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Cha Tae Hyun is back on top! His latest movie called Speed Scandal is raking millions in the box office. Less than two weeks before Christmas so this comedy is truly a great movie to watch.


CTH is a successful popular entertainer/DJ. One morning he was surpised by a girl who claimed to be his daughter. She brought along a son and so this mid-30’s guy is already a grandfather.

The self proclaimed daughter followed CTH wherever he goes and when the media notice it, a scandal was born saying that they are a couple. The dilemna of telling the whole world that he is now a grandfather is making his head spin.


My friends who already watched the movie said that the little boy is gaining so many fans as he was so funny in the movie. It is nice to see CTH again and the role was  just perfect for him.


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Heartbreak Library is a Lee Dong Wook and Eugene movie. The shallow and cheesy part in me made me like the movie. Why? Gosh, the two actors are so pretty to look at in the widescreen, so why not?!

Before, I get to the how I felt during and after watching the movie part, let me give you some info about the story.

Heartbreak Library is just the official english translation of the movie with a korean title that means “Page 198 of His Book”. Lee Dong Wook’s character is a lonely and sad chef named Jun-oh. He went to the library and began tearing page 198 from some books and Eun-soo played by Eugene, the librarian caught him and of course, was so furious.

Jun-oh explained to her why his fixation on the page 198. Apparently, his former girlfriend told him to check page 198 because she left a note for him there but the problem is she forgot to mention from what book, hence, the title – Page 198 of His Book. Weird but romantic although quite a blasphemy from a book lover like me. Oh, but the unbelievable things we do for love…

Eun-soo who is equally lonely just like Jun-oh was able to symphatize with him and helped him find the lost note. People who was able to watch this movie questions Eun-soo’s fascination with Jun-oh…duh??!!…don’t you have eyes at all. The guy is totally cute and kinda helpless so, the combination is quite potent for women are are quite nurturing by nature. Nurturing??? as you have probably guessed by now, I am a sucker for cute guys…hahaha…the guy is cute period!

The korean title was what sparked my interest for this movie but it does not come across as something romantic so maybe that is the reason why they chose Heartbreak Library as the official english title. Personally, I think it was all about letting go about certain things in our lives. Memories made it more painful but we are humans so we do undergo that process whether we like it or not. Some people are just fast in coping up with a loss but there are some that just takes too much time before realizing that “letting go” is an important step for one to move on.

I do concede to those who felt that this movie will not be regarded as one heading for awards but its light and easy on the eyes. It may have typical cliches in the story but Eugene and Lee Dong Wook did a great job so if you just want to enjoy something that won’t make you think that hard and analyze each scene then, go and watch this movie.

Watch this music video so you can get a feel of the movie. OST was sung by Kim Hyun Joong(SS501).

Photo Credit: GoSuh

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Have you seen this korean movie called Going By The Book? I had the grand time watching it. It was released last year and I was just lucky that I read somewhere this morning when I was browsing the world of kimchi in the net and a lot of korean fans commented that it was hilariously funny.

Director:  Ra Hee-Chan    
Writer: Jang Jin, Lee Gyu-Bok
Cast:  Jung Jae-Young, Son Byung-Ho, Lee Young-Eun, Ko Chang-Seok, Lee Han-Wi, Ju Jin-Mo

Immediately after reading a wonderful review from the moviegoers, I searched for the movie and downloaded it. I swear I was laughing so hard. What a way to start my weekend.

The movie is all about the police force and how they deal with robberies and hostages. There is a newly appointed Chief of Police in a city that was hit by a string of robberies. His solution is to have his police force undergo a reality training where they all will act on a role during one of the heist. The bank also was contacted to cooperate while the whole city watch on TV as the reality training is being covered. He appointed a traffic policeman who he thought was just a naive ordinary cop to be the robber. It was full of twists and turns as the “robber” performed his role so well.

I tell you it does not sound so promising when you read the synopsis of the movie but I swear I had fun. I laugh until the very end.

If you are interested to watch it, go to crunchyroll. Their copy was good enough for me.

 Photo Credit: Hancinema

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I have heard of this movie for so long already from kmovie addicts but then I am not a Lee Jun Ki fan and some said that it is another Brokeback Mountain wannabe so I shelved it.  Last night I accidentally clicked a video link as I browsed in the www. It took just a few minutes on the opening scene and I got hooked.

