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I am building a new home which is practically the same as this one although I am trying to make it better than this, hopefully. I will still continue writing for this one…hahaha…I know I have not written any lately…too many distractions!

However, my new home is at http://asiandramaaddict.com or you just simply click here.

It may be down sometimes because I am still trying to organize and fix things. The whole COFFEE PRINCE recaps are already there and I am on the process of trasnferring HANA KIMI. I am painstakingly transferring the posts manually for God knows why… it will take too many hours for me to tell you all about it anyway you are all invited to go over there…I hope I can fix it before the month ends…

See yah!


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The new series from SBS just recently aired and I was able to watch the pilot episode. I did not have any expectation from it since I am not a fan of both the main leads although I always find Moon Geun Young cute and adorable ever since I saw her in Little Bride ages ago. Park Shin Yang I saw in Lovers in Paris and he’s okay. I heard he was good in War of Money.

Anyway, if the whole series will be based on just the pilot episode, The Painter of the Wind will definitely be awesome. MGY as a ‘pretend’ boy, Shin Yoon Bok was excellent. PSY was okay. I can’t say much about him since his character do not really demand any real “acting” this early. It is a different case with MGY since she’s doing a Eun Chan. Remember Coffee Prince? Based from the first episode she nailed it just like Yoon Eun Hye. Amazing because this is her comeback to the drama-fold after 5 years.

Cinematography and music was great. The story is very interesting since I am not familiar with it. I read somewhere that it was based from a novel. I hope the fans of the book won’t get disappointed with the TV version.

Okay, let us sift thru episode 1. It is quite obvious that it includes palace intrigues. When MGY secretly painted a women deep in her thoughts, everyone was behaving like it was a huge deal. Apparently it is the Queen and it somehow symbolizes that the Queen is doing something immoral, actually she does have an affair with a buddhist priest or monk.

Before we go to all that, obviously, it is still a romantic comedy drama mixed in and so allow me have PSY enter the story. Also, before I rushed in to their story, let me just give a background on the their character, that is if you don’t know yet. MGY’s father was murdered and so she vows that she’ll get the killer and off she disguises as a boy to be able to study painting. During those time painting is for boy’s only hobby. PSY is an older guy who is a master painter and would later be her mentor.

the bandage, i've seen that scene somewhere...

Do you already see where this is all heading?

During the first episode from what I can still remember, well, (just fragments of it really), MGY and PSY first met when they both got interested on a certain painting. They argued then unfortunately, it ripped in half. MGY offered to make a replica since she insisted that she is familiar with the painter and the painter’s style so she can definitely paint another one just like it. The painting was quite expensive and she was asking PSY to pay for the other half of the amount. Anyway, he rushed off to the palace since he was called to investigate a certain painting, and help discover who painted it.

On the other hand, MGY was so excited to see their new teacher. She bumped into PSY again and told him to get out of there before the prominent painter/teacher comes in. She surely have mistaken him for an ordinary vendor. Yes, I know, it’s obvious already that PSY is that prominent painter/teacher.

I am quite excited on how the relationship will grow from here. By the way, her roommate is quite fond of her and that will altogether add another twist on the story. Even with the age difference, they do look good together. My korean is not that at par with the native speakers and probably will never reach that stage so I do get a little help from my friends. Hey, thanks!

I cannot do the usual recap thing I did from the past. I won’t attempt to do another one because I simply dont have the time and I will just disappoint people by not finishing them. What I will do is pop in here everytime I was able to watch an episode and just tell you bits and pieces of it.

So again, based from the first episode, I highly recommend this series!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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I did not realized that I stopped blogging for over a month now and I think Google and the rest of the world wide web have forgotten my existence. I was too darn busy to keep on blogging my asian drama addiction. I never thought there will come a time that I needed to set it aside. I even altogether devoted my time on other more “important” things. I have not watched any asian drama in the past month or so.

Sad, isn’t it? The very last korean drama series I was able to watch from Episode 1 til the end was Formidable Rivals a.k.a Powerful Opponents. My heart kept on bleeding when I hear people talk about Kim Rae Won’s Gourmet. He’s my first Korean crush and I was not able to follow it regularly. I am also frustrated because Lee Dong Gun and Kim Sun Ah’s series is being aired already and I go no time to check it out but I heard the ratings are not that good, wonder why? I was down and out when I was not able to offer a post for my favorite Gong Yoo when he celebrated his birthday. The only consolation I had was that Yoon Eun Hye is still not doing any drama or movie as of this moment and Bae Yong Joon is still resting.

Don’t let me start on the Taiwanese Dramas and the Jdoramas and the Pinoy Teleseryes and the Thai Lakorns. I have been missing a lot of great dramas lately.

