inside quickly because it is not a nice to make a woman wait.

He seemed so disturbed by it especially knowing that they are watching his every move and felt like vomitting so he went straight to the rest room and vomitted.

Dal Rae on the other hand felt guilty in ranting at Jin Goo so she called him back and asked for his help on how to make her 30 million won grow and it is at this exact moment when Oh Joon appeared and heard this and of course, he immediately see her as his ticket to freedom.

He approached her and asked her if she’s the one who wrecked his car…END of EPISODE 1

It sounds promising. I like both the lead actors so I can’t wait for the next episode. I just wish they will lessen the side stories melodrama parts and just stick with the main story between Dal Rae and Oh Joon but then again maybe those side stories are essential to the main plot.

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I think I’ve found another drama series that I will enjoy watching and probably make recaps.

It stars Jang Hyuk (Thank You) and Lee Dae Hee (My Girl, Hello Miss) with a synopsis that promises a light exciting romantic story.


It tells a story of a conman, Kwon Oh Joon (JH) whose major talent is to scam women and their money. The twist is when he falls for a widow with a 5 year old daughter, Jin Dal Rae (LDH), his intended prey.  After her husband passed away, her mother in law stayed and lived with her. Her mother in law kept on arranging blind dates for her. Their lives changed when Oh Joon came into the picture.

Episodes: 16

  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-02 to 2008-Feb
  • Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)
  • Watch the following YT vids to get the feel of the series.

    50 Seconds Teaser Clip

    5 minute Preview Clip

    Fanmade Preview Remix

    Credit: uhmbrr, pinklilysilverstars


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