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It seems that these two Korean hunks are really everywhere promoting their new film, Frozen Flowers. They recently posed for Vogue Magazine december issue and oh man…these men are lethal, gorgeous and unfortunately I am always reminded by the fact that they played gay roles in the movie. Ugh!


Frozen Flowers will be one of the last Taiwanese movies to be shown on theaters before the year ends.



Photo Credit: Vogue Korea

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One of my korean crushes, Joo Jin Mo playing a gay role is quite disturbing.


I think it’s getting a trend now, more actors are accepting homosexual roles and korean viewers are very receptive. Just look at Antique. However, this new movie, Frozen Flower is a historical one where in the Goryu King played by JJM will have a relationship with another korean hunk Jo In Sung.

Movie insiders believe that it will draw a huge box office sales when it hit the theaters in December. Just the thought of seeing both the korean hotties in bed with a lot of skin showing will make people buy the tickets even during global economic recession.

I will be one of those waiting in line. Ha ha ha…

Photo Credit: KBS World

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Horikita Maki, the pretty talented actress who disguised as a boy in one of Japan’s most successful TV teen drama, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e is learning the english language because she is to start filming a new movie called “Lost Memory” to be directed by international director Hans Canosa.


Her speaking lines will be a combination of Japanese and English as it will also be released in the United States. Maki’s character will be a high school student who lost four years of her memory due to an accident and she is studying in an international school in Japan.

Horikita is pretty excited about the film which is to start filming very soon.

Photo Credit: JapanNews

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We see another korean entertainment power couple splitting up. Too bad because Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun are one of those few couples in the Korean showbusiness that is not afraid of sharing their love in public.


Most korean stars would be so careful as to publicly declare their current love affair especially if it involves another colleague and it is so refreshing to see LSJ serenading KJE in the latter’s TV show “Chocolate”.

The break up was not that suprising anymore. It is already hard to maintain a regular relationship, how about having it magnified several times over. Some say the reason was work related…probably but my take on this is that it’s either both of them or one of them thought that fixing it up is not worthy any more of their time and effort.

KJE said she would have like to go somewhere else to lick her wounds but she cannot because she is filming General Hospital, a new MBC TV drama while LSJ is keepting mum about it which is the right gentleman thing to do.

She was in tears when she announced the break up. Apparently, it was he who initiated it. Poor KJE! Hopefully she finds a new love soon.

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A Very Special Love is highly recommended for those who love romance and comedy, the filipino way. I enjoyed watching it. It is definitely a “feel good” movie. It is the usual rich handsome guy and the poor ordinary girl story but it was highly entertaining. Never a dull moment and both actors were able to pull off their characters. I was never surprised anymore that it was a box office hit in Manila back in August.

The two main leads has chemistry and their romantic moments will totally suck you in. It stars Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz. I never really thought that Sarah can act. She is quite a good singer but this was the very first time I’ve seen her act and she is a natural. John Lloyd as usual was so effective in his role. I dont know how it happened but he looked totally gorgeous in this movie. He really looked the part. Props to the director for making the whole movie so quirky, fast-paced and fun.

I am sure you will also try to learn the Sun Dance…you’ll never know when its gonna rain!

Read the storyline from Wiki.

If you were not able to catch this movie on the cinemas, glad to share you this video link:

A Very Special Love. Complete Full Length Movie Copy.

Here’s the official music video for the film’s OST:

Photo Source: Wiki

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