I was able to watch around 5 episodes of the Taiwan hit Fated To Love but my work got in the way so I said goodbye to Cun Xi and Xin Yi temporarily. I did not even had the chance to google Taiwan’s Honey and Clover. I was hoping I will get a lot of Joe Cheng but…Whew!

Even the Pinoy Teleseryes have to take a backseat. I was hoping I can fully follow two korean remakes, My Girl and Kim Sam Soon but unfortunately, I only saw bits and pieces. My li’l sis told me that she was quite disappointed with the way the character of Sam Soon was written. She was supposed to be a cool girl with a devil may care attitude but the pinoy writers made her such a crybaby. BUT she said that Mark Anthony as Sam Shik is deliciously yummy.

I am back with a vengeance…uh oh…be careful what you say…errr…I’m not promising anything but I will surely be back in my old form…hopefully. To those who kept on checking my blog, HUGE THANKS! I miss you all.

Enough said!

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I know…I know…this second part is way too late. I don’t know why I bother to make recaps or summaries when I do not have time for it. Yada…yada…yada!

Anyway, going back to our hero and heroine. The brothers were able to get ajumma out of the hotel without anyone really recognizing her. Our lovely ajumma is unfortunately still in denial. She knew already that her selfish bastard of a husband left her and their daughter for another woman and yet she still cannot accept it.

Ajumma and Jang Dong Hwa went out for a drink and they seemed to click. They were very comfy with each other’s company. While they were walking on some street, she saw a nice pair of shoes and she instantly like it. JDH saw that she liked the pair of shoes. It would also be nice if they end up together since I feel he will treat her just right but we all know this is ajumma and Song Jae Bin’s story.

SJB was quite worried about ajumma and he’s somehow felt envious that she went out with his brother.  When ajumma and JDH went home, she sent JDH to the house then she went to the garden and decided to call her ex-hubby. She told him not to hang up on her since she has so many things to tell him but the ex-hubby was not interested. She kept on telling him what she feels but alas, the hubby was not on the other line anymore. That did not deter her from saying all she wanted to say. She was crying so much and SJB saw it all.

SJB was so mad at ajumma’s ex-hubby so he went to the wine exclusive club to confront him. He gave him money to settle things right. I am not particularly sure what transpired between the two. All I understand is that SJB wanted the ex-hubby to settle things right with ajumma. The lady boss/owner/present lover to ex-hubby was quite suspicious on what went on between the two. That description is way too long. Let’s give her a name – Go Jung Suk.

When SJB went home, he saw ajumma preparing to go out and asked her where she’s going. She said she’s going to meet someone. He saw how her clothes and told her that he will buy her some clothes in the city. He said that that it’s the main reason why her ex-hubby left her in the first place.

SJB overhauled her and drop her off to the meeting place.

Go Jung Suk was tailing her present lover/companion – the ex-hubby. Too long a well so let’s give him a name – Ahn Yoon Sik.

So, they met by the riverbank. He tried paying her off with the same money SJB gave him. He demanded that she leave SJB’s house and rent a condominium for her and their daughter ASAP. She naturally was surprised with the money so she asked him where he got it from but he refused to give more info.

Go Jung Suk was following Ahn Yoon Sik and naturally confronted both of them. When she saw the envelope in ajumma’s hand, Ahn Yoon Sik immediately reasoned out that she wanted alimony. GSK deducted that is the reason why he borrowed money from SJB. Ajumma was quite surprised that the money was from SJB. AYS kept on telling ajumma to stop asking for more money and to not use their daughter anymore. Ajumma cannot believe what she was hearing and she doesn’t know if she’s going to laugh at the unbelievable things her ex-hubby was saying.

When they left her, she was so frustrated, disappointed, mad and in so much pain. SJB was still waiting for her in his car. When he saw AYS and GJS driving off, he immediately went to find her. He let her cry her heart out in his arms.

In that very moment, SJB made a realization and decision. He told her that from that moment on, they are no longer friends. He probably meant that they will not be just friends anymore. He hugged her tightly.

Ajumma now knew why SJB have always been telling her how terrible her husband is. He asked her if she still wants to continue longing for her cheating ex-hubby. She just returned the money to him.

After the incident, SJB was quite happy and was friendlier towards ajumma. He also decided to tell his brother that ajumma was a former classmate of his and not to worry because she won’t reveal his secret to the public. JDH accepted the whole thing calmly. SJB also wanted to reveal that she’s his first love but ajumma warned him not to.

Wait, did I mention that AYS proposed to GJS with lots of candles scenario thing. He can really be charming if he wants to be.

