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This was shown way back in 2006 but I only had the chance to watch it two days ago. I learned that it was based from a fanfic.  


Basically, it’s a story of two guys, Eungyu, (played by cutie Jang Geun Suk) and Heewon (I’m not familiar who played him) liked the same girl Jungwon (played by Cha Ye Ryun). 

Eungyu and Jungwon had a disastrous meeting in an amusement park. She was under a mascot’s uniform and he was with his friends bullying her. She dumped a can of soda to his head without him knowing of the mascot’s identity.

They met again this time without the mascot’s costume. Apparently, they are neighbors. Without so much fanfare, they have become friends and more than friends. It was supposed to be a happy time in their lives but the situation now became complicated with the entrance of Eungyu’s band mate, Heewon who turned out to be Jungwon’s longtime friend.




There is some kind of a mystery on why Heewon is bent on making Jungwon’s life miserable. He kept on telling her to avoid Eungyu. It turned out that Jungwon was sort of responsible for making Heewon’s life miserable and so in turn, he do not want to see her happy. 

I think you better watch the movie yourself and discover the twists and turns in the story. I am not saying I really liked it because they somehow tried to squeezed in the whole story in one movie so they kind of rushing everything in. 

The guy is a cutie and sings well. There are cute moments but I felt the ending was too cheesy for me although I am quite happy that it has a happy ending. As you all already know, I am a sucker for a happy ending. No matter how they executed it, I will always go for a happy ending Traditional or unconventional, it does not matter to me. 

 There is angst everywhere. This is a teen flick. This was done two years ago. I got nothing more to say except that Jang Geun Suk was cute in this movie. 

Judge for yourself…watch it here

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