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A beautiful island, breathtaking landscape and scenery with quaint little villages. A serene place but with towering raging waves. A perfect place for people to meet, fall in love and be lost in the intricate confusing world of relationships.

Another filipino movie worth taking a look is Batanes.

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It stars Iza Calzado, who played the role of a woman who followed his man to the island of Batanes, married him and tried living a peaceful life away from the hectic and stressful one she had in Manila. Then the unthinkable happened, she lost him to the raging sea. She could have went back to her life in Manila but she decided to stay in the island as it reminded her of her husband. During one stormy night, she found a dying Taiwanese fisherman played by F4’s Ken Chu near the shore. She nurses him back to health and  love will blossomed between the two despite the language and culture barrier plus the wariness of the people of Batanes in accepting him. There had been a long standing rift between foreign fishermen and the local fishermen. The taiwanese people had been caught many times illegally fishing in Batanes.

Can they make it work despite the obstacles thrown in their way?

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Directors John David Hukom and Adolfo Alix Jr. have so much appreciation and admiration for their chosen actors. They said they didn’t encounter any problem with them. They are also equally amazed by Ken’s simplicity and professionalism even with his superstar status in Asia.

It was Director Alix who thought of the idea of making a movie in Batanes. He fell in love with the place and thought of making a love story for it. He heard from the locals of stories of Taiwanese and Vietnamese fishermen being stranded during typhoon.

Ken himself was enthralled with the place and is contemplating of buying a property there. This is not the first time a movie will be shot in this place. Carlito Siguion-Reyna’s critically acclaimed and box office hit Hihintayin Kita Sa Langit chose this island for its romantic backdrop.

The story might be simple but I am so curious on how the young filmakers will execute it on the screen plus just to see the enchanting place of Batanes on the wide screen is quite enough to woo my interest.

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