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This is one series that I never thought I’d get to like. First and foremost, I’m not really that familiar with the lead actors. Sure, I’ve seen them before in other dramas but they never really got my interest. If it were not a romantic comedy I would not even watch their teaser or preview. 
I’ve had enough of dramas of single women in their early forties with a child trying to make a living “scenarios”. Don’t get me wrong, I have so much respect for them but I hate it when they get to be portrayed as pathetic, poor ajummas. Give me a break! Most of them are confident, never to be cross type of women, in control with their lives.
So, when I heard it was a comedy, well, all the logic thinking must be thrown out of the window. I embraced the series with open arms. Age shouldn’t matter. 40’s now is the new 30’s.
For those who who didn’t have the time to watch the series yet, I’ll just give you an overview on the whole storyline, the characters and how it ended. To those who hate spoilers, stop here. Click away.
Our main heroine is what they call in Korea as an ajumma, stereotyped up to her hairstyle. Hong Sun Hee is nearing her 40th year. She is ‘separated’ from her good-for-nothing husband and with a child.
Our main hero is a celebrity. Song Jae Bin is a megastar, a poster boy of Korea with so many endorsements to his name.  One of his most guarded secrets is his true age. Publicly he is 32 years old but in truth he is one year shy of the big 4-Oh. 
Although their status and physical appearance are way different, they were once schoolmates and he was harboring a crush for her then, oh well actually after watching a few more episodes, it turned out that they were sort of sweethearts and they were supposed to meet up several years ago but she never turned up. He often wonders about her and he had some people look for her.


With a twist of fate, their lives were intertwined once again. It was one hell of a crazy scene when they saw each other again. They clashed and he immediately denied that he is her former classmate, Jang Dong Chul. He changed his name and all. She was not the person he imagined she turned out to be. He often fantasizes her to be a beautiful, sexy, confident career woman in the past. Now, he thought she is there to blackmail him.
She on the other hand, is very much unfortunate for the kind of husband she has, not to mention her terrible in-laws. One day, her husband got involved in some trouble and landed in jail. She tried to get the bail money but some rich woman came to bail her husband as exchange for being her lover/partner.
Her unfaithful, irresponsible husband tried deceiving her but she will soon find out the real score. She is then left without a husband and possibly without resources and a house.
Her dire situation left her with no choice but to go to Song Jae Bin’s household. A comedy of errors led her to become SJB’s housekeeper and the three males living in that house (SJB, his brother, Jang Dong Hwa and his nephew) soon became enthralled with her. The equation becomes a little bit complicated when a certain actress came into the picture. A triangle perhaps? Get the drift?
Meanwhile, her pathetic hubby along with the rich woman opened a new wine bar and restaurant. She invited SJB to the opening. He brought an overhauled Ajumma to the event. A “trying to humiliate our heroine” scene happened since they all know that she’s just the housekeeper. It led to SJB’s rescuing our ajumma from the clutches of the rich woman bar owner. The rich woman never thought that it will make SJB mad and so asked her “lover”/partner, Ajumma’s hubby to help her with the situation and appease SJB.
SJB’s brother did a background check on Sun Hee’s(ajumma) since he can feel that there is a burgeoning closeness between the two. He was quite shock that her hubby is none other than the rich woman’s “lover”/partner. I kept on using “lover” because the rich woman, Go Jung Sook, does not really want a lover per se, but more of a romantic companion, whatever that means.
Anyway, when Ahn Yoon Sik, Ajumma’s irresponsible hubby realized that his wife is working for SJB, he tried immediately to make her sign the divorce papers telling her that it was not for real, just so that his (fake) debtors would not hound her and be free of his problems. Apparently, he told her that he was involved with unsavory people and he got so much debts and he is concern for her welfare that he do not want her to be involved with it.

When SJB found out the truth as well, he was so mad at Ahn Yoon Sik for deceiving her.. Both the Jang brothers did their best to tell Ajumma’s ex-hubby that he pissed them so bad. Ahn Yoon Sik was so confused as to why both brothers are affected so much.
Ajumma eventually found out the truth when she accidentally saw an engagement invitation in the Jang’s household. She went to the hotel to really see for herself. JSB during that time was having a press conference and when he saw her in the hotel, he knew already why she’s there.
He ran after her to steer her away from the pain of seeing it for herself. He was able to grab her but not before she was able to hear her ex-hubby’s voice. The media was surprised at his actions so they followed him. When he realized that the media was there, he knew he needed to do something before they pounced on her. Thank God for his brother’s immediate reflex reaction. Jang Dong Hwa took off his jacket and covered Ajumma’s head so nobody was able to get her picture.
(to be continued)
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I am besieged with work. So, what else is new?

How I wish that this were my work. Wouldnt it be terrific if I get to earn money by blogging my favorite past time…sneakin’ in to the lives and work of asian artists? Ahh…wishful thinking!

