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Cha Tae Hyun is back on top! His latest movie called Speed Scandal is raking millions in the box office. Less than two weeks before Christmas so this comedy is truly a great movie to watch.


CTH is a successful popular entertainer/DJ. One morning he was surpised by a girl who claimed to be his daughter. She brought along a son and so this mid-30’s guy is already a grandfather.

The self proclaimed daughter followed CTH wherever he goes and when the media notice it, a scandal was born saying that they are a couple. The dilemna of telling the whole world that he is now a grandfather is making his head spin.


My friends who already watched the movie said that the little boy is gaining so many fans as he was so funny in the movie. It is nice to see CTH again and the role was  just perfect for him.

So many things have been said about Boys Before Flowers even before casting was finalized. There were too many speculations on who was the best korean actors to play the F4 not to mention the debate on who was the perfect “weed-spirited” girl to play the lead character.



Boys Before Flowers - Official Poster

I was quite amused about it and I am totally sure that the producers of this drama was so ecstatic. I sure do hope that the attention it gathered even before the shooting started will be just as grand when it aired on January 5.

I am excited to see how the korean version will fare. One of the main reasons I got into Asian dramas was because of Meteor Garden. I was not yet into manga  during those  times and so I am not familiar with it.

F4 became a household name in Asia because of Meteor Garden and it started the careers of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vaness Wu and Ken Zhu plus Barbie Hsu became an inspiration to a lot of young girls.


What about the hair?. Everything was light, luxurious and totally neat. People envied the hair they have sported throughout the whole series. It’s as if there was someone forever taking care meticulously of the hair in-between takes.

Georgeus, sexy and sinfully rich! Who dared question their superiority? Plus the fact that San Chai got the boy in the end was totally a hit. Nothing new with the story I must admit but the chemistry was there although the acting needs a lot of improvement. But it was all forgiven by the fans. Why, you asked?

They were newcomers back then and so the viewers let it pass. Another thing I love is the cinematography. It created an MTV-surreal scenes which was a total match to the kind of environment the story was telling.

It was not perfect but it was light and fun.

The Japanese version was so different. Some liked it better. I don’t. Not because of the story or acting. It’s just that I did not find the four guys there as the right actors for the F4 roles. It’s nothing personal, they are still cute and acted well but compared to the hunky guys of MG they pale in comparison. Maybe it has something to do with the height. I don’t know. I thought of them as  junior version of  MG’s F4. Plus the hair was too oily. Ugh! However, the lead actress was prettier than Barbie but there is something in Barbie Hsu that totally nailed San Chai’s character.

I know you have your own preferences but that is just my two cents.

Anyway, I am looking forward to watch Boys Before Flowers. Just like MG I am not familiar with any of the actors in the cast but judging from the official poster, they look terrific. I hope the production people will take all the best things from both Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango.

Airs on January 5, 2008. Every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 pm (Korean time)

Photo Credit: KBS

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It seems that these two Korean hunks are really everywhere promoting their new film, Frozen Flowers. They recently posed for Vogue Magazine december issue and oh man…these men are lethal, gorgeous and unfortunately I am always reminded by the fact that they played gay roles in the movie. Ugh!


Frozen Flowers will be one of the last Taiwanese movies to be shown on theaters before the year ends.



Photo Credit: Vogue Korea

One of my korean crushes, Joo Jin Mo playing a gay role is quite disturbing.


I think it’s getting a trend now, more actors are accepting homosexual roles and korean viewers are very receptive. Just look at Antique. However, this new movie, Frozen Flower is a historical one where in the Goryu King played by JJM will have a relationship with another korean hunk Jo In Sung.

Movie insiders believe that it will draw a huge box office sales when it hit the theaters in December. Just the thought of seeing both the korean hotties in bed with a lot of skin showing will make people buy the tickets even during global economic recession.

I will be one of those waiting in line. Ha ha ha…

Photo Credit: KBS World