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Have you seen this korean movie called Going By The Book? I had the grand time watching it. It was released last year and I was just lucky that I read somewhere this morning when I was browsing the world of kimchi in the net and a lot of korean fans commented that it was hilariously funny.

Director:  Ra Hee-Chan    
Writer: Jang Jin, Lee Gyu-Bok
Cast:  Jung Jae-Young, Son Byung-Ho, Lee Young-Eun, Ko Chang-Seok, Lee Han-Wi, Ju Jin-Mo

Immediately after reading a wonderful review from the moviegoers, I searched for the movie and downloaded it. I swear I was laughing so hard. What a way to start my weekend.

The movie is all about the police force and how they deal with robberies and hostages. There is a newly appointed Chief of Police in a city that was hit by a string of robberies. His solution is to have his police force undergo a reality training where they all will act on a role during one of the heist. The bank also was contacted to cooperate while the whole city watch on TV as the reality training is being covered. He appointed a traffic policeman who he thought was just a naive ordinary cop to be the robber. It was full of twists and turns as the “robber” performed his role so well.

I tell you it does not sound so promising when you read the synopsis of the movie but I swear I had fun. I laugh until the very end.

If you are interested to watch it, go to crunchyroll. Their copy was good enough for me.

 Photo Credit: Hancinema


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