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I was in between breaks from my asian movies marathon weekend and I chanced upon a couple of  reviews of the series “On Air”. It was not a professional review but more of a fan review which I prefer since I am not into the technicalities of a drama series.

When On Air was airing few months back, I tried watching a few episodes but I can’t get past one of the leading actress character or acting, the childish Young Eun played by Song Yun Ah and so even if I was beginning to like Lee Kyung Min played by Park Yong Ha, I shelved the series and told myself that with the very few free time I had, I won’t spend it with On Air. I couldnt care less if it was enjoying good and decent TV ratings. The shouting scenes was irritating.

Thankfully, I was given another chance to appreciate the series. So, instead of watching my asian movies line up, I had an “On Air” marathon and surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It was not the best that I’ve watched but it was quite entertaining and different from other korean dramas.

Kim Ha Neul was exceptional as the difficult top celebrity. She proved that she is not just another pretty face in the korean entertainment industry. It took awhile before I began to appreciate Lee Bum Soo and Song Yun Ah. And as always, I am a sucker for cute guys, I liked Park Yong Ha immediately. The hyperactive role of Song Yun Ah was a bit distracting too me but all in all, it was quite good. She was adorable starting from a few episodes before the last.

There was some situations in the story that I could not understand especially when it’s about korean entertainment world, I do not know if its cultural differences or the way it was played out but since I did not have any expectations about it except that there were some fans who said that it was a good drama, I’d say, its a good thing I gave it another chance.

The OST is also a plus. Click here to download it. It’s not mine, I just saw it somewhere.

I am also a sucker for happy endings and so this drama series is a thumbs up for me.

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