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I am building a new home which is practically the same as this one although I am trying to make it better than this, hopefully. I will still continue writing for this one…hahaha…I know I have not written any lately…too many distractions!

However, my new home is at http://asiandramaaddict.com or you just simply click here.

It may be down sometimes because I am still trying to organize and fix things. The whole COFFEE PRINCE recaps are already there and I am on the process of trasnferring HANA KIMI. I am painstakingly transferring the posts manually for God knows why… it will take too many hours for me to tell you all about it anyway you are all invited to go over there…I hope I can fix it before the month ends…

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Ever since I featured a Thai drama or a lakorn as they are popularly called, there are kind souls who gave me a recommended list of lakorns that they enjoyed watching and from that list, this one got my interest.

I find the story light, cute and funny. There were times that I fast-forwarded it, oh well; there were “drag-gedy moments”.

Thai TV series : Sompong nong Somchai – สมปองน้องสมชาย. Starring Paul Pattarapol, Jenny Tienphosuwan, Jamie Buher.

There is some kind of Coffee Prince flavor in it since it is about two pretty girls who went on a disguise to help the police. They posed as brothers, Sompong and Somchai (hence, the title) and worked as male dancers for a music group. They are there to do some undercover investigative work. A singer was murdered. Complications came in when they both fell in love with a singer and a director.

I can’t help but be reminded of some similar scenes from CP although this was released way before CP.
I never got to fully appreciate the series since it does not have complete English subtitles yet. I think its only half way finished. Anyway, body language says it all. It also worked at my advantage since I cannot appreciate the music scoring. No offense meant to Thai Music. I am not saying that it’s bad. It is just that it’s the first time I heard that type of music and I have not adjusted to it yet. It was kind of distracting to me. Cultural differences I guess. Give me some more time and I might be dancing to its tune in the future.

I am not also familiar with Thai actors but they did well. If you guys want to watch it, then click here (with eng subs, incomplete) and click here (complete without eng subs). Do not expect too much logic…it is a comedy. 

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I just finished watching my very first lakorn or Thai Drama Series as recommended by DD (a blog visitor). Thanks by the way, for I did enjoy watching the series. I am not saying that it’s one of the best that I have seen compared with the other Asian dramas but if this will be my barometer for Thai Dramas, I definitely will say that what a great way to get initiated into it.

Synopsis: A Pearl farm owner kidnaps the woman who was the reason why his younger brother committed suicide but he mistakenly took the cousin. He then confined her in an island, tried to make her suffer by doing unreasonable chores. She tried so hard in convincing him that he got the wrong girl but he would not listen. She then somehow accepted her fate, taking the torture for her cousin to which she owe her life but tries to escape every now and then. Then quite unexpectedly, hate turns into love and so a different journey begins.

The story might not be original and viewers can already predict the ending, still they were able to keep up my interest on a high level as to how they will weave the story until they reach the expected ending. And so I did a marathon. Yes, my first foray into the lakorn world and I got hooked. Although, there had been some scenes that were a little bit melodramaddict for me especially in the final episode but the chemistry between the lead actors made up for it.

The guy is a hottie and the girl is a babe. They looked good together and so they were effective in their roles. Their onscreen chemistry really saved the drama from the flaws here and there. I kinda have forgiven them for committing some illogical situations when I see the two main leads bantering with each other. I was not surprised that it was based from a romantic novel since it has the pocketbook feel in it. I was just annoyed when I hear irritating screams from the “other” girl who will turn out to be the evil step sister to the drama’s cinderella. Yes, if you are asking me about drama cliches, they do have it.

After watching it, I wanted to understand more about thai dramas or lakorns, their culture and how they go about it and so I googled it. Here are the results:

    • They are always about achieving a perfect ending in which the leading characters would marry their soulmates and live happily ever after.
    • The two main lovers are established as soon as the lakorn starts. Viewers have no difficulties singling them out of the crowd for they tend to be the most popular soap-opera stars of the moment.
    • The presence of a “bad” female character, sometimes more, is a must. This is the person who is totally in love with the male lead and will do all that is necessary to stop the two would-be lovers from fulfilling their destined ending.
    • In the end, all conflicts in the story must be resolved. Everyone forgives each other. The “bad” guys receive their punishments and the “good” guys receive their rewards.
    • The more melodramatic it is, the better. This is why situations are grossly exaggerated, actions are overly theatrical, and screams and shrieks (from the bad female) numerous. (Source:Wikipedia)

Apparently, dramas are basically the same irregardless of race and color. They all share the same basic fundamentals. The difference will lie on the execution. Fortunately, people evolved and so writers, directors, actors do take a different approach on the same ideas and thus create a different unique result.

There are better dramas out there BUT it was entertaining and romantic. Still worth my time. I do like it.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the series:


Harit: “You can’t sleep?”

Soriya shouts out: “Hey Harit“

Harit: “Khun, be quiet, you might wake everyone up.“
Soriya : “Why are you here?“

Harit:“I can’t sleep so I decided to drive around…. You know we’re alike.“

Soriya: “What are you talking about? We are nothing alike?“

Harit: “We are alike because we love to be around nature. We love being in the forest and the country. We don’t like the city, we don’t like sleeping in air-conditioned rooms. And that is why we can’t sleep.“

Soriya: “I want to tell you, your craziness is keeping me up at night. Every night now, I can’t sleep.“


Harit: “do you miss me?”
Soriya: “you can’t even remember my name, how can I miss you.”
Harit: “is that not good, that I pretend to not know you?”

Harit: “are you jealous?”
Soriya: “me, jealous, never. Let me go right now.”
Harit: “why do I have to let you go. You afraid someone is going to see; afraid that they are going to misunderstand.”
Soriya:“what are you talking about. Let me go.”
Hakrit: “you are not jealous, but I am jealous. I don’t like it when you are with other people.”

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