That is the only reason why I’m having a hard time updating this blog. Right now, I do not know if I would ever be able to finish Legend/TWSSG. I am down to my last three episodes and I can’t find time to write about it or maybe it is a case of not wanting it to end OR I never really liked the ending. I got too many questions and issues about it and so I can’t get myself to write about it even when I find myself some free time at night. As much as I love BJY, I can’t get any inspiration to write the last three.

Anyway, I am still enjoying Powerful Opponents a.k.a. Formidable Rivals. Although there were some of you, dear readers/friends, who emailed me and told me that some of you were a little bit disappointed with the ending. What a way to end my enchantment with the series…ha ha ha…No worries though, I do love spoilers and that is why I love previews.


I heard that The Last Scandal of My Life is nearing its end although there will be a second season and if it turns out to be a hit then a third one will follow and…whew! I haven’t even watch half of the first season. I don’t like long running series. The reason why I fell in love with some of the kdramas is their 16-24 episodes run. Oh well, who am to complain anyway. I can always turn off the TV.

Jang Hyuk got married last June 2. There goes another hot guy…well…no surprises here since, the baby did come first so everyone’s expecting that he’ll do the “right” thing.

(photo credit: Xinhuanet)

The China Quake is quite horrific. Bless the souls of those who perished from the natural disaster. Many chinese artists from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China have offered their help the victims. They even had a fund raising concert recently in Hong Kong and the likes of Jackie Cheung, Sammi Cheng, A-mei, Andy Hui and superstar Andy Lau were seen performing to the delight of the crowd.

No one can beat superstar Jet Li for his passion in helping his countrymen. He announced that he will shun from any entertainment work for a year just to be able to concentrate his efforts in rebuilding Sichuan quake areas. Great job!…a year?! I was hoping I would see more of him after Forbidden Kingdom. Well, I think he already finished The Mummy III so…check out the trailer…and yeah I love JET LI…

Another KMovie will soon be out, My Mighty Princess. It stars Shin Mina along with Yun Go and Joon Mo. The storyline seems to be alrighty. A university student who got superpowers but wants to live an ordinary normal life and have a lovelife as well. We can’t have everything you know. Superman couldnt even get it right. Find someone with superpowers as well and it might work. Look at the Incredibles…ha ha ha! I think I’m going to watch this movie, it’s kinda cute…watch the trailer:


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I know by now, most of you, pinoy fans have watched the first episode of  “My Girl” remake. My sis recorded it for me and I watched it a couple of  hours ago. I am still reserving judgment until I’ve watch a couple of episodes more although Gerald Anderson casted as a Harvard Grad and into his Masteral Degree and being top in his class does not sit well with me. I do not have any problem with him as an actor or as a person but I just think he does not suit the role. He looked too young for the role. Kim is perfect for the lead role though. She can be bubbly and sassy without getting too annoying for my taste.

MY GIRL Pinoy Remake OST

I know I said I’ll wait for a couple more before passing judgment but I hope the feeling of watching it as if it’s a high school drama version rather than a TV primetime series will go away. I do not know why but I can’t shake the feeling that something  is wrong.  Anyway, it is just the initial episode. I truly hope the following episodes will justify why Lee Dong Wook’s role went to Gerald Anderson.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon pinoy remake will be aired soon. When I learned it was Regine Velasquez who will portray KSA’s character I immediately watched some of her films. There’s a big chance that she can pull it successfully. Right age, right sassiness, right built and she can act. Well, its as if the role is difficult so she can do it. I am not so sure with Mark Anthony Fernandez doing Hyun Bin’s role probably because I haven’t watch any of his past works but if I will base it from his pictures then he might be able to pull it off as well.

MNIKSS Pinoy Remake OST

I personally do not have anything against remakes. At least producers are honest enough to say that it is a remake unlike other filmakers who claimed that it has an original story and later on you’ll find out that 90% of the movie was based from another movie. There are those who cant even use the words: “Inspired from…”

It only becomes annoying and irritating when they totally change the storyline. Some says because of cultural differences but I believe most of the romantic stories out there are universal and can be accepted by most viewers regardless of race and color. You can do a remake putting your own flavor in it while maintaining its original story.

Actors? That is however, another story. My solution if you don’t like the actors in it, stop watching the series. If you keep on claiming that you dont want remakes because it will ruin the original, then just dont watch them, stick to the original.

I still remember the time when Coffee Prince was airing in Manila. Everyone who has seen the original hated Han Kyul’s dubber, including moi.  I did try to watch it since it’s a good vehicle to learn the language but I stopped watching it altogether because it irritated me so much. They enjoyed great ratings back in Manila so I guess there are others who felt that it was just okay. So, remember fellow dramaddicts, if it annoys you, stop watching!

(thanks nikki…)

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