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I am still moving my stuff over to the new home, asiandramaaddict.com 

and it is quite hard because I am just choosing from the files in here. I still love this site so I will not stop writing in here. Although it’s kinda hard to update a blog as it is so updating two blogs, phew!

Anyway, I saw some cool rocker photos of my favorite gal but you need to go to my new home to check it out so simply click HERE.


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I am building a new home which is practically the same as this one although I am trying to make it better than this, hopefully. I will still continue writing for this one…hahaha…I know I have not written any lately…too many distractions!

However, my new home is at http://asiandramaaddict.com or you just simply click here.

It may be down sometimes because I am still trying to organize and fix things. The whole COFFEE PRINCE recaps are already there and I am on the process of trasnferring HANA KIMI. I am painstakingly transferring the posts manually for God knows why… it will take too many hours for me to tell you all about it anyway you are all invited to go over there…I hope I can fix it before the month ends…

See yah!

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I never thought Korean paparrazi can be so persistent even to the point of almost harrassing the stars who paid their last respect to Eon. I was so shocked that some of them are so into the faces of Lee Eon’s friends and colleagues when they went to the funeral house.

Maybe they are all are used to it since no one seemed to be offended and nobody tried removing them from the place. Anyway, just like you I wanted to see who went there and…I was quite glad that he had so many friends who visited him and to see him off.

Here are some of the photos:

Gong Yoo holding Eon's Tablet; Yoon Eun Hye Crying

More of Eon’s Coffee Prince Friends

Photos credited as labeled

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I really can’t contain my excitement and my happiness. This is a great day for all YEH fans out there.

Our girl won!!! And the youngest in the history.


For her role as Go Eun Chan in the successful TV Drama, 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince.

I do not do this often but I will do a YEHpicspamming today in tribute to the Beautiful, Talented, Charismatic And Inspirational, Ex-Baby V.O.X Member to Queen of Drama, Forever Our Young Girl Warrior!

At the red carpet…

Photog’s Area before going in

Second row with CP’s PD and LSG…

That is LSG on her left and CP’s PD Lee on her right…

She could not believe her name was announced as the winner…

The humble and down to earth girl seemed so embarrassed to be announced as the winner…Go Girl!

She was overwhelmed by this recognition…

It was so unexpected that a girl so young and fairly new in the acting department having only three TV drama series to back her up bagged the much coveted award…but she did it!

The tears kept on streaming down her lovely eyes…

more tears…

more as in more tears…

Now I am crying too…


 (Photos used are credited as labelled)

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I am a certified CP addict (as if you don’t know yet) and I just want to share these video clips with you:

I know most of you have seen them already but if you are as addicted as I am you won’t mind me posting them in here and as if I need anyone’s permission ha ha ha…I just love this series so much.

Videos are not mine. They are from youtube users. Click them and you’ll find who created them.

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MBC Awards are slated this December and the Coffee Prince addicts can’t help but get crazy as they all are, I mean, as we all are anticipating the number of awards they will get that night. I am pretty sure that the traffic for the online streaming on that day will be super hot and the bufferings will be way too much but that will not discourage the fans from watching it live.


I will  camp over the MBC sites just to be able to get a glimpse of my Kyul and my Chan. I hope they win something and give us all a fitting end for a very magical series. From the director to the actors down to the production people, they all deserve to be recognized for a job well done.

Some people are amazed of CP’s effect on its fans. I can cite all the reasons why but I dont think this post will ever end. There is also the great chemistry between the leading actors. If you do some research on the personal lives of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye and believe what was written about them (although quite limited and most are rumors), it is quite obvious that they don’t have anything to do with each other in the real world (i can be mistaken, i hope i am) but no one can deny the sizzling hot chemistry that those two got.


It is quite amazing how people were so affected by their characters and was able to relate well with them. During and after the series was aired, a lot of viewers became instant fans of the two, me included. They are such good actors that you somehow kinda hope there is something going on between them off screen.

To those who already are CP addicts, you already know the feeling right? To those who haven’t watch it yet, go to your nearest DVD store and buy it or check out video sharing sites on the net and prepare yourselves to be mesmerized by Han Kyul and Eun Chan then get addicted to his YOOness and YEHness.

I promise you, its one series that will leave you asking for more. There are fans who wanted a sequel and there are those who wanted it to end just like that and be considered a classic in the future.


The idea of seeing HK and EC again on screen bickering and kissing makes my heart go nuts but then again I fear it will ruin the magic of CP. The way the director ended the series gave its fans the chance of making their own parts two’s and three’s and that, my friends, is the reason why we kept on dreaming about it.

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