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His screen name consists of only 5 letters. A former Wushu Champion who garnered so many gold medals for his country and was later on declared as a National Treasure by his own government.

His athletic achievements paved the way for a break in the movie industry. Using his martial arts expertise in his kungfu movies made it is easier for him to get international stardom. His Wong Fei Hong series of movies made him a household name not only in China but the rest of Asia. His hollywood debut is with no less than Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 4. This is the only time I cried when a villain in a movie died. He then went on and made his first hollywood solo movie called Romeo Must Die and the rest is history.

I hate it when people do that. What if I do not know the history…ha ha ha…I know I am being literal but then again if you guys what to know more about him, click here.

Ooops…did I forgot to mention who am talking about?

It’s JET LI.
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with his wife Nina

Yes, people, the guy just bagged 100 million yuan and that is approximately around 13.3 million U.S. dollars for his role in the soon to be released epic, “The Warlords”. The movie had a budget of  $40M USD and half of that went to the acting fee of the main cast.  I already gave a background info regarding this movie in my previous posts so if you want to know more, click here.

After this movie, he is slated to do another one with Jackie Chan, their very first team up about the Legend of the Monkey King called The Forbidden Kingdom.

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He also recently finished doing Mummy III: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the third installment for the succesful Mummy series.
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This guy surely deserves everything that he has now. He works so hard in his craft and he does his own way of giving back to the people. Check out his ONE foundation named after his very succesful movie, The One.
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