It’s a historical fiction drama so it automatically got me interested in the storyline. Saguek dramas fascinates me. I was kinda hesitant before when I saw some still pics of Lee Jun Ki. I told myself that the guy really looks like a woman and it kinda turned me off but as I watched the movie, I began to realized that he is playing an effeminate character so he really must look the part. It is all about the lives of two street clowns, their friendship and a small skit mocking of their King which landed them in the royal jail. A laugh from the King’s mouth was their ticket to freedom not knowing that it was also the start of their unpredictable life as court clowns as their King falls in love with one of them.

I read somewhere that there had been disagreement with the movie critics and reviewers if the relationship of the two clowns are just pure friendship or was bordering on gayish love. It definitely has homosexual underlyings. The kiss between the King and his beloved Clown caused quite a stir in the viewing public even if it just a short one.

Amidst the not your usual complex boy-girl relationships, I mean boy-boy relationship, what fascinated me most was the culture and tradition in the old Korea. Although, royal privileges in whatever race or country are almost the same. Whatever the King wants, the King gets even if its delusional. The corruption and tyranny in a King’s court never fails to shock me, in the sense that, everyone just accepts that one man’s bloodline can make him more superior than the other. That is the main reason why they ceased to exist…at least when it comes to their wants. They no longer enjoy unlimited powers. I am just so happy I live in the free world.

The acting in here is quite good. Storyline flow was terrific. I love the ending, both clowns jumping in the tightrope knowing that it’s their last performance ever and the tossing of the fan in the air signifying their end.

After watching it, I googled it and found out that the movie was a box office hit in 2005 and it garnered several nominations and awards. They adapted it from a 2000 korean play and that it is based from a small passage in the Annals of Joseon Dynasty mentioning the King and his beloved clown.

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Can you imagine one of Korea’s loveliest, the sweet, delicate, prim and proper Kim Tae Hee violent?

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Yes, that face. As in kicking, screaming, bitter and out to destroy someone’s life…her husband’s. Yes, she will be playing a deranged wife. When I say deranged, it’s the normal, typical hell hath no fury like a woman scorn woman who abuses her husband.

The movie is called Venus and Mars. Her battered husband in the movie is Sul Kyung Gu. I am not so familiar with him but after a few minutes of googling, I found out that he usually plays a tough guy on screen. 

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They say that KTH is quite a relvelation here. She is known for being so sweet and nice but it turns out that she has this tougher side as well. She can really kick ass, as in major kicking nonstop.

During a press conference, she admitted that she used to bully her brother a lot when they were younger so it wasnt so hard for her.

It’s a story of a couple who cannot endure being apart from each other but after they have gotten married, they could not stand each other. The PD even said that it was somehow influenced by the Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner movie, War of the Roses.

I am not a big fan of KTH but I will definitely try to catch this movie just to see that lovely sweet face getting violent, smashing cars and physically abusing another person. This is so far out when you think of her in Love Story in Harvard.

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A crime suspense thriller that stars Kim Yoon Jin as Ji Yeon, a topnotch lawyer who was given only seven days to get a convicted man out of prison  as an exchange for the life of her own daughter.


A near to impossible case but for a self-confessed bad mother, there is no other way but to win. Her daughter’s kidnapper planned the perfect crime, outwitting the police and watching her every move 24 hours a day.

The “Lost” star is getting high remarks from critics. They are awed by her effective performance as the very distraught mother who went on to a  running and screaming phase and the  strong willed lawyer who regains her calm and fought every inch of the way.

The movie also stars Park Hee Sun who plays a friend policeman who wanted to help her but has problems on his own and has checkered moral issues.

It is not everyday that an actress gets a role like this especially on korean movies. I can’t wait to watch the compelling scene where she met the mother of the child that her client was charged of brutally murdering.

How can you be the passport of  that man’s freedom who does not deserve to breath outside the prison walls? But how can you not do it, when your own child’s life is at stake?

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JJH fans will definitely be happy by hearing that his upcoming movie will be released on the first half of next year. 


He will play the character of Jin Hyuk, a perfect suave salesman/owner of Antique hence the title of the movie.

Director Min Gyu Dong also chose Coffee Prince waffle guy Kim Jae Wook as the genius patissier Son Woo, Choi Ji Ho who was last seen in Time Between Dog and Wolf will play the role of Jin Hyuk’s bodyguard and to complete the group, Yoo Ah In will play the role of a former boxer turned assistant patissier.

The story is about four men in an antique shop which later on was renovated to a bake shop. Their love stories and friendship will be the main focus of the movie.

It sounds interesting. Four men in a bake shop. From a Prince to a Lawyer now a Salesman-cum-Baker??? Plus, the waffle guy is back in action. CP fans loved him as Sun Ki…he was making waffles then, now he still into that although a little bit upgraded…baking cakes instead of waffles.

I wonder who will be the women in their lives…

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